6 Anime To Watch If You Love Haikyuu

    The anime shows how it feels to like a sport and the eagerness to learn it. The anime will present us with the passion and zeal that the characters have for the sport. Volleyball’s exciting style has entranced Shouyou Hinata from the moment he has seen the “Little Giant” display his excellent abilities on the field. He tried to become a volleyball player during one middle school competition. To his disappointment, it didn’t work out. He wants to show that his average height is no longer an obstacle to playing the sport. He wants people to see his dedication to the game. 

    Hinata thinks that his dream of becoming a pro volleyball player can come true when he enlists at Karasuno High School, which is the Little Giant’s former school. The genius who embarrassed Hinata’s junior high volleyball team in an embarrassing defeat has now become his teammate, and he is supposed to play with him in harmony. but Hinata’s belief isn’t swayed until he discovers that the school barely preserves a semblance of its past greatness.

    Hinata needs to resolve his issues with Kageyama if he is willing to make an impact in the world of volleyball, which is frequently seen as the province of people with tall and powerful personalities. Hinata won’t be able to seriously compete in the race to the summit unless he understands what it needs to work as a team.

    The anime takes after a manga series. The television adaptation involves a high sports spirit. The twist and turns of the storyline make it more binge-able. The series is a perfect fit for sports lovers, as it shows the teamwork and hard work it takes to play. The television series comprises a total of 25 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes each. The anime is streaming on platforms like- Netflix and Crunchyroll.

    1. Ahiru no Sora

    Ahiru no Sora

    Ahiru no Sora is another anime that deals with the same concept of sportsmen overcoming barriers in order to play their favorite sport. Sora Kurumatani has dealt with his low height ever since he first fell in with the sport. due to his lack of what is regarded to be the most crucial attribute in basketball- a good height- he is not able to play well. Having lost this advantageous component, Sora’s persistent determination prevented him from allowing his diminutive size to limit his playing skills. Instead, he believed fairly in giving it his all strength and diligently practiced to demonstrate his prowess.

    Sora enrolls in Kuzuryuu High School with the intention of fulfilling his mother’s wishes by joining the basketball team and giving tournament performance his all. Sora is unhappy to learn that the boys’ basketball squad is merely a hangout for posers who don’t care about the game. Sora also discovers that the famous Hanazono brothers, Momoharu and Chiaki, who he gets to know, have likewise lost their youthful enthusiasm for playing.

    Sora confronts the boys in a game of basketball, where he easily defeats the gang with his good footwork and rapid actions. Sora is desperate to resuscitate the basketball squad. The boys surprisingly experience their decayed enthusiasm for basketball reigniting as a result of Sora’s remarkable talents, hard work and effort, and unwavering dedication to the sport.

    The anime shows us how with team work and passion all obstacles can be handled. It is an amazing fit for those who are into sports, and love watching and playing. The anime leaves us feeling enthusiastic and excited. The television adaptation is based on a manga and has a total of 50 questions. The recently released anime is binge-able owing to its short duration per episode- only 24 minutes. The anime is available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

    2. Kuroko No Basket

    Kuroko No Basket

    The anime follows the story of a successful basketball team, which faces a crisis as the team members decide to part ways. Together with its storied team, the “Generation of Miracles,” Teikou Junior High has controlled the national basketball arena for the the past three seasons. The squad was made up of five sports prodigies who thrived, however, a “Mystery Sixth Man” lingered in the darkness and contributed to the team’s renown. He was the secret of the team’s victory for the past three consecutive years.  Their enormous development ultimately led them away from the sport they adored and forced them to part ways in high school. Now as the previous team has parted, a new team is in the process of formation. 

    The Seirin High School basketball team is looking for new players, so Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko, two rookies who appear to have quite different skill sets, are recruited. Kagami, who recently moved back from the United States, possesses a raw talent and an unwavering passion for the game. Kuroko, on the other hand, lacks stature and doesn’t show any exceptional athletic ability. He subsequently turns out to be Teikou’s Mysterious Sixth Man, a former member of the group Generation of Miracles.

    Kuroko wishes to demonstrate to the Seirin squad that he is a powerful individual in his own right. Kuroko, who shares Kagami’s commitment, joins forces with him to establish a powerful alliance, offering to serve as Kagami’s “shadow” and assist his “light.” They hope to win the forthcoming Inter high tournament with the help of their fresh Seirin comrades, but the strategy becomes complicated by the arrival of Kuroko’s old teammates.

    The anime shows us the zeal of the teammates, and how it feels when old players leave the team. It touches an emotional note on the sports world. The anime follows a manga. The television series which aired has a total of 25 episodes with a runtime of 24 minutes per episode. The anime is perfect for the lovers of sports and those who are passionate about basketball. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

    3. Diamond no Ace

    Diamond no Ace

    Another anime that deals with failures, and how overcoming them paves better ways for the players. In his last junior high baseball game, Eijun Sawamura lost due to a wild pitch that completely overlooked the batter. Eijun and his colleagues make a promise to themselves after this setback to compete in the national competition as soon as they enter in high school. But all transforms when a surprise invitation to Tokyo’s elite Seidou High School comes from a coach who recognizes the talent in his unorthodox pitching technique. Eijun takes the proposal after encouragement from his friends. He is eager to sharpen his abilities and play sports at a significantly higher competition level.

