Venus Origins – Mysterious & Magical 5th Female Turtle Never Returned After TMNT Live-Action Series

    After More Than 25 Years, Venus De Milo, The First Female Turtle Fan Of The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Has Finally Joined The Heroes In A Half-Shell, But Not In The Way That Fans Might Have Expected. Even Though The Character Is Regularly Parodied, Her Return Indicates That The Turtles Will Take On A Radically New Demeanor.

    According To The Story Told In The Live-Action 1997 Television Series “Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation,” Five Young Turtles Were Initially Infected By The Vial Of Carcinogenic Ooze That Was Tossed Into The New York Sewers. One Of The Turtles, Venus, Got Separated From The Other Four And Hurt Herself In Chinatown.

    She Was Found There By A Martial Artist Named Chung, Who Also Taught Her How To Use A Ninja Technique. Years Later, She Runs Across Her Four Brothers While Battling A Monster Known As The Dragon Lord. Venus Was Not Featured In Any Of The Other Films In The Series Because The TV Show Was Canceled After The First Season.

    In Our Video Today, Let Us Get Right To It And Learn More About Venus.

    Venus The 5th Turtle Origin

    Venus The 5th Turtle Origin

    She Was The Fifth Turtle To Be Afflicted By The Neurotoxicity That Changed The Other Turtles, But She Drowned In The Gutters Of New York City’s Chinatown. She Was Found There By Chinese Shinobi Instructor Chung I. She Was Raised By Chung I For 18 Years; He Even Brought Her Back To Shanghai, China, The City Where He Was Born, To Teach Her The Shinobi Way.

    The Enchanted Mirror That Belonged To Chung I Contained The Dread Dragonlord And His Soldiers. Chung I, The Chosen Keeper Of This Mirror, Was Attacked By The Dragons When They Entered The Dream World. In His Slumber, Chung I Suffered A Serious Injury, And Splinter’s Soul Was Kidnapped. Mei Pieh Chi’s True Origins In New York Were Revealed To Her By Chung I As He Lay Dying.

    Mei Pieh Chi Went To New York And Met The Other Turtles There. She Used Her Shinobi Skills To Remove The “Shredder” Identity From Oroku Saki’s Mind Before Going To The Dream Realm To Retrieve Splinter’s Spirit. She Unwittingly Gave The Dragons A Way Into The Outside World By Doing This. When The Dragon Lord And His Minions Began Their Initial Attack, Venus Was By Herself In Central Park. During The Conflict, A Woman’s Statue’s Head Was Severed; 20 Minutes Later, Raphael Showed Up To Help Her. The Head Of The Figure Was Taken To The Turtles’ Den, And The Male Turtles Named Her After It.

    Venus, Who Had Been Subjected To Mutagen, Was One Of The Five Turtles In The Sewers. When Splinter Gathered All The Turtles, He Unintentionally Left Venus Behind. She Managed To Return To Chinatown, Where Chung I, A Shinobi Magician, Discovered Her. He Also Imparted The Shinobi Way To The Turtle. The Turtle Was Taken To China By Chung I, Who Gave Her The Name Mei Pieh Chi And Raised Her As His Own Daughter.

    It Appears That Chung I Occasionally Traveled To The Dream Realm Where She Encountered Splinter. Although Each Participant Shared Stories About Their Turtles, They All Agreed To Keep Them To Themselves Until The Proper Time. Chung I Also Had A Glass Mirror With Anthropomorphic Dragons Trapped Inside Of It. I Wanted To Make Sure That The Dragons Could Never Escape The Mirror, Chung. The Dragons Eventually Made It Into The Dream Realm, Where They Attacked Chung I And Kidnapped Splinter’s Spirit. On His Deathbed, Chung I Explained To The Female Turtle Where She Was From And That She Belonged In New York.

    The Female Turtle Made Her Way To New York, Wherein She Came Across The Four “Ninja Turtles” Guarding Their Master’s Corpse While His Soul Was Imprisoned In The World Of Dreams. She First Assisted The Turtles In Defeating The Foot Clan And The Shredder, And Then She Guided Them On A Dream Walk To Free The Soul Of Their Master. Unknown To Venus, The Dragons Took Advantage Of This Opening To Go Into The Real World.

     Splinter And The Five Turtles Went For A Luncheon In The Park To Commemorate Their Seeming Win But Were Assaulted By Dragons. A Sculpture Of A Lady Gets Damaged During The Conflict And Has Her Arms Severed. The Female Turtle Brings The Statue To Her Cave After The Turtles’ Triumph In The Conflict. Venus’ Moniker Is Derived From This Monument.

