12 Best, Dark & Ultra Violent Episodes Of The Original Transformers Cartoon – Explored

    Generation 1 of the Transformers animated series, which was created and recorded in America, was one of the year’s top programs. The idea of turning robots into fantastic vehicles, jets, and other machinery was admired and liked by many. Beginning on September 17, 1984, the first season ran for four seasons before coming to a close on November 9, 1987.

    Sunbow and Marvel productions created the series, which was influenced by the toy line offered by the Hasbro corporation. The Autobots and Decepticons, two Cybertronian races, engaged in a continual war in the television series. Sometimes, their ongoing conflict went too far and turned out to be excessively aggressive and violent. We will discuss twelve of these situations in today’s video where the robots engage in extremely vicious combat. Let us start now.

    Optimus Sacrifices Himself To Protect The Humans – Divide and Conquer  [Season 1 Ep5]

    Optimus Sacrifices Himself To Protect The Humans - Divide and Conquer  [Season 1 Ep5]

    The fifth episode of the first season, titled “Divide and Conquer,” which was written by Donald F. Glut, aired on October 20, 1984. One of Optimus Prime’s most gruesome sacrifices was shown in the episode. The highly intellectual Chip Chase, an ally of the Autobots and buddy of Spike Witwicky, introduces the episode. Chip is assisting authorities in creating weapons to use against Decepticons.

    The Decepticon seekers arrive and burst inside the factory as Chip begins his study. They quickly ransacked the area and started to zap the factory’s energy. Chip is left with no choice except to alert the Autobots that he is in trouble. Optimus Prime and Spike are looking for any signs of a Decepticon space bridge in the meantime. When Optimus saw Chip’s distress signal, their search was in vain. The remaining Autobots at the Ark are informed and move quickly to the plant when Optimus has informed them.

    First to arrive, Optimus fights with the three Decepticons. While Optimus strives to protect the humans from harm, the Deceptions are brutal. One of the supercomputers is struck by a stray shot from the Deceptions, which triggers a severe meltdown. Observing the overloaded computer, Optimus understood the power of the impending explosion. He immediately tries to protect the people and engages the explosion head-on.

    The blast severely weakens Prime and causes fatal damage to his circuits. The Decepticons intensify their assault after realising Prime’s condition and eventually succeed in knocking him out. The other Autobots from the Ark show up and save Optimus, preventing them from fully eliminating him. Later in the episode, Prime’s damage is revealed to be so severe that the Autobots and Chase needed to travel to Cybertron to purchase a new Cosmitron in order to restart Prime.

    Optimus Prime Goes Full Berserk To Stop Decepticons – The Ultimate Doom (S01 Ep 8,9 & 10)

    Optimus Prime Goes Full Berserk To Stop Decepticons - The Ultimate Doom (S01 Ep 8,9 & 10)

    Season 1, episode 8, which aired on November 3, 1984, marked the start of the three-part narrative titled “The Ultimate Doom.” The plot, as it was created by Dick Robbins, Bryce Malek, Douglas Booth, and Larry Strauss, showed just one of the Decepticons’ several attempts to obtain absolute power. However, an evil human scientist named Doctor Arkeville helped the Decepticons this time.

    The plot opens with Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp of the Decepticons attacking a solar power facility on India’s Malabar Coast. Wheeljack, Jazz, and Sunstreaker arrive on the scene and confront the Decepticons under the leadership of Optimus Prime. Although the Autobots soon gained the upper hand, the fight was merely a distraction schemed by Megatron.

    Megatron closely watched the battle remotely with Dr. Arkeville and ordered Soundwave to begin phase two of Operation Guinea pig. While Optimus and the others engaged themselves fighting at Malabar Coast, Rumble and Ravage attacked the Autobot headquarters. While the remaining Autobots tried defending themselves against Rumble, Laserbeak flew in and kidnapped SparkPlug.

    Once Sparkplug is taken, the Decepticons from the Malabar coast and the Autobot headquarters retreat. Sparkplug is brought to the Decepticon headquarters, where Doctor Arkville plants a hypo chip on Sparkplug. With the help of the hypnochip, Dr. Arkville and the Decepticons could gain full control over their subjects, and so they transformed Sparkplug into one of their slaves.