    Eijun, though, is finding it difficult to fit in the team as so many talented players now encircle him. He promises that he’s going to take over as the team’s hero eventually, but only when his rookie Satoru Furuya, whose lightning-quick fastballs have already earned him a slot on the starting rotation, fails to do so initially. The Seidou baseball team strives to be the greatest in Japan with the introduction of these brilliant newbies to an existing potent lineup, competing against a multitude of worthy opponents who impede their progress.

    The anime shows team spirit and love for fans. The anime follows the manga. The season aired in 2015, consisting of 75 episodes, with a runtime of 24 minutes each episode. The anime is a great pick for those who are invested in sports. The anime has been released on platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix.

    4. Run With The Wind

    Run With The Wind

    The anime follows the life events of a notorious student who has been accused of stealing. Kakeru Kurahara, a former Sendai Josei High School all-star runner, is dragged out of a grocery store for theft. He encounters Haiji Kiyose, a former classmate from his college, after escaping his pursuit. Kakeru’s quickness impresses Haiji, who convinces him to move into the run-down flat with him, where Haiji lives with eight other kids. Kakeru takes the opportunity hesitantly because he squandered his whole apartment security deposit at a gambling establishment.

    At Kakeru’s welcome celebration, Haiji makes a shocking admission. He reveals that the flat is truly the dormitory for the Kansei University Track Club. He reveals his prime goal, which is to compete in one of Japan’s foremost prestigious collegiate marathon relay events- the Hakone Ekiden. Regrettably, all of the locals—aside from Haiji and Kakeru—are total beginners at running. So much worse, nobody in the community has the slightest desire to participate in Haiji’s ludicrous scheme! Now it comes on the senior year student to persuade them differently when just months are left before the cut-off. He has to fulfill his unattainable ambition of competing in the Hakone Ekiden.

    The anime shows us how a person can get off track, and it is always possible to come back to the right path. It is never too late. The anime is all about harmony and zeal to persuade one’s dream. The anime is based on a novel. The television series was released in 2019 and consists of a total of 23 episodes. For those who are into sports, the anime will suit their best interest. The anime is accessible on platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE.

    5. Baby Steps

    Baby Steps

    The anime narrates a story of a boy slowly falling in love with playing Tennis. What started as a mere exercise for Eiichirou Maruo, turns into a passion as he meets more people. As he keeps playing Tennis, he begins to like it more and more and makes it a part of his daily routine.  Eiichirou is a hardworking and meticulous honor student, who is resolved to work out a little extra during his limited spare time since he has started to get concerned about his fitness. In order to do so, he joins the Southern Tennis Club at the start of his junior year as a result of spotting a flier for it. in the club, he meets people who shift his interests. 

    He encounters Natsu Takasaki, a fellow first-year learner, following his free trial at the club. She is driven to become a professional tennis player owing to her passion for the game. Eiichirou, on the other hand, lives a study-centered lifestyle since he feels that this is something he must do, not so much because he likes it. But as he continues to engage in playing tennis and is more attracted by it, his routine days begin to change.

    The anime further introduces us to the character of Euiichirou and his intense hard working ways. Through his determination, he excels in the sport of Tennis and continues to play with them. Slowly, his performance becomes better and better and he is counted as one of the excellent players of the club.

    The anime is all about passion and hard work. The anime focuses on the spirit of a sports person. The high schooler’s story is inspiring in a healthy way. It follows a manga. The television adaptation which aired in 2014, has a total of 25 episodes, of 24 minutes per episode. For now, the anime is only accessible on Crunchyroll.

    6. SK8 the Infinity

    SK8 the Infinity

    SK8 is a story for all the skateboarders out there. The anime reveals a lot about the sport- of skateboarding and the dangerous competition. The protagonist Reki Kyan, a high school student, is devoted to skateboarding. For his passion when it gets dark, he goes to “S,” an illicit subsurface competition where skaters face extreme danger within a mine. The situation has changed now and Reki is unable to practice at all following a defeat that leaves his hand injured and his skateboard in a total mess.

    Reki meets Langa Hasegawa, a fresh classmate who shares a shared identity of half Canadian and half Japanese. he has never skateboarded before when he is at his job. Money is absolutely necessary for Langa. After visiting “S” together as instructed by Reki’s boss, both of them get into problems and are pressured into a wager that calls for Langa to participate in a competition. But nobody knows about the real personality of the new kid. He holds a trump card about which no one is aware, let alone Reki. Using the card, it won’t be a big deal for Reki to win the race without much trouble.

    The anime is all about practice and competition. It represents a competitive feeling and the zeal to win. The anime resonates with all those who love skateboarding and for those as well who are looking forward to learning. The anime is an original television series consisting of a total of 12 episodes. The duration of 23 minutes per episode makes it binge-worthy. The anime can be accessed on many streaming platforms like- Wakanim, Bahamut Anime crazy, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Bilibili.

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