    Venus Seems To Have Had A Quiet Existence In China. Venus Was Shown In The Sitcom As Blissfully Unaware Of Several Aspects Of Western Culture And Existence, As Well As Occasionally Similarly Clueless About Life As A Whole. Venus Was A Great Fighter, But Unlike Her Turtle Buddies, She Was Not Educated In Ninjutsu; Instead, She Would Employ Magical Spheres To Various Effects During Combat.

    Although The Four Turtles Were Reared As Brothers, It Was Made Clear Earlier On In The Show That None Of Them— Not Even Venus— Were Biologically Related. The Creators Did This In Order To Leave Up The Potential Of Venus Having A Love Relationship With One Of The 4 Turtles, With Clues Primarily Pointing To Raphael And/Or Leonardo, The Steadfast, Level-Headed Leader.

    Venus’ Escapades With The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Persisted For Several Years After The Show’s Termination.   The Turtles Began Writing In Their Journals About Their Experiences In An Overarching Storyline With Characters From The Cartoons “Archie Comics,” As Well As “The Mirage” Continuity In 1996. Four Extremely Happy Ninja Turtles Each Shared Their Thoughts On The New Team Member In “Venus’ Venerations,” Which Was Posted On The Website In October 1997.

    A “Second Season” Of Similar Sorts Developed On The Letters Area Of The Official Website. Venus Only Produced A Little Over A Dozen Letters, Yet Up Until The Year 2000, She Coexisted With Mirage, Archie, Animation, And Next Mutation Characters. After “Venus’ Venerations” Was Cancelled In 2001, The Current Plot Thread Was Carried Out Without Any Justification Or Reference To Her Earlier Life.

    While The Lads Were Still Around, Venus Had Numerous Adventures With Them, Including The Day They Vanquished Bonesteel And Imprisoned Him. Then Two Other Expeditions Happened To China: The First To Retrieve The Last Of Venus’ Possessions And The Second To Address The Dragon Lord’s Threat. The Dragon Lord’s Reign Of Terror Was Eventually Put To A Stop By The Turtles In March 1999, But Due To Venus’ Reverse Psychology On The Shredder, He Posed A More Significant Threat Than Ever.

    Now That Shredder Had Reconnected With His True Self, He Tried In Vain To Seduce Raphael Into Joining The Dark Side And Grew Even More Resolute To Exact His Vengeance. However, Krang Volunteered To Assist The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In Permanently Imprisoning Shredder Because He Held Them Responsible For All Of Their Past Mistakes. Even Though They Did Not Trust Krang, The Turtles Agreed And Plotted Secretly To Kill Them By Capturing Them.

    They Made The Decision To Aid Their Allies, The Mighty Mutanimals, In Taking Down Murk Mariner After All The Big Villains Had Been “Conquered Forever” For The Time Being. Leo And Don Particularly Detested Venus’s Plan To Get Caught And Take On The Pirates From Within. It Sparked A Lot Of Conflicts And Brought Back How Crucial Venus Was To The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And Their Species.

    However, They Were Ultimately Compelled To Execute The Strategy, And Nobody Was Wounded (Including The Pirates). The Rat King Had Violated Their Truce During Her Previous Expedition With Them. Apart From That, His Minions Had Pretty Well Destroyed Or Devoured Everything In Their Cave. The Rat King Still Had Demolished The Turtles’ Lair After An Arduous Struggle, And The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Were Struggling To Cope With Their Losses When All Of A Sudden, There Were Just Four Turtles Left. Her Disappearance Has Never Had A Canonical Justification.

    Letters Written By Venus Were Taken Down From The Internet After Peter Laird Acquired Kevin Eastman’s Share Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Remaining Turtles’ Messages From Those Dates Still Exist And Continue To Refer To Her.

    Director Kevin Munroe Expounded On The Guidelines Peter Laird Provided Him For The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In A 2007 Interview. Munroe Said That One Of Those Guidelines Was, The Female Turtle, Venus De Milo, Receives Zero References. Venus’s Future Appearances Are Yet Unknown, Although They Seem Quite Unlikely. Even Making Light Of That With Peter Is Off-Limits. He Simply Has Certain Things That Munroe Just Despises With A Passion.  

    On The Other Hand, Raphael Painted A Female “Turtle-Human Hybrid” Called “Venus” On The Edge Of The Turtles’ Newfound Party Wagon In An Installment Of The 2012 Show, While Donatello Looked On With Approval. It Was Created In The Style Of Pin-Up Ladies From The 1950s.