    The Autobots soon arrived and saved Sparkplug, but with the chip inside him, Sparkplug was one of the Decepticons. When taken to the Autobot headquarters, Sparkplug started behaving oddly. He even used his skills to jam the Autobot’s circuitry. He also sabotaged Teletran I and revealed their location to the Decepticons, and launched a surprise attack. With the Autobots malfunctioning, the Decepticons would have nearly wiped if Spike would not switch on the fire-retardant foam on time, clogging Decepticon weapons.

    Upon having their weapons offline, Megatron and the Decepticons returned along with Sparkplug. Megatron then finally reveals his plan of bringing Cybertron into the Earth’s atmosphere. This would create a massive surge of natural disasters on Earth, but obviously, that’s not Megatron’s worry, and he plans on harvesting the destructive energy to become all-powerful. Finally, when the moment arrived, the Autobots tried stopping the Decepticons.

    Optimus Primes takes Megatron head-on, and after exchanging a few blows, Megatron manipulates Optimus to press the final and bring their home planet to life. As Cybertron arrived, storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes broke out on different parts of Earth, while Arkville kept making slaves out of humans to help Megatron gather energy for Cybertron. Meanwhile, the Autobots sent the Dinobots to prevent as much destruction as possible to Earth.

    Optimus learns that Sparkplug has been sent to Cybertron and assigns Wheeljack, Brawn, Trailbreaker, and Bumblebee to take Spike and free Sparkplug from the Decepticons and their Hypnochip. They find Sparkplug, who instantly summons the Decepticons. Shockwave and Soundwave arrive, but Starfire’s assistance defeats them. They also managed to free Sparkplug using Wheeljack’s newly made device capable of rendering the hypnochip useless. On Earth, Megatron oversees the loading of a shuttle with Energon cubes when the Autobots arrive.

    Megatron escapes with the Energon while Earth is on the verge of getting destroyed. Spike stated that only if Cybertron could be removed from Earth’s orbit, all the calamities and dangers could be averted. However, relocating Cybertron would require a lot of concussive force, and so Prime asked everyone to shoot Megatrin’s ship as he is escaping with a lot of Energon. Soon they succeeded in doing so, and the massive explosion removed Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit.

    Megatron Challenges Optimus To Death battle – Heavy Metal War [Season 1 Ep14]

    Megatron Challenges Optimus To Death battle - Heavy Metal War [Season 1 Ep14]

    The next on our list is from the “Heavy Metal” story aired on December 15, 1984. Written by Donald F. Glut, the episode showcased an ultimate battle between the two opposing leaders: Optimus Prime and Megatron. As the Decepticons are known for their deceiving nature, Megatron again plans to destroy the Autobots using his tricks. He steals an energy conversion device with the aid of his Constructions, which he had made out of scraps. The machine helped him absorb the power chip rectifiers from his Decepticon warriors.

    Megatron then challenges Optimus Prime for a one-on-one battle as honoured by the Cybertronian Laws. Whoever lost the battle would have to leave earth with his army and settle somewhere in deep space. Optimus accepted the challenge and assured his army of his victory. Megatron instructed his Constructicons to locate Teletran I and destroy it as it could identify the different power chips in Megatron.

    The two sides finally meet and get ready for their royal duel fight. Optimus is confident, while Megatron now has the power of all his Decepticon warriors. Optimus soon gets overwhelmed by Megatron’s might and accepts defeat. Meanwhile, the Constructicons have located Teletran I and have entered the lab. Luckily the Dinobots guarding it get the intruder alert and stop the Decepticon forces.

    The Constructicons are combiners, and they merge to form a huge Decepticon robot, Devastator. While the Dinobots struggle with Devastator, Optimus and the Autobots learn about Megatron’s cheating from Teletran I. Devastator is too strong and cannot be defeated, and so Hound distracts him with a hologram of an Autobot even bigger than Devastator.

    The plan distracts Devastator and Optimus takes a clean shot at him, dismantling him into the Constructicons. The Dinobots handle the rest and push them into lava. The remaining Autobots do the same for Megatron and his Decepticons and drop them all into molten lava.

