11 Horror Movies With Aphrodisiac Succubus/Incubus Demons!

    The Succubus and the Incubus are mythological monsters that have found their way into the works of painters, poets, and writers over the centuries, and were later adopted by filmmakers for use in their films. A succubus is a seductive female demon with seductive qualities. This voluptuous, sex-deprived demon seeks males in human form and seduces them with her charms.

    She removes their souls, sanity, and lives after that. Lilith is considered a succubus in certain myths. She was Adam’s first wife, according to mediaeval Jewish beliefs, while some claim she is the mother of all devils. A succubus is also thought to be capable of transforming into a male, resulting in a creature known as an Incubus. The Incubus has a same mission: to entice women and lead them to their deaths.

    These aphrodisiacs can be found in every field of art, including Cornelis van Haarlem’s 1592 painting The Fall of Man, Robert Browning’s poems, and even the Marvel Comics character Satana Hellstrom and the contemporary American TV series Supernatural. In this video, we’ll look at numerous depictions of the succubi demons, exploring their methods of operation and assessing their personalities.

    Jennifer’s Body (2009)

    Jennifer's Body (2009)

    Jennifer and Needy are closest friends and students in the small hamlet of Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota, despite the fact that they are complete opposites. Needy is a bookish and studious cheerleader, whereas Jennifer is a gorgeous and snooty cheerleader.

    Jennifer brings Needy to a small bar where Low Shoulder, a local band, will be performing. The tavern catches fire for no apparent reason, and Jennifer flees with the band to save herself.

    She is discovered in Needy’s kitchen later that day, bathed in blood and attempting to eat aggressively. Jennifer then vomits a black, slimy liquid and flees to escape being discovered. Needy learns that her best friend ihas become a succubus, who seduces and kills men. She must now shed her fears and take on a vicious and ancient demon.

    The ever beautiful Megan Fox plays Jennifer, a.k.a. the succubus or the seductress.She becomes possessed by a demon as a result of a few men using her body to fulfill their professional aspirations.

    Jennifer’s soul is enraged, and the creature inside her begins to break bones and eat the flesh of her victims. She seduces the guys, then kills them in cold blood by biting them with her demonic razor-sharp fangs when they are taken to a remote place. Jennifer’s change is a sociological comment on her treatment by society, and the film is not a run-of-the-mill horror thriller but a well-crafted depiction of adolescent angst and the tragedies that occur.

    Fox gives a strong performance and displays her acting chops by portraying the succubus as both humorous and unholy.Viewers will be gripped, both by the film’s depth and by Fox’s fangs. Jennifer’s Body was written by the Academy Award winner Diablo Cody.

    SiREN (2016)

    SiREN (2016)

    For his brother Jonah and the groomsmen, Mac arranges a bachelor’s party. Mac tries to make the affair more interesting, and the party ends up in a seedy subterranean bar deep in the woods. The night of drinking and debauchery takes a tragic turn. The club is the pinnacle of strange and should be avoided at all costs.

    It’s home to drinks containing leeches and nude girls behind glass walls. Jonah comes across one such girl and feels that she’s a sex slave. He helps the girl escape only to realize that she is Lilith-the succubus from the ancient myths. Lilith aka Lily unveils her demonic side when she starts killing everyone who comes between herand her rescuer Jonah.

    Jonah finds himself trapped in night of life-threatening terror:he will have to save his friends whilst on the run from the terrifying creature he’s just rescued.

    In SiREN, director Gregg Bishop fought the studio and cast Hanna Fierman as Lily. He sought her since she played the same woman in the anthology horror film V/H/S, which is the basis for this picture. Bishop developed the short film into a feature film, improving Lily’s character to induce a deeper sense of fear and terror.

    She seduces her victim using enchanting songs and a flawless body; her charm is like a snake that rarely bites, but carries enormous amounts of venom. In the film, Lily was summoned from the dark realms and imprisoned. When she falls for Jonah, played by Chase Williamson, her saviour, she shows symptoms of womanhood. She isn’t, however, as feminine as she appears.

    She has a lethal set of teeth, a lethal tail, and mind-bending skills, all of which are magical aspects right from the pages of history. So, while viewers may not find SiREN to be logical, Fierman will undoubtedly make it memorable.