    Now Let Us Talk About What Really Happens In The First Episode, “East Meets West, Part 1” Of The Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, And How The Character Of Venus Evolves From There. Chung I’s Home In China Is Where The Show Opens. Because He Has Not Eaten, Talked, Or Hauled In Weeks, His Pupil Is Concerned. Chung notifies Mei Pieh Chi I That He Is Observing The Glass Right In Front Of Him And That He Is Going To Sip Some Tea Now. His Student Departs, And Then An Apparition Emerges In The Mirror.

    Raphael Gets A Caution From Leonardo In New York For Setting The Entire Gang At Risk. He Rides His Cycle To Let Off Anger When A Pack Of Foot Ninjas Attacks Him. Raph Takes Them All The Way To A Junkyard, Where A Brawl Breaks Out. When Splinter Witnesses That Raphael Is In Difficulty While They Have Been Playing Chess Right In Central Park, He Quits The Game And Runs To Help.

    Donatello Utilizes His Sputnik System At The Shelter To Learn That Raphael Is In The Ordeal. The Turtles Push Off In Their Humvee. Just When Raphael Is About To Be Conquered By The Foot Ninjas, Splinter Reaches And Defeats Them. Raphael Receives A Lesson From Splinter About Riding A Clamorous Bike And The Turtles In Their Entirety About Acting Erratically.

    Shredder Is Sad To Learn That Splinter, Along With The Turtles, Has Once Again Overpowered His Foot Soldiers From Another Part Of New York. He Demands Them To Employ Every Technique At Their Disposal To Beat The Turtles.

    Splinter Is Meditating At His Shelter, Permitting His Soul To Glide Into Dreamland. After That, Splinter Is Reported By Chung I About The World Of Dreams Not Being Secure Any Longer, As Well As Dragons Approaching.

    Splinter Speaks To Raph Concerning His Rage After Shifting His Awareness Back To The Outer World.

    Things Are Rocketing Back In China. Now, Chung I Considers It Time To Familiarize His Trainee With The Glass. He Tells Them That The Earth Was Monopolized By Dragons Many, Many Years Ago. The Dragons Were Incarcerated In The Mirror By Chung I’s Ancestors. The Dragons Want To Reclaim The Planet After Uncovering A Passage Into The World Of Dreams Via Chung I’s Mind.

    Michelangelo Chooses To Propel His Go-Kart Via The Sewers In The Meanwhile. When The Foot Ninjas See Him, They Chase Him To Their Hideout. When The Foot Ninjas Attack Starts, Michelangelo Blasts Through The Barricade. Splinter Is Also There After He Finally Returns To The World Of Dreams.

    Splinter Has Been Retained As A Prisoner By A Unique Demon That Has Taken Over The World. When Chung I Attempts To Rescue Splinter, The Apparition In The Mirror Strikes Him. After Defeating The Foot Ninjas, The Turtles Uncover That Splinter Is Not Functioning Right.

    To Rescue Splinter, Chung I In China Recommends His Student To Journey To New York. She Raises Her Hood And Reveals Herself As Mei Pieh Chi, Another Mutated Turtle, As She Vows To Follow Orders.

    The Second Episode, “East Meets West Part 2,” Starts Off Right Where The Last Episode Ended. Splinter’s Incapability To Awaken Leads To Anxiety Among The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Power Goes Out Just When They Are Prepared To See A Doctor. They Are Found Wilting By Their Feet When The Electricity Comes Back On. A Robed Person Reaches Out To Splinter And Tells Them That The Dragons Have Detained Him In The Realm Of Dreams. Mei Pieh Chi Is Exposed When The Figure Lifts The Hood.

    She Let The Boys Down Prior To Telling Them That She Had Been Located In A Chinatown Sewage Ditch. Chung I Found Her There And Fetched Her To China As Chung I Believed She Was Fortunate. He Trained Her In The Internal Arts When It Became Evident That She Had Mutant Skills.

    Chung I Had Been Watching Over In A Looking Glass Which Trapped The  Dragons, Yet They Had Found Their Pathway To The World Of Dreams. They Had Apprehended Splinter As A Convict.

    Shredder Fulminates At Several Of His Hoodlums In The Foot’s Command For Failing Him Yet Again. He Demands Them To Construct The Foot Clan, And They Will Collectively Eliminate The Turtles That Night.

    Michelangelo, Donatello, And Raphael Talk About Mei Pieh Chi Back In The Gutters. On The Other Hand, Leonardo Is Conversing With Mei. Leonardo Explains That Neither Of Them Is Related To Blood. Mei Stops By The Dream World As They Get Back To The Sewer. Splinter Is Being Swayed To Join Them By The Dragonlord. On The Other Hand, Mei Is Located, But She Escapes.

