Captain Sandy: A Veteran Figure From The Yachting Industry

    One of the most reputable captains in the yachting profession is Sandy Yawn, commonly known as Captain Sandy. She is also well-known for appearing on the series of Celebrity Call Center (2016), Below Deck Mediterranean (2016), and Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020).

    How was Captain Sandy’s early life?

    How was Captain Sandy's early life

    Captain Sandy always carries herself with a strong head. She is organized, driven, and always conducts herself professionally. Being a commander is her biggest mission and she takes it seriously. The caption is in control of millions of dollars aboard a boat and also in charge of the people’s lives on board. She didn’t always follow the rules and be so focused, though. 

    Because of her addiction, she said that she struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, which nearly destroyed her life. Sandy however got her life back by the middle of her twenties.

    According to Bravo, Sandy experienced a difficult upbringing while growing up in her family’s meat industry. She claimed that her family had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to walk the mile to our bus stop. Her dad was a hunter, and the family also owned 42 dogs and seven horses. They would have to maintain all the animals because they lived on six acres farm. She went on to claim that the reason why she has such a strong work ethic as an adult is because of her upbringing. She claims that the fact that she had a busy childhood contributed to her strong work ethic.

    How is Captain Sandy as a professional yachting caption?

    How is Captain Sandy as a professional yachting caption

    Born in 23 February in 1965, the 57 years old, Captain Sandy Yawn, a native of Fort Lauderdale with more than three decades of yachting expertise, is regarded as one of the best captains in the business. Yawn, a well-known super yacht skipper and industry leader, is recognized for encouraging her crew members to realize their full potential.

    Sandy was unfazed when she learned that yachting was a male-dominated industry because she had always known she wanted her work to centre around the ocean. She makes it her job to get familiar with each and every department on the ship because she is aware of the challenges that come with managing a large staff and delivering five-star service. Yawn is renowned among her admirers for her attempts to maintain a cheerful atmosphere, frequently cracking jokes with the crew. Nevertheless, she isn’t hesitant to reprimand disobedience and act as the strong supervisor required to provide charter guests the greatest possible experience.

    Who is Captain Sandy’s partner?

    Who is Captain Sandy's partner

    On Below Deck Medical, Captain Sandy rarely discusses her personal life, but from her Instagram, it’s clear that she’s in a relation with Leah Shafer who is a singer.

    The two first communicated over messaging after sliding into one other’s direct messages in 2018 and continued their conversation there before finally meeting in Los Angeles. Sandy went to Denver, Colorado, to be closer to Leah because the bond was so deep. Since then, the couple has been going strong.

    The girlfriend of Captain Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. Sandy spent considerable time concentrating on Leah’s health as her job requires her to travel internationally.

    The Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn, a Mediterranean boat captain, made an appearance at BravoCon 2019 with other Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean yachties, she opened out about her partner’s battle with cancer. Leah was in remission following a lumpectomy, Captain Sandy informed the audience that her girlfriend is now cancer-free. Leah wasn’t the only person to experience a cancer scare, though. Captain Sandy acknowledged that a lesion on her kidney discovered by physicians turned out to be stage 2 cancer. She was ultimately saved because the cancer was discovered early.

    What was Captain Sandy’s veganism journey?

    What was Captain Sandy'sveganism journey

    Sandy claimed to have eaten meat every day while growing up, so it’s unexpected that she tried switching to veganism. Sandy tried to give up eating fish after already decreasing her meat intake after being at sea and getting to know the oceans.

    Sandy stated that she was thinking about becoming vegan in a 2018 interview with The Feast because she only eats fish, and not much of it. After she briefly participated in a marine conservation effort aboard a Sea Shepherd vessel, she was further encouraged in her mission. Due to her increased awareness of the state of our planet, she became much more careful about what she ate and made an effort to avoid eating fish.

    Since there were many vegans in Los Angeles at the time Sandy came there, she was unavoidably influenced by her surroundings and believed that going vegan would be simple.

    After trying vegetarianism for a year, Sandy came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for her and that she would be better off eating fish that is sustainably caught.According to Sandy, she did pursue a vegan diet for a while, but she didn’t have the stamina and it kind of let her feel horrible. She claimed that some bodies are simply unsuited for going vegan.

    Sandy claimed that she is very relaxed about food and simply lets her girlfriend choose what they eat. She acknowledged that as a captain, she has to make decisions all the time. She does not want to pick or make a decision when she is with somebody else.

    What was Captain Sandy’s health concerns?

    What was Captain Sandy's health concerns

    When Yawn began feeling what she later knew were heart attack symptoms during a SoulCycle class, she was 49 years old and getting close to turning 50.

    Yawn claimed she first became aware that the symptoms she was experiencing were suggestive of a heart attack after hearing one of her friends, a cardiologist, discuss them.

    Yawn waited and snuck out of the area when the spin class was finished in an effort not to disrupt it. Her left arm began to tingle, so she called an Uber to take her to the hospital.

    Yawn discovered she had suffered from spontaneous coronary artery dissection or an unintentional rupture in the wall of a coronary artery.

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