    Optimus Prime clone Try To Destroy Autobots  – A Prime Problem [Season 2 Ep8]

    Optimus Prime clone Try To Destroy Autobots  - A Prime Problem [Season 2 Ep8]

    Amongst many tricks and schemes of Megatron, this one is about destroying every single Autobot with the help of Prime’s clone. Season 2 Episode 8 was written by Dick Robbins and Bryce Malek and named ‘A Prime Problem’. The episode was aired on October 2, 1985, and began with the Decepticons discovering an Earth crevasse filled with Korlonium crystals which are lethal to electric circuits even with the slightest contact. Megatron sets up their temporary base nearby and waits for the Autobots to arrive.

    The Autobots soon intercept the heat signatures of the crystals and reach the spot only to get ambushed by the Decepticons. While the Autobots fought the Decepticons, Laserbeak scanned Prime’s visuals from all angles and sent them to Megatron, who used them to create a clone of Optimus out of his clone synthesizer. The clone looked exactly like Optimus and even had identical attributes. While Optimus got knocked out in the fight, the clone joined the Autobots and went back to their base.

    At the base, the clone failed to gain access to Teletran I and even addresses Ironhide as BumbleBee. Before the clone could create any further suspicion, the real Optimus arrived at the base. Not only the Autobots but even Teletran, I failed to spot any difference between the two primes. They conducted a few tests based on skills and speed, but the two Primes were equal. The tests took a halt as Teletran I reported an increase in thermal activity from the crevasse. Ironhide declared that till the real Prime is identified, he will be taking charge as a leader.

    Once they reached the crevasse, the Decepticons ambushed them, and the fight began between the two sides. Meanwhile, to make the clone win everyone’s trust, Megatron planned to sacrifice a clone of Starscream in the hands of the Optimus clone. However, before he could complete Starscream escaped Megatron’s base, thinking he would be sacrificed. He was later brought back by Laserbeak and spotted by Spike and Windcharger, who followed them to the Decepticon base. The two learned about Megatron’s plan and decided to let Autobots know of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Spike gets captured.

    The clone wins everyone’s trust after killing Starscream and asks everyone to follow him to the crevasse before Windcharger arrives and tells them the story. He also tells them that Spike has been captured by Megatron, which the clone ignores while the real one is ready to save him first. This point of difference exposed the clone as Optimus would never leave a human life in danger. The clone is identified, and Megatron flies off in hopes of returning someday leaving Spike.

    The Autobots Destroyed by the sun – Megatron’s Master Plan: Part 1 & 2  [Season 2 Ep 14 & 15]

    The Autobots Destroyed by the sun - Megatron's Master Plan Part 1 & 2  [Season 2 Ep 14 & 15]

    Transformers season 2 episodes 14 and 15 showcased another brutal attempt by Megatron to destroy every Autobot. The story stretching across two episodes is titled ‘Megatron’s Master Plan and was first aired on October 14, 1985. Written by Donald F. Glut, the story begins with the Mayor of Central City inaugurating a new solar tower. Things seemed normal with people applauding and the Mayor giving his speech, but it was short-lived as the Decepticon forces consisting of Starscream, Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet arrive to steal the tower’s energy.

    The tower did not have any power yet, and they simply started destroying the place upon seeing it. The guards came out in their tanks but were easily destroyed by the Decepticons. With no other option in hand, the Mayor signalled the Autobots. The Autobot forces led by Optimus arrive and manage to get rid of the Decepticons easily, after which the Mayor decides to honour them at City Hall.

    Shawn Berger, who was the opposing Mayor, watches all these events back at his office with regret and asks all his guards to leave him alone. A strange cassette on his table transforms into Laserbeak who takes Shawn Berger to Megatron. Megatron schemes with Shawn and tells him that the Decepticons are the real good guys and the Autobots are the villains. They take him to an oil field where Optimus and the other Autobots are seen stealing energy for their Energon cubes. Berger films this.

    The next day when the entire city prepares to celebrate Autobot day, Beger manages to broadcast the video he had taken, where the Autobots appear to steal energy. The entire city then starts despising the Autobots, and they are asked to leave. The Autobots retreat to their base, where they are soon visited by Mayor and Berger’s private army and arrested. The Autobots and the Decepticons were then taken to court, and the trial favoured the Decepticons.