    Mei Decides To Take A Walk At Nighttime In A Park Since She Wants A Breather From The Chaps. Several Foot Ninjas Attacked Her While She Was Strolling. After Gabbing About Her, The Boys In The Gutters Choose To Send Raph To Monitor Mei. By The Time He Reaches, She has already taken Great Care Of Them. She Uncovers That The Foot Ninjas Plan To Hit Their Sewers Again That Night By Being Able To Read One Of The Ninjas’ Thoughts.

    On His Course Back To The Gutters, Michelangelo Discovers A Sculpture That Acts As His Motivation For Offering Mei Her New Title, Venus De Milo. They Get To Know About The Attack From Venus. She Asserts That They Ought To Train In Dream Walking But Cannot Do So While The Foot Ninja Is Around. She Suggests The Elimination Of The Foot.

    The Turtles Shatter Into The Foot Clan’s Administrative Centre. There Are All The Foot. The Turtles Join The Stage As Shredder Welcomes The Foot. There Are Way Too Many Turtles To Battle The Foot Productively. Venus Can Bring Oroku Saki All The Way To The Top And Pin Down The Shredder By Employing Her Knacks. According To Leonardo, The Foot Clan Has Been Decimated.

    In Part 3 Of “East Meets West,” We Get To See That The Turtles Are Quite Frustrated As Venus Offers To Teach Them How To Dream Walk. She Brings Them To The Roofs And Allows Them To Spar After Realizing That It Is Simpler To Let Their Souls Be Liberated If They Are Engaged In Combat. Then Venus Transports Their Souls Into The Dream Realm, Where They Discover Splinter.

    They Also Encounter Wick, The Dragon Lord’s Companion, The Dragon Men’s Commander. In Order To Leave The World Of Dreams, He Chases Them Even Though He Lets Them Flee With Splinter. In An Abandoned Structure, The Dragon Lord, Along With His Army, The Rank, Establish Their Base Of Operations Before Setting Out To Hunt The Turtles.

    They Come Across Them Enjoying A Picnic In The Park. Dragon Lord Is Concerned About What He Could Become If He Consumes The Mutant Turtles! The Turtles Battle The Powerful Rank; However, Splinter Is Once More Taken Prisoner By None Other Than The Dragon Lord Himself. Due To Their Setback In The Battle, The Turtles’ Confidence Is Damaged, And They Begin To Doubt Their Ability Ever To Overcome The Rank. The Turtles Make Their Way Back Into The Gutters When Venus Releases Him With Her Chi Power.

    In Part 4 Of The “East Meets West” Installment, The Dragon Lord Dispatches Wick And A Couple Of Rank Dragons Right Into The City To Acquire The Rare Elements Essential To Produce The Old-Fashioned “Serum Of Invincibility” In Order To Attain An Upper Hand Over The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Rank’s Newly Unstoppable Soldiers Will Certainly Beat The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles After They Devour Them.

    Donatello Pursues A Pack Of Dragons All The Way Into Chinatown, Utilizing His “Turtlefied” Look In The Satellite Of The Sky. The Turtles Do Not Really Confront In Combat With Their Opponents Since Splinter Believes They Need To Be On The Defence Instead Of The Offence. The Master Does This In An Endeavour To Determine Susceptibility In The Strong Opponents.

    On The Other Hand, Raphael Does Not Agree And Chooses To Travel To Chinatown Alone To Hit Dragon And Wick In The Buttocks— But Rather Discovers Himself Needing Support From His Friends. The Dragon Lord’s Objective Of Transforming All Of His Henchmen Into “Super Soldiers” Fell Well Short Of His Capacity To Gather Sufficient Elements To Fabricate The Serum For Much More Than Just Six Fighters. The Rare Elements The Dragon Lord Requires Come From The Pulverized Bones Of Several Of The Planet’s Most Intimidated Animals, So He Sends Another Unit Of The Rank To The Bronx Zoo. Fortunately, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Always There To Block The Dragons.

    One Among The Ranks Takes One Dosage Of The Invisibility Serum During The Combat And Exhibits Nearly Unstoppable Potency Until He Flees In Trepidation. The Dragon Lord Pledges To Carry On His Search For The Elements To Furnish All Of His Troops Unassailable Even Though The Turtles Triumph In The Combat At The Bronx Zoo.

    In The Fifth Installment Of “East Meets West,” We Can See The Dragon Lord Intends To Construct A Trap For The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles By Stationing His Five Most Lethal Rank Right At The “Bronx Zoo” For An Invasion After Learning That The Turtles Mysteriously Know His Soldiers’ Every Single Move.