    The Entity (1982)

    The Entity (1982)

    Carla Moran is a dedicated single mother who experienced paedophilia and mental trauma as a child. She is viciously assaulted by an unseen creature one night, following which she and her children go to stay with her friend Cindy. Cindy persuades Carla to consult Dr. Phil Sneiderman, a psychiatrist.

    He believes that Carla is suffering from a manifestation of childhood sexual trauma and dismisses her claims about a paranormal force. The assaults on Carla and her family continue till she meets two parapsychologists who agree to investigate her case and help, but the entity she experiences is relentless.

    Doris Bither was allegedly raped by the ghosts of three men in 1974 in Culver City, California. The strange case led Frank De Felitta to write The Entity in 1978, which is the source material for this film. A poltergeist incubus – a sexual predator in a demonic or paranormal form – continually assaults Carla Moran, played by Barbara Hershey.

    Carla faces an invisible incubus who wishes to isolate her from her family and friends, in order to have her for himself. He assaults her in her car, her bed, in front of her boyfriend and children. However, director Sidney J. Furie failed to terrorize the audience quite as much as his lead character is terrorized.

    Although the fact that it is based on a true tale keeps the audience fascinated, it is a drama with horror and psychological components that ultimately fails to shine in any of these areas. The film’s refusal to provide backstory for the poltergeist, as well as motives for his behaviour, is a little annoying. Despite this, it was enough to inspire a Bollywood film called Hawa, which means “air” in Hindi.

    Devil In The Flesh (1998)

    Devil In The Flesh (1998)

    Debbie Strand is a lovely yet hysterical young lady. Debbie is taken to live with her grandma after her mother and mother’s boyfriend are killed in a suspicious fire. Debbie’s grandma, Fiona, is a devout Catholic who is harsh with Debbie, forcing her to wear out-of-date clothing and abusing her.

    Debbie becomes enraged when she finds that Fiona is intending to send her to a reform school and beats the old lady to death with a walking cane. Debbie has a crush on her English instructor, Mr. Rinaldi, despite the fact that he is engaged to Marilyn and refuses Debbie’s advances. An enraged and hysteric Debbie goes on to confront Marilyn.

    Rose McGowan plays Debbie Strand, and whilst the character is not possessed by a demon or a ghost, she exhibits all the idiosyncrasies of an aphrodisiac succubus. She shows no mercy or remorse when she murders people in cold blood, whenever they come between her and Mr. Rinaldi.

    In fact, our insanely beautiful femme fatale brutally kills her grandmother because she was a hindrance, and separating her from her lovewill incur the wrath of Devil, in the flesh of a human.

    The film and the central character have been dubbed “Lolita-gone-Lilith” by critics and fans. Director Steve Cohen’s genius is to take a supernatural demon’s abnormalities and give them to a teenage girl, and his success can be measured by the fact that critics and fans have dubbed the film and the central character “Lolita-gone-Lilith.”

    Miss Rose is the undisputed star of the show, but the movie as a whole becomes too predictable as it proceeds, with little to look forward to except Debbie’s next victim. Despite the fact that Devil in the Flesh is a novel by French author Raymond Radiguet, this film is not based on his work.

    Kull the Conqueror (1997)

    Kull the Conqueror (1997)

    Kull is a barbarian leader of Atlantis who wishes to join the elite Dragon Legion. He battles and mortally wounds Borna, the king of Valusia, and in his last moments, Borna names Kull his successor.

    However, the heirs of Borna attempt to dethrone Kull, resurrecting Akivasha, a millennia-old undead Stygian princess who was vanquished by the deity Valka. With the power of her demons, Akivasha overcomes Kull and takes his place as queen of Valusia.

    Kull joins forces with other Valusians to try to steal the Breath of Valka, the only weapon capable of defeating the demon princess, after rejecting Akivasha’s amorous advances.

    Kull the Conqueror is based on thefictional world created by Robert E. Howard who also created the much-celebrated ConanThe Barbarian. So, here we have a loose film with the essence of antiquities, reminiscent of age-old fables.

    Although, for the purpose of the video, we will focus our attention on the ancient witch Akivasha, played by Tia Carrere. This 3000-year-old demon has taken the form of a tempting woman to seduce and later kill Kull, to then bring Valusia under her command.

