13 Thirsty As Hell Anime Perverts A.K.A Sukebe We Love And Hate!

    From humorous and casual perverts to sick and lecherous deviants, the world of anime has introduced us to a wide range of perverts. They’ve nearly become a mainstay in anime, and they’ve even made their way into other genres like movies and TV shows.

    But how did this archetype come to be? What caused anime to have a disproportionate number of perverted characters, regardless of plot?

    The explanation can be found in a detailed study of Japanese sexual culture, where perverted humour, despite its widespread availability online, remains a niche. They function in the same way that superheroes and action heroes do in the United States: they provide an outlet for desires that cannot be realised otherwise.

    Anime has taken society’s suppressed sexuality and combined it with certain interesting components to make it entertaining for the audience. Most of the time, the so-called pervert isn’t someone dangerous. They’d merely serve as comic relief, though they do occasionally push things to their breaking point.

    In this video, we’ll show you some of anime’s most legendary perverts, who have been both humorous and scary.

    Master Roshi – Dragon Ball

    Master Roshi – Dragon Ball

    Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime franchises of all time, with five series, twenty animated films, three live-action films, and seven anime specials to its credit. The storey follows Son Goku from boyhood to adulthood as he goes on countless adventures.

    The story has a good blend of comedy and action, and as the series progressed, it became more action-oriented. Dragon Ball has a significant online following and is one of the most commercially successful anime series ever.

    Master Roshi is the Turtle Hermit and is hailed as the God of Martial Arts for his skills. However, he is a big-time pervert, and he is certainly one of the prominent figures among the long list of perverted people in anime. Master Roshi is the one who introduced us to the bizarre phenomenon of nose-bleeding where he bled from the nose when a lady flashed him!

    He almost became a relatable name for perverted old men, and throughout the various versions of this series, he is known for his deviant ways. His appearance was somewhat funky, with his thick white mustache and beard alongside his trademark sunglasses. His looks kept changing, but his debauchery never seemed to cease.

    He is always seen reading a dirty magazine and has quite a fascination for watching wide-thigh aerobics. Fans of Dragon Ball will surely remember the time when he offered to give a Dragon Ball to Bulma  if she flashed him her panties!

    Master Roshi’s attacks on Maron and Android 18 were also entertaining, and we’re certainly used to his nasty magazine reading by now!

    He’d approach women with hilarious sexual approaches all the time, and the best part was that all of these females were completely out of his league. Apart from that, this old martial arts master cared about his students and was very good at what he did! His eccentricities were more for the purpose of eliciting laughs than anything else.

    Ryo Saeba – City Hunter

    Ryo Saeba - City Hunter

    The adventures of Ryo Saeba, a private gun-for-hire known as the City Hunter, are the focus of this series. He is based in Tokyo and wants to be hired by beautiful women. He doesn’t mind whether the job is perilous as long as it involves a gorgeous woman.

     When his loyal associate is slain, though, things take a dangerous turn. Ryo is now responsible for his partner’s sister Kaori, who also serves as his new assistant. When Ryo’s libido starts to get out of control, Kaori attacks him with a hammer out of envy.

    Ryo was a brave heart, and he took up tasks that even the police couldn’t accomplish! He was an intelligent man, a skilled marksman, and a gritty performer who never left his missions unfinished. However, his only weakness was the sight of some breathtakingly pretty women.

    He always seemed to be on the lookout for one, and when the opportunity presented itself, he couldn’t shy away from it. Ryo was a well-built man with particular expertise in hand-to-hand combat, and he enjoyed handsome features that made him attractive.

    His lecherous side, however, is not all that appealing. He was immersed in erotica, and the worst part about his opulent lifestyle was that it was exploited by his adversaries. When gang members were being chased, they would toss women’s underwear in the air, and Ryo would become distracted. He used to approach random young women on the street and get into a lot of problems for it. Such behaviour was hated by even his assistant Kaori, and there were some violent repercussions.

    It is important to note here that Ryo Saeba was not some villainous pervert and was more of an anti-hero with some negative aspects to his character!

    Katsuragi – SenranKagura

    Katsuragi - SenranKagura

    Although Hanzo  Academy is a prestigious institution, a few students are covertly training to become Shinobi Masters, an elite clan of ninjas. Asuka participates in the intense training with her pals, and she is eager to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps.

    They work hard to one day become successfulkunoichi, and their abilities improve with time! There is, however, another group of girls who despise them, and a confrontation between the two is unavoidable.

    If you thought that perverted characters in anime were only restricted to men, think again! Katsuragi was a notoriously lewd and bold character. Everything about this anime was extremely entertaining, from the hilarious characters to the constant fan service! However, Katsuragi is one name that deserves mention in this list simply for her extreme ways.