    The Vicious Reptile Utilizes The Last Five Dosages Of The Invincibility Serum To Boost The Dreadful Power Of His Warriors. Nevertheless, The Turtles Are Understandably Infuriated When They Try A Serum Specimen From The Last Fight With The Rank And Discover That It Is Produced Of Granulated Tiger Bone, Turtle Shell, And Rhino Horn! The Next Dispute At The Bronx Zoo Is An Authentic Death Fight That Is Prolonged And Fierce Because Both Sides Are Geared Up.

    The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Learn As The Fight Goes On That The Invisibility Serum Is Really A Placebo, With No Genuine Ability To Grant Invincibility Apart From Giving The User The Illusion Of Invincibility And Helping Him Conquer His Apprehensions. With This Knowledge, The Turtles Furnish A Devastating Loss To The Dragon Lord As Well As His Accomplices!

    Furthermore, The Long-Brewing Controversies Between Leonardo And Raphael Come To A Stop As The Turtles Realize That Although Their Differences Make Them Special, They Also Tend To Make Them Similar— Much Like Parts Of The Same Jigsaw. Furthermore, As They Are Turtles, They Also Are A Component Of A Long Evolutionary Line That Dates Back To The Dinosaurs’ Time. Above All, Turtles Are Survivors, And Survival Is A Great Teacher Itself.

    Audience And Critical Reception Of Venus

    Audience And Critical Reception Of Venus

    One Of The Main Debates In The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles History Is Whether Venus Even Exists. Most Series Fans Did Not Like Her, And Many Believed That She Was An Awkward Deus Ex-Machina.

    Many Disliked Her Because Next Mutation Was One Of The Few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Worlds That Made It Clear That The Turtles Were Not Connected By Blood (Whereas The Rest Would Bypass The Problem Altogether Or Particularly Mention That They Were Linked, Such As The 2007 Film). This Made Venus Available As A Potential Love Interest For Leonardo And Raphael, As Well As The Other Turtles.

    Another Factor Is The Incorrect Presentation Of “Shinobi” Arts As Being Distinct From Ninjutsu And Viewed As A Form Of Magic. In Actuality, Shinobi (忍び) Is Really A Synonym For Ninja (忍者). Furthermore, The Chinese Man Chung I Was Depicted As A Skilled Shinobi. Although It Is Not Implausible For A Chinese Guy To Have Studied The Techniques, Ninja And Shinobi Originated In Japan; Hence It Was Exceedingly Unusual To See A Chinese Ninja In The Media.

    “Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation” Tv Series, Which Many People Felt Was Poorly Written And Had Ridiculous Comedy, Would Be The Most Significant Cause Of Contention From The Female Turtle.

    Venus Has Not Appeared In Any Other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Media Since Next Mutation Was Cancelled, Not Even As A Joke. Peter Laird, The Franchise’s Co-Creator, Has Been Vociferous In His Opposition To Venus Ever Reappearing In Further Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Films.

    Following The Conclusion Of The Series, Her Biography Was Temporarily Taken Down From The Official Website. However, It Was Eventually Added Again On Page 2 Of The “Classic Characters” Profiles Page. For The “2K3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe Characters,” Page 1 Was Turned Around.

    Peter Laird Gave A Detailed Set Of Guidelines For How To Approach The Characters To Kevin Munroe, The Director, And Writer Of The 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie. Munroe Set Some Straightforward Guidelines And Stated Them In An Interview As Well.

    Horrifying New Formed Venus In IDW Comic

    Horrifying New Formed Venus In IDW Comic

    The “Venus” Project Was Abandoned By Barlow, Who Currently Utilizes Her For Testing. Bonnie, A Punk Frogs Member, Was Seized By Dr. Barlow As Well As Partially Rebuilt As A Fake Mutant Turtle On The Orders Of An Unidentified Customer. She Had Escaped On A Few Occasions, Leading Clyde To Believe A “Weird-Shelled” Turtle Had Stolen Bonnie.

    In Issue No. #127, By Pablo Tunica And Sophie Campbell, We Come Across An Injured Donatello Who Visits Dr. Barlow To Get His Carapace Treated As He Had Received A Gunshot Wound. Barlow Informed Donatello That He Could Operate On His Carapace When He Unexpectedly Showed Up At His Clinic, Alluding To The Work He Had Already Begun And Was Relevant. Don Went Back To His Facility To Enquire About It When He Met Venus, Who Was Devoid Of All Limbs.