    Meanwhile, Spike escapes and seeks to investigate the case and finds out that the video showcasing Autobots stealing energy were actually Decepticons in disguise. Back at the court, the Autobots are proved guilty and are asked to leave Earth once and for all. The same night the Autobots are forced to take a shuttle and leave Earth for Cybertron. While their shuttle takes off, Megatron, who then had access to Teletran I, used it to reprogram the rocket course for a one-way trip to the sun. Back on Earth, Spike produces the evidence to the Mayor while Megatron declares at a press conference that he will be ruling Earth and everyone should help the Decepticons gather energy for him.

    Things started getting grim as the Autobots were soon about to bombard the sun and on Earth, the humans were transformed into Decepticon slaves. However, the Autobots escape through a narrow margin, owing to Trailbreaker’s forcefield, and start their journey to Earth. Upon reaching Earth, Optimus assembles all members of the Autobots for an epic battle against the Decepticon forces, including the Insecticons and Constructicons. They finally win, and the Decepticons are made to retreat.

    Autobots and Decepticons Accidentally Back Into Medieval Times – A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court  [Season 2 Ep 22]

    Autobots and Decepticons Accidentally Back Into Medieval Times - A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court  [Season 2 Ep 22].

    The story begins with Warpath and Hoist battling against Starscream, Rumble, Ravage, and Ramjet. After a while, the Decepticons decide to retreat due to their low energy. Sensing signals of energy, Rumble and the other Decepticons enter a cave where they accidentally get transported to Britain in 543 AD. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Sir Wigend Blackthorn and knights who believe that they are Knights of an enemy realm. Wigend was battling against Sir Aetheling , and the Decepticons agreed their support to him. Spike, Warpath, and Hoist also time travel and they reach the same place. Aethling decided to settle his differences with Wigend over a jousting tournament.

    All this while Starscream seek to rule the land on his own and so he used this opportunity to kidnap Aethling’s daughter Nimue and threatened Aethling to give up his realm. The Autobots chased him but failed due to their critical loss of energy. Starscream held Nimue captive in Wigend’s castle and made the residents construct a primitive battery capable of charging him and the Decepticons.

    Soon a war between Decepticons and Autobots engaged, but the Decepticons had an upper edge as the Autobots were running low on energy. A medieval wizard, Beorht had been observing everything and decided to help the Autobots by summoning lighting onto them and charging Warpath and Hoist, who easily take down Starscream’s power dynamo and defeat the Decepticons. Written by Douglas Booth, the episode was aired on October 24, 1985

    The Decepticons Endanger The Earth By Drilling Into Its Core – The Core [Season 2 Ep 24]

    The Decepticons Endanger The Earth By Drilling Into Its Core - The Core [Season 2 Ep 24]

    Season 2 Episode 24, titled ‘The Core’, first aired on October 29, 1985, and showcased yet another clash between the Cybertronian races: Autobots and Decepticons, where the Megatron planned on drawing energy from the Earth’s core leading to permanent destruction of the planet. Written by Dennis Mark, the story begins at an underground cavern near a waterfall where the Constructicons are digging a massive drill to tap into the Earth’s molten core as per Megatron’s instructions. While driving through the area, Jazz, Prowl, Gears, Mirage, and Sunstreaker discover something unusual with the course of a river and find the Constructicons nearby.

    They try investigating the scenario, but the Constructicons combine into Devastator and attack the Autobots. While the Autobots are engaged in battle, Mirage goes invisible and discovers what the Decepticons are up to. He later joins the group and manages to escape with them after distracting Devastator and taking him down. Back at the Autobot base, they learn from Teletran I that drilling to the core might lead to the total annihilation of the planet.

    In hopes of stopping the Decepticons, Wheeljack and Chip Chase create a device known as dominator risks which, if placed on every Constructicons, would give Prime control of Devastator. The Autobots reach the drilling site, and Ironhide freezes the water causing the drill to heat up. Prime manages to place the dominator risks on the Constructicons. Megatron claimed to be aware of all Autobot tactics and ordered the Constructicons to combine and form Devastator.