    She is a seductress who enjoys kissing men to death but there’s more to her than that. She never died or got old, according to mythology. She is an undead princess from the shadows who has been shunned by gods and forced to roam on Earth, but she always finds a way to kill men and their countries.

    Tia is a strong character in director John Nicolella’s film, a sensual mix of beauty and brains. A far more severe and serious Achilles heel than some ancient God’s poor breath was due to such a formidable adversary! But who are we to pass judgement?

    Spirit Lost (1996)

    Spirit Lost (1996)

    Willy, John’s pregnant wife, is a painter who has moved to an island with him. Instead of concentrating on his painting skills, he concentrates on Arabella, the enticing spirit of a slave girl. In reflections, windows, and even dreams, he sees her.

    The ghost eventually convinces him to accompany her into the attic while she tries to scare away his pregnant wife. The only people who know how to expel this spooky seductress are the locals.

    Leon stars as John in a performance so unpredictable, we’re not sure whether he was actually directed in this erratic way by Neema Barnette, or if that’s just how he acts. Anyway, he is seduced by a succubus ghost who is often naked and tries to lure him into bed.

    We wonder:what kind of a man is so gullible that he agrees to indulge in infidelity by cheating on his wife with a ghost – yes people – the ghost of a slave-girl who was promised in marriage to her owner, but was later left abandoned for a more suitable match. She died from the pain of a broken heart, and apparently has been horny ever since.

    We also wonder what kind of a man the slave-owner was, because even as a ghost, Arabella is pretty good at her craft of seduction, so she must have been a goddess when she was alive!Spirit Lost is more about spirit nudity, and settles for being more erotic than frightful.

    Serpent’s Lair (1995)

    Serpent's Lair (1995)

    Tom and Alex are newlyweds who relocate into a seedy Los Angeles apartment. Strange things begin to happen in the house with the appearance of a vicious cat who appears to have an unfathomable hatred for Alex. Alex trips and falls down the stairwell due to the cat, and while she is in the hospital, a visitor named Lisa arrives.

    She identifies herself as the sister of the previous occupant of the unit. She soon begins to sap Tom’s life and soul through violent and unrelenting sex spells. Tom hallucinates horrible pictures of demons and Hell in between rounds of sex and seduction.

    Lisa Barbuscia plays Lisa,who’s the evil mother of all demons, and better known as Lilith. She is obviously titillating and sexy enough for our promiscuous husband, or else why would he have so much sex with her? So much that it would become a matter of life and death.

    Lilith intends to acquire Tom’s reproductive fluids so that she can produce demon babies, or rather, demon-man hybrid babies. Another mystery is why Alex spent so much time in the hospital due to a wrist injury, but we can’t blame her for her husband’s erratic behaviour and bad luck. Lilith is the type of lady who no man could possibly ignore, but no man could.

    All succubus films aim to highlight the horrible nature of adultery and exaggerate the enormity of the sin, yet they’re a touch hypocritical when they include so many sex scenes. The film was also released under the title The Nesting, with the tagline ‘She hunts to mate and mates to kill.’ Despite a few loopholes that are kind of hard to ignore, the film is a strong erotic horror and performs better than it should.

    The Devil’s Nightmare (1971)

    The Devil's Nightmare (1971)

    Sigfried von Rhoneberg forged a bargain with the Devil in the 12th century, stating that each generation’s first-born daughter would serve him as a succubus. Many years later, a Baron of the family sacrifices his daughter to free the family from the curse, but his elder brother had fathered a daughter named Lisa with the maid, which he was unaware of.

    A tour bus carrying seven persons gets lost and ends up to the Rhoneberg castle. Each of the seven deadly sins of Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth is represented by one of these seven people. Lisa picks out the tourists one by one until there is only one left.

    With this film, director Jean Brismée took the myth of succubus and gave her a different perspective, posing the seductive demon as the Devil’s minion who brings him the souls of weak-willed individuals. The succubus is known to seduce only men, but here, she charms  women too.

    In another contradiction, Lisa is her unable to charm a young man, though legends say no mortal man can resist the temptations of her body. Nonetheless, Erika Blanc, who plays Lisa Müller, is one of the sexiest succubi to have graced the screen. We think special mention must be given to the characterization of the Devil here; rather than using some ridiculous practical effects to portray him as a beast, in an attempt to generate a sense of forced fear, his is instead shown to be a fallen angel, the only one who had the guts to rebel against God.

