As Good As Dead, Not A Long Shot

    Elftwin Films’ Dave Reda is the brand-new contributor to cinema’s zombie world with his short film ‘As Good As Dead’ being released worldwide to festivals. Reda has worked with Ashley Mary Nunes, Dani Sciacca, and Jeffrey Damnit on this film. The poster features a catchy line leading up to the title: “You’re either the good, the dead, or… as good as dead”.

    A Secretive One

    The trailer has featured the archetypical blonde beauty, scared and running for her life from zombies while only increasing number and storming the building. Dave has made sure to make the trailer as captivating as possible without giving anything away from the plotline, a tactic that many modern-day filmmakers could do with.

    Classic Genre, Classical Music

    The film plans to give fans of the classic zombie mayhem filled experience with great 80s music thrown in, Reda has claimed. The best part about the trailer seems to be how Reda has given a modern spin to the film while letting it remain the epitome of a vivid, gory tale of the undead.

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