    Devastator attacks Prime, but Wheeljack activates the disks to gain control over him, who is now attacking the Decepticons. Megatron orders his troops to enter the cave which soon gets sealed by Devastator. While the Autobots believed they had stopped the Decepticons, Megatron had plans of his own. He stated that he has a device to override Autobot control over Devastator and also enough water to continue drilling in hiding.

    At the Autobot base, they encounter an earthquake. They sense the ongoing drilling and rush to the site. Being aware of their arrival, Megatron used his control switches to override Wheeljack’s dominator risks on Devastator, who then started attacking the Autobots.

    Wheeljack further boosted his controls, making Devastator go crazy and attack Decepticons and Autobots. Finally, when the drill hits the core, Earth starts getting unstable. Megatron and the Decepticons plan on fleeing the site using their space bridge but are stopped by Prime, who convinces Megatron to give Devastator’s control switch to Wheeljack. Devastator is brought back to normal and then destroys the drill and stops Earth from getting annihilated.

    Astrotrain and Blitzwing manipulate Starscream Try To Kill Megatron  – Triple Takeover  [Season 2 Ep 36]

    Astrotrain and Blitzwing manipulate Starscream Try To Kill Megatron  - Triple Takeover  [Season 2 Ep 36]

    Unlike most cases where the Autobots and the Decepticons engage in battle amongst themselves, Season 2, Episode 36 revolved around a Decepticon civil war. The episode was first aired on November 19, 1985, and was written by Larry Strauss. The story begins with Starscream, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain carving their faces along with Megatron’s on a mountain. The three agree on removing Megatron’s face and joining hands in overthrowing Megatron. While returning to their base, three plan out who will lead Megatron into a trap.

    Blitzwing and Astrotrain manipulates Starscream who agreed to lead Megatron into a trap. He took Megatron into the sewers claiming that there had been some Autobot energy reading, after which the door closed around him. Megatron realizes that it was a trap but gets frozen while Starscream tries to escape. Starscream soon realized that his allies also knocked the doors on him.

    Without Starscream and Megatron, Astrotrain and Blitzwing became the joint leaders of Decepticons. The two leaders created havoc and inflicted chaos and destruction on the cities. Optimus and the Autobots become aware of the situation and locate two Decepticons, Megatron, and Starscream, in a tunnel. Optimus arrives at the tunnel but does not attack them and instead looks for the leaders of the Decepticons.

    This infuriated Megatron as he had always called himself the leader of the Decepticons. The pair confront Blitzwing and Astrotrain, but by then, Devastator has also become one of the contenders to the throne of Decepticon leadership. A battle royal emerged between Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, and Devastator, from which Megatron came out victorious. He decided to spare his comrades as the Decepticons’ cause is superior to their petty fights.

    Decepticons Have Resurrected A Headless Guardian Robot – War Dawn [Season 2 Ep 44]

    Decepticons Have Resurrected A Headless Guardian Robot - War Dawn [Season 2 Ep 44]

    Written by David Wise, the next on our list is ‘War Dawn’ or Season 2 episode 4. The episode was first aired on December 25, 1985, and began with Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker escaping with a few human dignitaries. They are chased by the Aerialbots, who soon outmanoeuvre them and save the humans. The Decepticons and Megatron are annoyed upon losing their air supremacy and plan to send the Aerialbots back in time. Meanwhile, the Autobots get onboard Omega Supreme and plan on visiting Cybertron after detecting strange signals from it. When Megatron learns about this, he makes up his own plan.

    Back in Cybertron, Megatron has a time machine called the Kronosphere, and all they need to do is get the Autobots to fall for their trap. When the Autobots reach Cybertron, they are attacked by Starscream, who later agrees on a truce and leads the Aerialbots into Megatron’s Kronosphere. Before they could realize the trap, Megatron activates Kronosphere and the Aerialbots are sent 9 million years back into the past during Cybertron’s Golden Age. Optimus tries stopping the machine but fails. The Decepticons retreat while Optimus orders the machine to be repaired. The Aerialbots arrive at a different Cybertron, which is bright and full of life.

    There they met a boy named Orion Pax and his friends Dion and Ariel. They also find younger versions of Megatron, Shockwave, and Soundwave, who all are highly admired by Orion and his friends. While unloading the ships, Orion is visited by Megatron, who mercilessly kills him and his friends to steal energy. Aerialbots find the dead boy and a moustache figure who they convince to repair Orion.