    Dr. Jasper Barlow, The Enigmatic Doctor, Claims That The Purpose Of His Repugnant Experiments On Mutants Is To Aid In Their Recovery Of Some Of The Humanity They Once Possessed Before Their Transformations. Venus Is Shown In This Instance As A Zombie Or Cyborg, Which Is A Distinct Departure From The Blue-Masked Turtle That Fans Are More Familiar With. The Cover Image Implies That Venus Will Use Technology To Control Her Arms, Despite The Fact That They Are Severed From Her Entire Body In The Manner Of The Statue That Serves As Her Namesake.

    In Issue No. #128, We Can See On The Island Of Burnow, Ch’rell Looks In Vain For Seri And Ma’riell. After Spending The Entire Eighteen Years In The Gestation Pod, Seri Finally Escapes The Facility, Confused, As Ma’riell Instructs Her To Leave The Island And Seek Assistance From Some Friends. When Seri Misplaces The Navigation Disc Ma’riell Had Given Her, Ch’rell Eventually Comes Up To Them And Sees Them.

    Back In The “Mutant Town,” Alopex And DB Are Still At Odds, And Ziggy Adds A New Aspect To The Situation. Donatello Does Not Pick Up When Al Calls Him On Her Mobile Phone. With The Hooks On His Neck And Head, Ziggy Starts To Generate Electricity, Which He Then Uses To Zap Al And Render Her Unconscious.

    In Another Part Of Dr. Barlow’s Facility, Don Is Astounded By Venus, A Turtle That Appears To Be Mutant And Has No Limbs. She Was Discovered Bleeding And Withering In An Alleyway, And Barlow Has Been Rebuilding Her With The Use Of The Scale Of The Dragon To Help Heal Her Grafts.

    Additionally, According To Barlow, She Has Delirium And Has Attempted To Flee At Least Once; However, His Staff Brought Her Back. Don Argues That He Cannot Keep Her There If She Does Not Wish To Be There. Suddenly, He Discovered A Forearm Dangling From The Ceiling. Don Understands That The Woman Is Actually Bonnie, The Lost Punk Frog That Don Had Been Convicted Of Kidnapping When Barlow Confirms That It Is One Of Her Natural Limbs.

    Due To Her Injured Vocal Cords, Bonnie/Venus Is Unable To Speak, Yet She Can Communicate With Don Telepathically. Due To Her Wounds And Operations, Her Memories Are Altered, But She Still Provides Don With Glimpses Into Her Past To Prove Her Identity. Don Begs Barlow To Release Her, But When He Does, He Induces Him With Midazolam And Carfentanil, Which Makes Him Pass Out.

    Alongside Al And Sheena, Don Awakens Tied To Barlow’s Operating Table. He Commands Them To Get Up, But Right Afterward, He Picks Up A Psychic Message From Venus. She Informs Him That She Had Been Transformed Into A Turtle As A Result Of A “Doppelganger Commission Program,” But Barlow Had Kept Her Around Since He Considered Her A “Letdown” And Had Been Using Her For Experiments.

    When Al Eventually Wakes Up, She Tells Him About Seeing A Group Of “Mucked Turtle Mutants” Before Being Assaulted. When Barlow Enters, Don Claims That He Is Acting Unethically Since He Is A Scientist And A Doctor. Barlow Argues That Mutant Town Has No Morals And Is Unconcerned. Another Dragon Scale Is Delivered By D.B. And Ziggy, Who Connect Don Up To It. As The Energy Passes Through Him, Don Experiences Excruciating Pain.

    Don Is Advised By Venus To Go Through The Pain Rather Than Resist It And To Keep His Composure. The Dragon’s Might Unlocks A Door That Has Always Been Open. Don And Venus Appear In The Astral Plane Without Warning. As Don Returns To His First Human Kid Incarnation, He Tells Venus A Little About His Past. Later, While Out And About, He Runs Across Hamato Yoshi. Yoshi Cradles His Crying Infant In His Arms.

    Don Struggles To Determine Whether This Is All Genuine Or A Delusion In His Turtle Form And Whether The “Astral Plane” Only Presents Him With The Information He Wants To See. Venus Advises Keeping In Mind That The Dragon’s Strength Is Only A Key And That Everything Is Genuine.

    When Seri’s Skull Gets Hit By A Laser Beam By One Of Ch’rell’s Ensembles Back On Burnow, Ch’rell Catches His Sister In His Arms. Seri Transforms It Into A Fleeing Vehicle, But Ch’rell Warns Ma’riell That She Will Be Crushed If She Departs. Despite His Tight Hold On Her, Ma’riell Commands Her To Flee, Claiming That He Would Not Murder Her. The Guidance Disc Closes In On Manhattan As Seri Takes Off, Swearing To Exact Revenge On Her Mother.