    With every move he takes, the devil demonstrates extraordinary sense and sensibility in his dealings with mankind, and he remains crafty all the way to the film’s climatic conclusion.

    Succubus (1968)

    Succubus (1968)

    Lorna Green sings at a local club for the wealthy and exclusive. In truth, the club is a sadomasochistic hangout that attracts corrupt minds who will be slaughtered later – Lorna is the bait. Lorna becomes a victim of her own desires, and sex and murder become interchangeable terms for her.

    She murders guys who believe they are about to have romantic relations with her, then wakes up perplexed and perplexed about what has happened. Lorna is thought to be under the direction of a higher power, one that appears to be supernatural.

    There are manyreferences to the supernatural throughout the film, but director Jesus Franco failed to decide if he was making an exploitation film or an erotic horror flick – one in which the lead character has some bizarre sexual preferences. The horror element and, by extension, the plot itself is difficult to follow.

    Janine Reynaud remains the saving grace of the film as the stunning striptease artist whose day job is to kill unsespecting, frivolous and debaucherous men. Or, wait, is it her night job?Or maybe even her dream job! We will let you watch the film and decide for yourself.

    Knights of Badassdom (2013)

    Knights of Badassdom (2013)

    Joe has lately been dumped by Beth, and his buddies Eric, Hung, and Ronnie attempt to cheer him up by dragging him into a Live Action Role Playing game in the midst of a forest. Things get out of hand, however, when the pals call a succubus after hearing chants and conducting a ritual from an apparently useless prop-book.

    To make matters worse for Joe, the spirit is a carbon copy of Beth, and she is hell-bent on causing havoc and releasing her fury on the LARP geeks and nerds. The group, divided into factions, must now fight the evil entity, with only plastic swords and prop-weapons to hand.

    Knights of Badassdom is the kind of film you watch with your brain shut down – ifyou wish to truly enjoy the essence and brilliance of this bag of laughter, you have to throw intelligent thought out of the window.

    Peter Dinklage plays Hung, and what can we say… his comic timing is one of the two things that we absolutely adored about the film. The second one of course is Margarita Levieva as Bethaka the succubus. She was summoned from Hell and now Joe and his friends are complaining because she is busy eating souls!

    That’s a bit unjust. Margarita not only adds a lot of sexiness to the film, but she also tries hard in her acting to disseminate the horror that a succubus is intended to spread. Yes, there are a few storey flaws, one of which is how the entire LARP community is demolished in 20 minutes, which nerds like us find disrespectful. The long and short of it is that we’d watch this roller coaster of a movie again the next time we had a home party.

    The Unholy (1988)

    The Unholy (1988)

    A series of horrible killings have occurred in New Orleans, with all of the victims being Catholic priests. Father Michael is summoned by senior church officials to expel an evil known as Daesidarius, or The Unholy. She is a demon that destroys a person’s soul’s purity by having intercourse with them, killing them while the intercourse is taking place, and then sending the soul to Hell.

    Father Michael learns of this, with help from Millie and her boss Luke, who owns a black magic performance club called The Threshold. Father Michael will have to resist his humaninstinct to succumb to physical pleasure and keep his vows unbroken, or else the demon will continue its priest-killing spree.

    Another film based on the commitment of one of the seven sins, The Unholy features ravishing redhead Nicole Fortier as the titular demon. As a succubus, she is intimidatingly sexy and desirable; that’s probably why the poor priests couldn’t resist her and ended up forfeiting their souls.

    The sad thing is that director Camilo Vila chose to give Fortier about as many lines as clothes to wear, which is hardly any! An almost nude, spooky demon who makes out with weak-willed fathers and later kills them became the staple of a number of 80s horror flicks and The Unholy doesn’t make any efforts change up the formula.

    The film exists in a horrible realm of predictable narratives and mediocre camerawork. But don’t despair; all is not lost. The religious horror motif is prominent, as is the idea that illicit sex is the ultimate sin, and there’s plenty to keep you glued to your television. Finally, Daesidarius’ actual self is exposed in the climatic moment, and the special effects for a film filmed three decades ago could not be more stunning.

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