    At present, Optimus and the Autobots are trying to repair Kronosphere while the Decepticons engage in reactivating a headless Guardian Robot that Shockwave has just discovered. Back in the past, Orion Pax was recovered and given the name Optimus Prime who then took out the entire Decepticon front line. Things oddly looked in favour of the Decepticons as they managed to gain their superiority both in the past and the present.

    The headless Guardian robot is immensely powerful and gave the Autobots a tough time, while in the past, the Aerialbots were cornered and trapped by the Decepticons. However, Wheeljack managed to repair Kronosphere on time, which helped them bring back the Aerialbots. Upon arrival, the Aerialbots combined to form Superior and defeat the Guardian robot. The AerialBots narrate their experiences and Optimus thanks them for saving him.

    Five Faces of Darkness [Season 3 Ep 1 to 5]

    Five Faces of Darkness [Season 3 Ep 1 to 5]

    Written by Flint Dille, ‘Five faces of Darkness ‘stretched over five episodes in season 3. The first episode was aired on September 15, 1986, and showcased a brief period of peace for the Autobots after defeating Unicron. Autobots have reclaimed Cybertron leaving the Decepticons to fight amongst each other for Energon on a planet known as Chaar. While they fight over a few Energon cubes brought by Astrotrain, Cyclonus realizes the need to reform the Decepticons.

    The Galactic Olympics are soon to arrive where Blurr wants to participate but is sent to Autobot city on Earth to deliver the new transformation cog for Metroplex by Wheelie. The competition is soon sabotaged by a Skuxxoid who detonated the Olympic flame, raining smoke and also released a few Sharkticons. The Autobots fight back but fail to prevent Spike, Kup, and Ultra Magnus from getting kidnapped. Rodimus Prime tried stopping the Skuxxoid spaceship but failed, while Arcee and Springer set off to find a spaceship to pursue.

    On the other hand, the Decepticons get access to Unicorns’ memory banks and deduce that their once leader Galvatron is still alive. Springer and Arcee follow the Sukuxxoid ship and attack it. Skuxxoid manages to escape in a smaller ship and calls in his benefactor to confirm that the Autobots do suspect the Decepticons of this incident. Back on Char, the Decepticons, confident in their leader’s survival, mustered the courage to attack Rodimus Prime and Grimlock. The Skuxxoid ship, now commanded by Springer and Arcee arrives and rescues Rodimus and Grimlock.

    The Decepticons let them escape as they now have greater plans, such as finding Galvatron. Rodimus is badly injured and repeats calling Springer. Arcee deduced that Rodimus wanted Springer to lead the Autobots while Rodimus’s life force slowly disappeared. It later seemed that Rodimus was going through a trippy journey where he realized that it was not the Decepticons but the Quintessons who kidnapped Spike and others.

    On Quintessa, Spike, Magnus, and Kup are given death sentences, while on Thrull, Cyclonus sends Scourge to pull out Galvatron from the plasma pool. Driven insane by the plasma, Galvatron attacks them all but later calms down after Scourge talks him down. On Quintessa, the Autobots rescue their friends while the Quitessons, obsessed over destroying the Matrix, destroy their own world and watch it from a distance.

    Autobots however manage to escape the blast. Galvatron learns about the current developments and decides to punish humans. Blurr and Wheelie spot Galvatron near the solar system and warn Outpost One which Galvatron easily destroys. Wheelie and Blur flee to planet Jupiter, but Galvatron attacks them with massive explosions disrupting both their transformation cogs.

    The Quintessons soon ally with the Decepticons. The Autobots are stuck on a Goo planet where the gum-like ground prevents them from leaving. The Decepticons soon arrive and open fire on the Autobots. Galvatron is not happy with Quintessons and plans on punishing them. He finds the Quintessons’ ship and attacks them and finally spares them after they offer him the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership.