    Back In The Event Of The Mutagen Bomb Explosion, A Group Of Fort Lauderdale Punk Rock Lovers Attempt To Attend The 999 Music Hall But Discover That It Is Still Closed For A Number Of Hours. Genghis And Mary Join The Conversation As The Group Mulls Over What They Might Be Able To Do While They Wait To Get Back To 999, Expressing Their Contempt For Their Home. They Are All Instantly Transformed Into Frog People As The Payload Of The Mutagen Bomb Hits Them.

    Raph Discovers Casey Dozing Off In The Church’s Basement And Inquires Whether He Has Seen Alopex Or Donatello. Raph Inquires About Casey’s Well-Being After Observing How Disoriented He Appears And Bringing Up The Several Empty Cans Of Beer He Has Seen At His Residence A Few Days Prior When Casey Replies That He Has Not. Casey Assaults Him Because He Thinks He Is Being Condescended To.

    Venus’ Limbs Are Starting To Be Reattached In Dr. Barlow’s Lab In The Meanwhile. He Explains How He Uncovered Fragments Of A Deceased Mutant Turtle’s Carapace In A Black Market Back In Mutant Town, As Well As Her Dying Corpse, And Wonders Whether That Ties To Donatello’s Shattered Carapace After Observing How Rapidly Her Shell Is Recovering From The Dragon Scale Placed In It. After Finishing With Her, He Moves On To Visit Don.

    Don Attempts To Persuade Barlow To Let Them Collaborate In Order To Comprehend The Characteristics Of The Dragon Scale, Considering The Encounter He Had When He Enters The Chamber Where He, Sheena, And Al, Are Being Held When Barlow Comes.

    Barlow Responds That He Will Think About It And Shows Don The New Shell He Has Been Designing. Al Shakes Don Away From It, And He Seeks Out Venus Through Telepathy To Aid Him In Contacting His Brothers. Don Indeed Appears To Be Intrigued In The Shell. Don’s Astral Form Is Led Towards The City By Venus’ Astral Form After Leaving The Lab.

    Leo, Mikey, And Jenny Assemble Some Of Their Pupils Outside The Church And Proceed Into The Territory Of The Punk Frog. When Leo Inquires As To Where Everybody Is, Jenny Replies That Raph Remains In The Church, But She Has Not Seen Alopex Or Donnie In A While. She Then Enters To Collect Raph. Suddenly, Leo Senses That Donatello Is In Difficulty.

    In The Basement Of The Church, Jenny Observes Casey And Raph Fighting And Finds The Sight Humorous. Raph’s Face Is Knocked To The Ground When Casey Pulls On His Bandana As Instructed By Her. She Admonishes Them To Get Moving Even Though They Evidently Still Have Issues To Resolve. The Two Men Sit Silently For A While Before Laughing, Still Visibly Upset With Each Other But Realizing That, As Casey Explains, Their Behaviour Is A Result Of Stress, Particularly In Light Of What Has Happened To Their Dads. They Hug It Out And Reconcile For The Moment.

    Don Is Surprised When He And Venus Run Across Oroku Saki Right On A Rooftop. Don Claims That He Was Pulled To Saki Because Of His Powerful Astral Presence, And Saki Senses That He Needs Help. Don Hesitantly Consents To Get Aid From The Old Adversary Of His Family.

    When Saki Enters The Lab, Don Wonders About His Judgment As She Starts Releasing Alopex. Don Argues That He Didn’t Set Out To Locate Saki, But They Use The Opportunity To Escape, With Alopex Giving Barlow A Kick That Was Powerful Enough To Render Him Senseless And Loosen Several Teeth.

    Raph Meets Up With Carmen, Casey, Hector, Wanda, And Monty, Raph’s Mutant Moose Deputy.  Leo Claims That He Believes Don Tried To Contact Him Astrally, As Well As The Turtles Speculate That The Frogs May Be Responsible For Bonnie, Sheena, Don, And Al All Being Missing. Jenny Recognizes The “999 Music Hall” And Rightly Infers That The Punk Frogs Are Hiding There After Determining That They Were Likely Participants In The Real Punk Movement. Raph Is Asked To Join Them By Leo Radioing Him.

    Raph Inquires About The Whereabouts Of Alopex And Donatello As The Two Factions Storm The Music Hall And Engage In Combat. Raph Replies That They Are All Being Arrested At The Request Of Mayor Pride After Genghis Admits He Has No Idea. Leo Cries Out For Carmen As Genghis Slices Her Across Her Tummy During The Ongoing Conflict Between The Punk Frogs And The Splinter Clan.

