6 Anime To Watch If You Love How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom

    Kazuya Souma, a 19-year-old ambitious civil servant, is left alone when and without anybody to name relatives right after the demise of his grandmother. Surprisingly, he is dispatched to the Elfrieden Kingdom, a tiny, impoverished state on some other planet, to act as a “hero.” The universe is in trouble because of an ongoing struggle with the monster force, and as a surprise to its supporters, Elfrieden recruited Kazuya to assist.

    Kazuya chooses to assist the kingdom to revitalize its sluggish economy via institutional reforms rather than traveling or battle because she’s sick of being treated as a payment. The anime has a total of 13 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes. A light novel inspired the anime. The anime is rich in action, fantasy, and romance. The anime presents us with several characters like Liscia, Funimation, Bilibili, Anime Digital Network, Anilpus TV, Bahamut Anime Crazy, Hulu, Laftel, Shahid, Iqiyi, and Wakamin. There will be several characters like-  Liscia, Kazuya, Juna, Aisha, Tomoe, Hakuya, and Excel. The anime was released in 2021 and has been liked well for its active content.

    If you enjoyed watching the anime How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, then the list below will definitely help you out.

    1. The Rising of the Shield Hero

    The Rising of the Shield Hero

    The Four Cardinal Heroes are a quartet of typical Japanese men who were dispatched to the country of Melromarc to safeguard it. Melromarc is a kingdom constantly devastated by that the Waves of Catastrophe, which has also brought misery to its inhabitants for ages. To fight these Waves, the four warriors are each awarded a weapon, sword, archery, and helmet. Otaku Naofumi Iwatani inherits the misfortune of becoming the “Shield Hero.” Owing to his small armor and minimal martial capability, Naofumi is despised and derided both by his colleague’s warriors and the citizens of the realm.

    Whenever the protagonists are handed provisions and allies to fight with, Naofumi departs with Malty Melromarc, the one and only guy prepared to practice with him. Nevertheless, she ultimately turns him, and he is falsely convicted of abusing her. The inhabitants of Melromarc begin to aggressively spread hate against and loathe Naofumi for something he never did in the first place. Naofumi starts on his quest to build himself and his image while carrying a roaring hurricane of pain and distrust in his soul. Later on, as well, the hardship of being abandoned and living all by herself set in, so Naofumi purchases Raphtalia, a demi-human slave who is on the threshold of death, to wander with him.

    Naofumi and Raphtalia are compelled to fight for the continued existence of the empire and guard the Melromarc dwellers against the wretch of an unfavorable future as the Waves reach the realm.

    A light novel inspires the anime. The television adaptation has a total of 25 episodes with a runtime of 24 minutes each. The anime is a combo of action, adventure, Drama, and fantasy. The scenes are noteworthy and are rich in action. The anime focuses on gore content. The anime is streaming on platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

    2. The ascendance of a Bookworm

    The ascendance of a Bookworm

    Despite the content of the theme and genre, Urano Motosu is a fast reader who likes literature. Just before a tragedy steals her life, she was just a number of steps away from achieving her aspiration of making a career as a librarian. She anticipates being able to read additional books in her subsequent life as she inhales her dying breath.

    She rises after being reborn as Myne, a vulnerable five-year-old baby who dwells in the Middle Ages, as if destiny had acknowledged her request. Her ardor becomes the first thing she thought of. She tries to discover something else to study but is dismayed by the absence of relevant novels.

    Hardly a few people who are financially rich can make purchases because they must be created and transcribed manually without the assistance of the invention of the printing press, but Myne won’t be intimidated by this. If she doesn’t have any publications nearby, she will construct ones to express her everlasting desire to learn.

    The anime was released back in 2019. Taking its inspiration from a light novel, the television adaptation has produced a total of 14 episodes with a runtime of 23 minutes each. The anime follows the adventure of the afterlife. It is a perfect pick for those who are obsessive book readers. The anime is heart warming and has adventure too. One will come across several characters like Myne, Lutz, Ferdinand, Benno, Tuuli, Gunther, Frida, Otto, Eva, and Ralph. The anime is streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

    3. Log Horizon

    Log Horizon

    After receiving the most latest issue to the well-established MMORPG Elder Tale, thirty thousand confused Japanese people have found themselves immediately transferred into the game’s realm without even being able to log themselves out of the game. Shiroe, a painfully shy college student, is amongst one of them. His amazement and shock are momentary because he is an experienced player and goes out immediately at once to explore the limitations of his current paradigm.