    A battle breaks out between Decepticons and Autobots both at Cybertron and on Earth. The Decepticons later realized that the Quintessons lied to Galvatron and they do not have the Decepticon Matrix. To make things worse, the Quintessons are planning to make the Sharkticons pull a large switch capable of deactivating transformers all over the galaxy. All this was figured out by Blitzwing, who tried reasoning it with Galvatron. Galvatron didn’t care a bit and beat up Blitzwing. With no other choice in hand, Blitzwing joined the Autobots. Together they stopped the Sharkticons, and Blitzwing even attacked Galvatron to save Rodimus

    The Return of Optimus Prime (S03 E29 & 30)

    The Return of Optimus Prime (S03 E29 & 30)

    Season 3 episodes 29 and 30 were aired on February 24th and 25th in, 1987. The story titled ‘The Return of Optimus Prime’ was written by Cherie Wilkerson and Marv Wolfman. The story revolves around an evil scientist, Gregory Swofford, who tries to use Prime’s body to lure every Transformer to his lab and infect them with a deadly sunspore virus that would instill hatred amongst them and make them kill each other.

    Gregory flashbacks to a fight between Optimus and Megatron that resulted in an explosion of chemicals, causing him a scar on his face. He is joined by Jessica Morgan, who later tries to save Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, Galvatron learns about Prime’s body and tries his own ways to get hold of it. The Autobots arrive at the lab when Prime’s body is kept while Rodimus warns everyone not to touch any red dust. With the scientists missing, they realized that it was a trap and the red dust soon got scattered around the Autobots.

    The infected Autobots go crazy on each other and fight while Galvatron arrives looking for Prime’s body. The hate plague soon started spreading amongst humans. Meanwhile, Sky Lynx rescues Quintessons in exchange for his help in reviving Optimus. Optimus is revived and alerted about the current scenario. He thanks Quintesson and starts organizing what remains of his army.

    Most of the Autobots were infected except Kup, Wheelie, Blurr, Bumblebee, Steeljaw and Balster. Back at Char, Galvatron is being hunted by the infected Decepticons. Prime arrives, and Galvatron settles on an agreement to save themselves from the present bizarre scenario.

    Meanwhile, Rodimus is infected as well, and after fighting Optimus, he is knocked unconscious. Optimus then extracted the Matrix from his fallen comrade and returned to Autobot city. He asked the Quintessons to travel into the Matrix and find out solutions to stop this virus. The combined wisdom of the Matrix is finally released, which helped get the world rid of the virus.

    The Rebirth (S04 Ep 1,2 & 3)

    The Rebirth (S04 Ep 1,2 & 3)

    The last one on our list also happens to be the last season of the American series. The first episode of season 4 was aired on November 9, 1987, and the last one on November 11 of the same year. The season consisted of three episodes which were all a part of the ‘The Rebirth’ storyline. Written by David Wise, the story continues after the world is secured from the Sunspore virus.

    Things have been quiet since then, but Optimus has had visions after opening the Matrix. Goldbug, the reformed Bumblebee, informs Prime about the soon-to-arrive Decepticon forces, and Prime believes that this is an onset of a new danger. The Decepticons had arrived to steal something, after which they returned. Unable to deduce their actions, Optimus ordered everyone to get on board their ships and head for Cybertron. Upon reaching Cybertron, they learned that the Decepticons had stolen the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, the forge where the Autobots were created millions of years ago. They secured the key, but a severe volt from the plasma energy sent their ship millions of miles away into space.

    Their ship crashes on a planet named Nebulos. With their spaceship damaged the Autobots along with the Witwicky’s search for civilizations. The Autobots meet a band of Nebulan rebels who struggled against the Hive, an authoritative group of telekinetics who have enslaved Nebulos with the help of their machines. The Autobots and the Nebulans plan on allying with them and then combining to form A new breed of transformers known as the Headmaster.

    Meanwhile, the Decepticons formed their alliance with the ruthless Hive and opposed the Headmasters as Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters. Optimus merges with Vector Sigma and discovers the deadly secrets of the Plasma energy, while Zarak, the evil leader of the Hive, turns an entire Hive city into a deadly robot named Scorponok.

    With the help of Cerbros, spike managed to change the lost city of the hive into another giant robot named Fortress Maximus, who engaged in a brutal fight with Scorponok. Spike and the Nebulans manage to deactivate the plasma energy chamber after it releases a wave of energy to the sun. Vector Sigma managed to absorb all the solar energy, redirecting it to revitalize Cybertron and restoring it to its golden age.

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