    The Four Mutants Escape From The Lab After Don Releases Venus From Her Bindings, But Chuck And D.B. Are Waiting For Them There. Venus Blasts Chuck Via Telepathy, Knocking Him Out While They Duel The Two. They Ultimately Manage To Push Beyond D.B. And Leave The Clinic When This Provides Them With A Wide Enough Space. They Keep Fleeing When All Of A Sudden, Venus Feels Something Approaching. Just Before Seri Crashes Into The Clinic, They Dodge Out Of The Path.

    Appearances Of Venus In Other Media

    Appearances Of Venus In Other Media

    Venus Made An Appearance In Two Of The Episodes Of “Saban’s Power Rangers In Space,”- “Save Our Ship,” And The 1998 Episode, “Shell Shocked,” Just Like The Other Turtles.

    After Receiving Several Emails Asking If Venus Would Appear In The Comic Book Or Not, Gary Carlson, At Last, Included A Woman Turtle As A One-Page Joke In A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 3 Issue. It Was Revealed That The Monster Aboard Vanguard’s Ship Was An Extraterrestrial That Could Transform Into Anything It Wanted And, Strangely Enough, Had Kissed Michaelangelo.

    Venus Has Appeared In Several Colouring And Activity Books, An Adaptation Of The Overarching Storyline, “Unchain My Heart,” And Unique Tales Like “Double Dragon” And “Shells Of Steel,” In Addition To The Television Series.

    Only A Few Guidelines On What Not To Do Were Given To Writer Gary Carlson For The “Image Comics Series,” One Of Which Being “No Female Turtles.” However, In Issue No. #12 Of Volume 3, Venus Was Mocked When An Extraterrestrial Named Lurch Changed Into A Woman Turtle That Resembled Venus Quite A Bit. Some Editions Even Used The Tagline “No Female Turtle Guaranteed” In Their Advertising.

    On March 30, 2022, Issue No. #127 Of The IDW Comics Chronology Introduced A Brand-New Venus. This Manifestation Is A “Frankenstein-Like” Entity Made From Bonnie, A Female Punk Frog, By The Crazy Mutated Surgeon Doctor Jasper Barlow.

    Venus Has A Brief Appearance In A “When Are They Now” Comedy In The 50th Installment Of “Robot Chicken,” “Girl Toys,” Which Lasts 3 Minutes And 50 Seconds (Moesha Poppins, 2007), Where She Reveals That After Being Fired From The Squad, She Attempted To Flush Herself Right Down The Toilet And Perished.

    Raphael Painted A Female “Turtle-Human Hybrid” On The Edge Of The Turtles’ Newfound Party Vehicle In An Episode Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated TV Series From 2012. Donatello Looked On With Approval.

    “Venus” Is The Name Of The Picture. Later In The Episode, Michelangelo Falls Victim To A Trap That Would Cause Him To Get A Second Mutation. He Imagined Transforming Into A Female Turtle That Is Reclining And Leaning Back Sensuously, Much Like Venus Is In Her Advertising Photo. A Blonde Human Girl Wearing Green And A Red Headband Bearing The Name “Venus” On A Huge Bomb Is Depicted On The Pinnacle Of The “Battle Tank Feature Tent” In A Style Reminiscent Of Vintage World War II Pin-Ups That Were Displayed On Various Military Service Vehicles.

    The Female Mutant Ninja Turtle Of All Time

    The Female Mutant Ninja Turtle Of All Time

    The Fifth Mutant Turtle Introduced In The Series, Venus De Milo, Is The Most Intriguing Addition To The Turtles’ Mythos (Originally Named Mei Pieh Chi). Venus, A Woman, Is Depicted As A Master Of The Mystical Arts Of The Shinobi. She Is Dressed In A Cyan Mask With A Braided Ponytail In The Rear. Sometimes Her Fighting Technique Is More Akin To Kung Fu Than Ninjutsu. Venus Is A Divisive Figure Who Alienated A Lot Of Fans. Lalainia Lindbjerg Provided The Voice Of Venus, Whom Nicole Parker Represented.

    Many Fans Thought That Fox Manufactured Venus At The Time And Pushed Peter Laird And Kevin Eastman To Utilize Her. Others Assert That Kevin Eastman Made Up The Persona Because He Liked Her. In Any Case, Venus’ Profile Was Taken Down From The Official Website By Peter Laird Because He Dislikes Her, However, It Has Now Been Put Back Up.

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