    She is your typical over-the-top character who has an excitable side to her personality and often grabs her classmates’ breasts out of nowhere. She does take on a big-sister attitude at times, but the very next moment, you would see her reaching out to fondle her peers. She is mostly portrayed with perverted expressions, and she dresses in simplistic outfits, which is usually the school uniform.

    Her persona has a serious side to it as well, and she is far more than a casual pervert. She is working hard to advance through the shinobi ranks in order to get her parents forgiven. Katsuragi wants to make sure that her parents don’t have to go because they once denied an assassination mission, and she wants to make sure that they don’t have to.

    Happosai – Ranma½

    Happosai - Ranma½

    Ranma is a teenage martial artist who hides an unusual secret. When he gets sprayed with cold water, he transforms into a lady! He is engaged to AkaneTendo, the daughter of the matchmaker. However, she discovers that her fiancé is not the man she thought, and that he was reared by a huge panda.

    Other narrative twists include the causes for Ranma’s feminine personality and a boy who is attempting to assassinate him! After much battling and turmoil, everything is revealed- this is an anime series that has enthralled audiences for seven seasons.

    Happosai was the founder of Anything Goes Martial Arts, and his expertise in martial arts was hailed by all. This is a character who has acquired nicknames like Happy, Dirty Old Man, so you probably have a fair idea about his exploits.

    He was a tiny little man and was completely bald except for the little hair at the side of his head. All he cares about is martial arts, satisfying his own hedonistic urges, and being a nuisance for others.

    His salacious activities included groping and peeking, and the worst habit of his was stealing women’s lingerie! He would conduct these raids for women’s undergarments that would see him carry giant sacks full of these stolen goods. He would then be very satisfied with his haul, and there would be a horde of angry women not far away!

    His acts, however, had a major negative impact on him. His obscene behaviours became a serious health threat since he would suffer acute withdrawal symptoms if he couldn’t feel ladies in some form.

    As a result, he would get weak and unable to move. We’ll never forget the time he was plagued with a female-repelling stink! The harsh effects of this female repellent nearly killed him!

    Perhaps this character serves as a warning to potential perverts about the severity of the addiction! It’s all fun and games until he gets terribly sick.

    Panty – Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

    Panty - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

    Yes, this is undoubtedly one of the strangest anime titles, and the fact that Panty and Stocking are actually two angels adds to the perplexity. They’ve been sent out of Heaven for their wrongdoings, and now they’re battling the innumerable spirits terrorising the residents of Daten City.

    Garterbelt, a priest, and Chuck Zipper, their pet, assist them. The only way they may return to Heaven is to defeat these ghosts, but the two angels are preoccupied with other matters. Panty is determined to fornicate with a thousand men, and her sister Stocking takes an interest in sweets and other forms of desserts. This bizarre anime series shows them go about their ghost-hunting duties while they have fun on the side!

    Panty is the elder one among the two sisters, and she gets her name from her ability to weaponize the object! She had spiky blonde hair and is shown to be about 18 years old physically. However, her actual age must be a few thousand, given her origins as an angel. She is almost obsessed with sex and tries to indulge in it as much as possible.

    Throughout the series, all she tries to do, apart from slaying ghosts, is to find new men to sleep with. Stocking doesn’t quite approve of her philandering ways, but Panty doesn’t care much! She seems to have pretty low standards for the men she beds, and it is the desperation in her that makes her take just about anyone as her partner.

    She is actually the personification of the deadly sin – Lust. She also seems to have no inhibitions about shedding her lingerie and is even seen pole-dancing in front of the audience in a live show.

    Her fighting style has also been influenced by her perversion. When she prepares for fight, she, for example, sheds her pants and changes them into a pistol. It was an original premise, and the show turned out to be a lot of fun because to the heroes’ eccentricities.

    Jiraiya – Naruto

    Jiraiya – Naruto

    In the ninja world, a demonic fox known as Nine-Tails assaulted a town, prompting the local head to lock the fox inside his newborn son, Naruto. Naruto became a host to the beast, but he didn’t realise his full power until a renegade ninja exposed the truth many years later. Meanwhile, the locals despised him because of his origins, which only strengthened his resolve.

    Jiraiya is a famed hermit who has traveled the world to gain more knowledge. His ninja skills are top-notch, but he also has a lustful side to his personality. He is an unforgettable character from Naruto, and he doesn’t just stop at his perverted actions but also enjoys talking about them.

    This eccentric, light-hearted hermit never misses a chance to crack jokes, even at his own expense. One of his pastimes is to spy on women when they are bathing, and he almost boasts about his lecherous activities during conversations.

