Dark Secret About The Library Of Hawkins – The Intersection Of The Gates Explored

    Vecna only required four kills to open four gates, and then the world would have ended. Well, it certainly seems like he has succeeded based on the season 4 finale. Max Mayfield’s temporary association with Chrissy Cunningham, Fred Benson, and Patrick McKinney allowed the spell caster to successfully merge the Upside Down realm with Hawkins while also exerting his foreboding influence over the entire town and suffocating all life.

    Having taken a barrage of flame bottles thrown at him by Robin and Steve as well as numerous shots from Nancy, Vecna is undoubtedly somewhere nursing his wounds. But the enduring query on everyone’s lips is, “Where is he hiding?” We are quite certain that he will make a big entrance in Season 5, one that is guaranteed to shatter our goddamn minds, even though we are aware that he does not have a physical form to return to and that it is beyond repair. So where do you think he is hiding?

    This obviously brings us to today’s video, one where we will be spilling the dark secret about the library of Hawkins, or in other words, the intersection of the four gates. Just to let you know, this video here will contain major spoilers so don’t tell us we did not warn you! You ready? Let’s do this then!

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    The Library Of Hawkins Aka The Intersection Of The Gates Explained

    The Library Of Hawkins Aka The Intersection Of The Gates Explained

    Vecna stayed true to his words when he stated to Eleven that Hawkins will burn and fall and so will the rest of the senseless, broken world and that he will be there to pick up the pieces when it does and remake it into something beautiful. We saw Hawkins burn with our very own eyes; an event, which seismologists concluded as a natural disaster of near-unprecedented scale was in reality Vecna opening four massive gates all across Hawkins to unleash extra-dimensional horrors on the town.

    Now if you look at things our way, this entire thing has been Vecna telling the group about his plan the whole time. Remember Vecna’s creepy old grandfather clock? It always chimed four times, which eventually brings us to his four kills, the four gates and the rest – you already know that!

    Coming to the storyline part a bit, Max is seen to die in Lucas’ arms after telling him that she can’t feel or see anything. A moment later, the clock is heard chiming four times, thereby signalling the scattered group about Vecna’s moment of victory and Max’s death. What follows next is a loud rumbling which results in the Creel House floorboard getting cracked and a fiery, orange gateway emerging from underneath. It rips through Jason Carver’s body making him howl in unthinkable agony and takes a certain direction. Three more gateways, each from the rest of the three victims’ place of death are seen to emerge in a similar fashion and take different routes eventually meeting at a four-way intersection.

    Any guesses where the gateways meet? Well, who would have thought that it would be at the Hawkins Public Library, anyway?  In case you have forgotten, and we highly doubt that you have, that very place is the Upside Down hotbed, the nightmarish dreadful nest where the hellish Demogorgon has had countless ill-fated souls dragged.

    Will has been one of the victims there and we are pretty sure he will not be taking this particular location lightly, given that he feels nothing is over and can strongly feel the presence of Vecna till this very day. No points for guessing that the character of Will is very much connected to the current location mentioned and our bet is, something must have happened when Will was stuck there in the Upside Down, something that hasn’t been disclosed to the audience yet. Of course, a detailed version of this will be revealed in the final season and nothing better than seeing our good old Will emerge as the true hero of season 5.

    Anyway, coming back to the main content of today’s video, a closer look at the Hawkins Public Library will bring to your attention another interesting and significant detail – the clock tower right next to the library that has somehow remained untouched and intact despite the fall of the whole downtown. Can this be a co-incidence or is it just answering us the very question that we have all been asking each other – where is he hiding?

    There is a high probability that this is the very place where Vecna is not just hiding at but also healing to strategically plan his next move. We have already mentioned this before in one of our videos that we did on Stranger Things Season 4 finale that it is very much possible that the old grandfather clock is a potential portal to the Upside Down and that it will act out as an amplifying device for Vecna to open a door.

    If you look at the crack patterns of the broken glass of the clock, you will realize that the patterns are matching the very nature of the giant gates that have cracked open all through Hawkins. It’s the clock that symbolizes Vecna, the accompanying, ominous chimes that have tormented his victims before their deaths and now we have another clock tower, standing tall, right at the intersection of the very gates. Also, with Will confirming that he could still feel Vecna’s presence in Hawkins, that he is out there and will stop at nothing till he has taken everything and everyone, Vecna hiding there makes just more sense.

    With this, we come to the very end of our video here. Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think Vecna’s hideout is in our comments section and stay tuned with us for more intriguing content on Stranger Things!

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