Christina Hall: The Star Celebrates Her Nuptials With Husband Josh Hall

    American television personality and real estate investor Christina Meursinge Hall. She and her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa previously appeared together on the HGTV program Flip or Flop, and she now has her own show, Christina on the Coast.

    How was Christina Hall’s early life?

    How was Christina Hall's early life

    On July 9 in the year 1983, Christina Hall was born in Anaheim, California. Carly, her younger sister, is ten years her younger. She attended college in southern California and started her career in real estate after earning her degree from San Diego State University. She first met Tarek, her soon-to-be spouse and business partner, in 2005 while they were both real estate agents for Prudential.

    What is known about Christina Hall’s personal life?

    What is known about Christina Hall's personal life

    Hall has been profiled throughout her career in a variety of journals and newspapers, including the Orange County Register and Good Housekeeping. She has appeared on the covers of People and HGTV magazines.

    She started dating Tarek El Moussa in October 2006, and the two were wed in 2009. Their son was born in 2015, while their daughter arrived in 2010.

    Testicular and thyroid cancers were both identified as being present in Tarek in 2013. The two planned to bank Tarek’s sperm and attempt in-vitro fertilization to conceive a second child after the doctors suggested radiation therapy. Christina’s second attempt ended in a miscarriage after the first one ended in failure. In 2015, she got pregnant with their son.

    Within four weeks of giving birth to her second child, Christina returned to work on Flip or Flop. The couple’s tension increased as she started to feel overpowered. She claimed that their inability to communicate effectively had progressed to the point that they were no longer even travelling together in cars.

    Following an incident at their house in Southern California in May 2016, the pair decided to separate. On a neighboring hiking route, the police discovered Tarek, who was carrying a weapon. He insisted that he had never considered suicide and that he had merely gone on a trip with a rifle to defend himself from animals in the wild.

    Christina claimed that their separation was better for the both of them after the incident. The divorce between Tarek and Christina was finalized in January 2018 after they filed for separation in 2017.

    She started dating English television host Ant Anstead in November 2017. She legally changed her name to Christina Anstead, discarding the surname of her previous husband, on December 22, 2018, at their Newport Beach, California residence after getting married to Anstead. On September 6, 2019, the couple’s lone child was born. On September 18, 2020, they announced their separation, and in November of that year, she filed for divorce. She also dropped her second husband’s surname and resumed using her family name, Christina Haack. In June 2021, the divorce was legally finalized.

    Anstead petitioned for sole custody of Hudson on April 28, 2022, charging Haack with endangering their son’s health.

    People magazine revealed in July 2021 that Haack was seeing realtor Joshua Hall; the two became engaged in September of the same year. According to reports, the couple got married on April 5, 2022, and she changed her name to Christina Hall.

    What was the course of Christina Hall’s career throughout the year?

    What was the course of Christina Hall's career throughout the year

    Together with her former husband Tarek, Hall ran the Orange County, California-based real estate firm named Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group. The pair in southern California sold real estate. Their real estate business suffered when the housing market crashed following the October 2008 stock market crash. In just a few years, the El Moussa family went from renting a $6,000/month house to a $700/month flat.

    In 2010, the El Moussas and their business partner Pete De Best spent $115,000 during their first investment property in Santa Ana, California, which they later sold for a $34,000 profit. With the addition of Arizona and Nevada to their real estate investing portfolio, the trio kept on flipping homes.In 2018, the El Moussa Group got disbanded. Tarek El Moussa is the sole owner of the company today through his own enterprise, Tarek and Associates.

    In 2011, Tarek El Moussa requested a buddy to help him prepare an audition tape for HGTV. The tape caught Pie Town Productions’ attention. The couple’s Instagram account, which included before and after pictures of several restoration projects, caught the attention of HGTV executives as well.

    HGTV hired the duo to create a program for the channel in 2012. In April 2013, Flip Or Flop launched on the network. It was revealed in June 2018 that Hall would star in her own spin-off programme, Christina on the Coast.While the other seven episodes of season 1 concentrated on Hall remodeling other people’s homes, the first episode of the season was about her remodeling her new post-divorce home. Fall 2018 saw the start of production for a spring 2019 release. Season 2 of the program debuted on January 2, 2020. In 2017, Christina Hall also gave a speech during the Daytime Emmys function.

    When did Christina Hall and Josh Hall get married?

    When did Christina Hall and Josh Hall get married

    The couple, whose union was announced by PEOPLE in April, wed in 2022 in Maui, Hawaii, in a small ceremony for close friends and family.

    The breathtaking image of the bride, 39, showing her embracing her Realtor husband, 41, who was dressed in a beige suit as the sun sank over the beach, was posted by the bride on social media.

    Christina’s daughter Taylor Reese who is 11 years old and her sons Brayden James, 7, and Hudson London, 2, accompanied her down the aisle, which was decorated with flower petals, and stayed by her side during the ceremony.

    Audrey, the 5-and-a-half-year-old niece of Joshua’s sister, also joined them at the altar.Hula dancers performed during the reception at the ceremony, which was participated by 40 close friends and relatives. After TMZ claimed that the pair had been married for at least six months, PEOPLE verified their union in April.

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