    He has openly declared himself to be a super pervert, but when Naruto calls him a perverted hermit in public, he doesn’t like it. He was particularly interested in catching a peek of Tsunade, and she almost killed him when she caught him peeking.

    He even had a unique writing style that he discovered while creating a few adult novels. He often encourages Naruto to perform the Sexy No Jutsu, and overall, Jiraiya’s actions add to the hilarious bits of this fine anime.

    Issei Hyoudou  – High School DxD

    Issei Hyoudou  - High School DxD

    In high school, Issei Hyoudou was a dimwitted pervert. He was killed by a girl on his first date, but by chance, one of his classmates, Rias, resurrected him. He was resurrected as a demon, and Rias was a powerful demon herself. Issei became her sidekick since she was the cutest girl on college. His lecherous behaviour persisted, and the storey devolved into an endearing romantic cliché with a dash of gritty action thrown in for good measure.

    The character of Issei did have a rocky start when he was stabbed on a date. He was resurrected by means of black magic used by his classmate Rias, who was another libidinous pervert. Issei was almost like a horny devil with the kind of things he did!

    He was a member of the group called Perverted Trio that included the three biggest perverts on campus, and even after becoming a devil, he continued his lewd activities. He was a self-centered and arrogant young man who had a particular fascination for women’s breasts. He dreamed of having his own harem, and most of the girls in school recognized his notoriety.

    However, despite his constant obsession with sex, he did refuse to take undue advantage of a girl even when she was upset and wanted to have a fling with him. He was also protective of those he loved and would go to any extent to protect them.

    We did say in the beginning that most anime used the perverted characters as comic relief, and the case of IsseiHyoudou is a perfect example of that! He was no monster harming everyone, but just a hormonal young man who had his own obsessions.

    Ayame – Shimoneta

    Ayame – Shimoneta

    The plot is set in a dystopian future in which the Japanese government has enacted strict rules to punish any immoral behaviour. Everyone is required to wear high-tech devices known as Peace Makers, which record every word spoken and movement made.

    Tanukichi Okuma is a talented high school student who enrols at the prestigious public morality school to reunite with his crush. However, his world changes when he is forced to join the notorious organization SOX that seeks to spread pornography throughout the city as a mark of protest against the strict regulations.

    If a pervert cannot change her obsession with dirty jokes, what does she do? Well, as for AyameKajou, she tries to change the world instead of changing herself! She is also known as Blue Snow, and she is totally dedicated to the organization SOX.

    Her father was a famous politician, but he was arrested on the charges of having sex with a high school girl. Ayame, however, believed that he was innocent because he was interested in MILFs. Yes, we can see the smirk on your face because this is probably the strangest justification for innocence that you will ever hear!

    She disguises herself by wearing panties on her face and spreads pornographic content in defiance to the moral authorities. Her love for cracking lewd jokes is so strong that she makes such jokes in every situation, no matter how serious! Strangely enough, her behavior does not reflect during sexual situations where she seems quite naïve.

    This young lady was a gritty fighter and believed in the cause she was fighting for. It just made for an almost adorable prurient lady who spiced up the show with her presence!

    Sanji – One Piece

    Sanji - One Piece

    Gol D. Roger was a prominent pirate who amassed incredible money and power, earning him the title of Pirate King. When he was apprehended and ready to be executed, he divulged the location of his One Piece treasure, but no one was able to uncover it, despite the efforts of multiple people.

    After around twenty-two years, a young man named Monkey D. Luffy chose to become the new Pirate King by searching for Gol D’s riches. The anime chronicles his exploits as he and his pirate gang search for the biggest prize ever.

    Sanji is an intelligent young man who always seems to think one step ahead of his actions. He is mostly calm and collected and carries himself pretty gracefully. However, all his sophistication goes for a toss once he encounters a woman.

    His amorous nature is the only chink in his armor and even garners him the nickname ero-cook. His obsession with the ladies started pretty early, and he would often be love-struck with attractive female customers. He joined Luffy’s crew, but his lascivious nature often became a problem for the others.

    After spending two years on Momoiro Island, where he didn’t even see a lady, his hormones went berserk, and he became even more perverted. His condition was so grave that he was jealous of those who had some luck with women. Sanji didn’t care if the women were humans, mermaids, or minks, and his lusty demeanour caused the crew countless problems.

    He’d be a jerk to people who weren’t romantically interested in him, and his chivalrous deeds would be limited to the females he liked! He was often delusional as a result of his passion, and he had no shame in approaching the women he lusted after.

    You can judge us all you want, but we liked Sanji for the many traits he possessed. Only a few nice chuckles were had as a result of his perversions.