    To provide assistance to the simulated neighborhood of Akihabara, Shiroe needs to learn how to survive in these changing environments while guiding others as well as socializing with the NPC localities.  He is reinforced by Akatsuki, a diminutive but deadly executioner who takes Shiroe as her master, and Naotsugu, his tragic buddy who had signed in for the very first time in many years just to find himself confined. A major turn off indeed! Log Horizon, a game of magic, excitement, and intrigue, tackles the components of gambling through the viewpoint of a talented tactical who endeavors to make as much out of a difficult scenario.

    The anime takes inspiration from Light Novel, and has a total of 25 episodes, with a runtime of 25 minutes. The anime aired from 2013 to 2014 and is a combo of action, and adventure in very promising fantasy land. The anime introduces us to several characters like Shiroe, Akatsuki, Naotsugu, Nyanta, Krusty, Kode, Kanami, Corwen, Serara, and Seta. Whosoever has decided to watch has turned out to be a fan. The way anime shows how to resolve a problem is noteworthy. It is streaming on multiple platforms like- Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

    4. Overlord


    The concluding minutes of the well-loved interactive virtual videogame Yggdrasil is here. Nevertheless, whenever the systems commence to go offline, Momonga, a strong mage and the commander of the wicked gang Ainz Ooal Gown, wishes to spend his final minutes engaging in the game. To his surprise, Momonga still seems to be wide awake as his identity even though the clock has hit noon, and in addition, the quasi creatures seem to have acquired characteristics of their very own!

    When dealing with this extraordinary situation, Momonga instructs his diligent supporters to accompany him in researching and seizing ownership of this fictional universe in order to determine the reason which has precipitated this transformation as well as whether there are other people undergoing a similar situation.

    The anime has a total of 13 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes. The anime is a combination of action, and adventure in a fantasy land. The anime deals with tons of supernatural elements and drives its inspiration from a light novel. It makes us familiar with Momonga, Albedo, Gamma, Demiurge, Sebas Tian, Zeta, and Beta. The anime is known for its active content. It is streaming on several platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Animax Mongolia, and Netflix.

    5. Alderamin on the Sky

    Alderamin on the Sky

    Ikta Solork is an innocent young bloke who simply needs a woman to cuddle him and a location to take a nap. Regrettably, the war that starts out between the Republic of Kioka and the adjoining Katjvarna Empire wrecks his quiet life. Ikta and Yatorishino Igsem, a family friend, join the armed forces as military commanders. Whilst journeying by ship to the venue of their army test, they met the enlisted man Matthew Tetojirichi, the sniper Remion, and the physician Haroma Becker.

    The five of them, though, find themselves in dangerous areas adjacent to an army station after a massive storm fell overboard their aircraft. Eventually, they realize that Princess Chamille Kitora Katjvanmaninik, the Katjvarnan throne’s successor, has already been abducted. These are some of the biggest distinctions a warrior can earn is the designation of Imperial Knight, which itself is bestowed on each of the five for their accomplishment in protecting her. Ikta seems to really have to set his desire for serenity on pause because he does have to play the part of the savior he was never supposed to play.

    The anime was released in 2016, taking inspiration from a light novel. The anime has a total of 13 episodes with a runtime of 23 minutes each. The anime is built upon its action and adventure. Following militarism, it deals with adventure in fantasy land. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll only.

    6. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

    Satoru Mikami, 37, is a regular corporate employee who is satisfied with his humdrum existence in the developed city of Tokyo. Nevertheless, he has never been capable of dedicating himself to a partner during his life. He is slashed while conducting a normal conversation with his employee and becomes the object of an aggressive road assault. But then as he capitulates to his scars, a bizarre presence resonates in his thoughts and delivers a series of commands that the condemned person cannot interpret.

    Satoru comes to the awareness that he has been resurrected as a mess of slime in a strange realm when he wakes to this when he rediscovers sight. He gains new powers as a reward, mainly notable are the capacity to engulf anything at all and mirror its attributes and strength. The Catastrophe-level beast “Storm Dragon” Veldora, which had been incarcerated for the prior 300 years after burning a city to flames, is eventually revealed by him. Satoru develops a friendship with him shortly after realizing his situation and vows to support him remove the seal. In exchange, Veldora gives him the name Rimuru Tempest to provide him with divine defense.

    Liberated from the torture of his earlier lifestyle, Rimuru now starts his journey on a brand-new trip with a distinct objective in mind. His funny activities spread all over the globe as he becomes used to his physical entity, continually shifting his destinies.

    The anime has been aired from 2018 to 2019. Taking inspiration from manga, the television series has a total of 24 episodes, with a runtime of 23 minutes each. The anime is filled with exciting adventure and action. One can also find a glimpse of comedy and romance as well. The anime introduces us to characters like Tempest, Nava, Diablo, Shuna, Shion, Shizue, Benimaru, Ranga, and others. All of the characters are filled with zest and enthusiasm. The anime will be streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

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