    Ataru Moroboshi – Urusei Yatsura  

    Ataru Moroboshi - Urusei Yatsura  

    This anime promises a never-ending, anything-can-happen environment in which one bizarre thing triumphs over another. It all begins when aliens invade the Earth, and the only way for them to flee is for the Earth’s champion to defeat theirs in a game of tag.

    To win the challenge, AtaruMoroboshi, a hormonal adolescent, is picked at random to be the Earth’s champion, and he must catch the curvaceous extraterrestrial Lum However, because Lum can fly, things appear to be bleak for Earth.

    But Lum misunderstands and believes that Ataru wants to marry her, and she uses electric shocks to keep her husband in line! This anime series made good use of Japanese culture and mythology, and the clever puns and satires are simply unforgettable.

    AtaruMoroboshi is like the typical pervert you would see in anime dramas, and this 17-year-old misses no opportunity to grope a woman.

    The moment he sets his eyes on a pretty woman, he asks for her telephone number and address. Unfortunately, he is never successful, and it is only the devoted Lum that loves him. In fact, it is revealed at times that he loves her back, although he denies having such feelings.

    Aside from his sexual proclivities, he is a gentleman who even looks after his wife. He may be a little sluggish to articulate himself, but his actions demonstrate his protective attitude when it comes to Lum. Despite the electric shocks he receives from Lum, he continues to pursue other ladies, which is only a hilarious aspect of his character.

    Momo – To LOVE-Ru  

    Momo - To LOVE-Ru  

    The people of planet Deviluke appear to have some strange contacts with the people of Earth. When the situation spirals out of control, Princesses Momo and Nana are banished to Earth School to be watched by their older sister LaLa.

    Momo jumps in with some sisterly love for LaLa, who is dating Rito Yuki. As the Golden Darkness, Yami, arrives with her army of possessed high school students, Rito’s situation is about to get a lot worse.

    Momo is one of the three princesses of Deviluke and the youngest among the three sisters. While she is adorable and nice, when infuriated, she can be a sadistic monster. She is given a loveable, cute appearance with her short pink hair and purple eyes.

    Momo has a thing for Rito, and behind her kind-hearted and innocent personality, there is a perverted self. She usually keeps this side a secret and often fantasizes about twisted situations with Rito.

    She would strip half-naked and sneak up onRito at night because he would twist and stir in his sleep and become somewhat frisky. However, she doesn’t want to be kissed by Rito in his sleep and would accept it only when he wants to – a pervert with a loving heart!

    She is lustful but not maniacal and doesn’t seem to mind Rito’s other lovers as long as she can have him for herself. With time, she does start to question whether she would be happy sharing him with other girls!

    Tomoki Sakurai –  Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property)

    Tomoki Sakurai -  Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property)

    Tomoki Sakurai is a simple young man who wishes to live a calm and normal life. After an accidental encounter with a fallen female humanoid with wings, however, everything changes. Ikaros  is a character from the Synapse universe.

    She is his servant, and more of these animals arrive shortly after, hailing Tomoki as their master. His ideal existence of peace and quiet is absent, but he doesn’t seem to mind because there are a lot of pleasant additions.

    Tomoki is a shameless pervert, and this behavior has been bolstered by his mother and grandfather. He used to have a recurring dream where he would see himself meet an angel. This childhood dream became a reality when Ikaros arrived, and his life changed for the better.

    However, despite his lecherous habits, he is generally seen to be a kind and sincere young man. He doesn’t necessarily misuse the fallen angels serving him. In fact, he taught them to behave like humans and told them not to be focused on being blindly obedient to him. Tomoki could use a device that could transform him into a girl whenever he wanted!

    In short, Tomoki was nothing terribly disgusting, and his perversions aside, he was quite a likable fellow.

    Rias – High School DxD

    Rias - High School DxD

    While we were talking about Issei, we told you what High School DxD is all about. RiasGremory was the main female protagonist and the Gremory Clan’s heiress. When Issei was stabbed, she was one of the prettiest females on college and resurrected him.

    This lovely young lady was one of Issei’s fiancées and is proven to be sympathetic and gentle. Anger, on the other hand, has a negative impact on her, and the fiery part of her personality is terrifying. When others show any evidence of brutality, she is horrified and will go to any length to exact vengeance.

    She is smitten by Issei, and just like any other girl her age, she gets jealous when others try to flirt with him. It wouldn’t be fair to tag her as a pervert, but she enjoyed seducing Issei whenever she could.

    She would flash him at times and sleep naked with him on several occasions. She is gorgeous with a perfect physique, and it was fan-service for the viewers when she stripped for her lover! While there were other complexities to her character, she was mainly used to lure the viewer into being engrossed with the show. Her teasing attires and suggestive scenes are testimony to this attempt by the makers.

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