Top 10 Darkest TMNT Original Cartoon Episodes Explored In Detail – Dive Into Nostalgic Ride!

    Children growing up in the 1980s and 1990s were exposed to a wide range of some of the most wildly great cartoons, including Thundercats, He-Man, Ducktales, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All of these cartoons have had a significant impact on the childhoods of several millennial children. In this video, we will discuss Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is one of these cartoons.

    Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman transformed the comics into a cartoon about four ninja turtles fighting their arch-enemies Shredder and Krang. The show is now unbelievably successful, with a large range of products being sold all over the world. However, it was not until 1987 that the comics were turned into a cartoon, and we all fell in love with Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo, the pizza-loving mutants. Not to mention the legendary Splinter.

    However, in several areas, the 1987 version deviates from the comics. To begin with, the comics are dark and enigmatic in nature, since they contain profanity, blood, alcohol, and violence. In the comics, the Turtles frequently killed their opponents while fighting Shredder.

    The turtles, it seems to me, are trained ninjas, who, according to Japanese history and folklore, are essentially assassins. The Turtles utilize lethal weapons like nunchucks and swords sharp enough to cut strong, solid items in half, while Shredder has a Foot Clan consisting of formidable soldiers. Naturally, they have killed a number of Shredder’s Foot Clan fighters.

    The animation has been diluted to make it more lighthearted and humorous, while the darker components have been largely removed. It was a safe bet because the animation is aimed at children. The characters feature silly but memorable catchphrases (one of the most famous being Cowabunga!) and fights that are not particularly bloody.

    However, there have been occasions when the creators have kept some of the cartoons’ more mature elements, such as depicting deaths, or at least indicating it, or showing more violence than usual. The Turtles, for example, were shown to be on the verge of dying once when Carter carried out an unstable mutation. Alternatively, one of the Turtles was almost caught cussing as he exclaimed “What the…,” but he did not finish for obvious reasons.

    This video delves into the episodes of this normally family-friendly and kid-friendly show that have preserved a slightly more mature tone.

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    The Shredder (Season 1 Episode 2)

    The Shredder (Season 1 Episode 2)

    Journalist April O’Neil meets with the Turtles in their hideout, the ‘Sewer Sweet Sewer’ and asks for their help to search for the Foot Clan’s base – the Technodrome. They expect it to be under the Manhattan Security Services, which is now destroyed, but unfortunately, find nothing. Michelangelo suspects that the Technodrome can locomote and they pursue it using the underground tunnel system. Leonardo suggests they inform their Sensei, Master Splinter about it, which is quite the right thing to do considering Splinter’s connection with the antagonist Shredder or Oroku Saki.

    Shredder is summoned by the brain-like creature Krang who is upset with Shredder for not providing him with a proper artificial body that Krang can use as he leads his legion from Dimension X into this world to crash it. Shredder points out the threat that Hamato Yoshi aka The Splinter and the Turtles pose to them. Krang reminds him that when Shredder had tried to destroy Splinter using the Mutagen (the device that creates mutants), Yoshi became stronger as the rat mutant.

    Splinter realizes that their nemesis is his old foe Oroku Saki or Shredder and he offers his help to April in tracking down the Technodrome. They find tracks of the Technodrome and try to find a way around it. Meanwhile, a warthog and a rhino are released from the zoo.

    Shredder combines the genetics of the liberated rhino and warthog with two gang members Rocksteady and Bebop using Mutagen. April’s boss is unhappy as April has not been able to curate a good enough story for the theft of Technodrome. When she sees the Turtles outside her office, she tips them off that the zoo theft and Technodrome might be connected. But they weren’t aware that Splinter had already found out about it and had been taken, prisoner.

    The Turtles find their way to the Technodrome from the zoo and realize that a trap has been laid out but they must rescue Splinter. They are attacked by robots and the Roadkill Rodneys and almost run over by a rolling object. They find Splinter but Shredder and his robots try to recruit them to his Foot Clan. He also reveals himself as Oroku Saki and as the one who caused the Turtles to become mutants from ordinary turtles. But it was an accident as he had originally sought out to defeat Hamato Yoshi.

    The Turtles refuse and defeat the robots, Rocksteady and Bebop. They secure Splinter and leave the Technodrome. The turtles then lead Rocksteady and Bebop to the city zoo and lock them in a cage. April takes a picture of that for her scoop. As they leave, a Roadkill Rodney surfaces and breaks the mutants out of prison by disintegrating the prison bars.

    Even though cartoons do not follow continuity as much, allowing people to watch any episode as they please, this episode is one that you cannot miss as it introduces the backstory for two very important characters – the Splinter and the Shredder.

    Shredded & Splintered (Season 1, Episode 5)

    Shredded & Splintered (Season 1, Episode 5)

    Shredder tries to contact the Turtles by advertising his Retromutagen Ray Generator on television. It is a device that reverses mutations which means it can turn the Turtles into ordinary turtles, or the Splinter back into a human. Splinter decides to meet with Shredder alone as the Turtles’ involvement can be dangerous for them.

    Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael are attacked by Bebop and Rocksteady as Donatello goes to a workshop after the Starcruiser runs out of fuel. The Turtles use a cement truck to subdue the other two mutants. Meanwhile, Shredder helps Krang into his new body with a Molecular Amplification Unit, which can enlarge Krang and the robot.

    The Turtles except Donatello try to infiltrate the Technodrome but fail due to the alarm system. They are attacked by the Foot Clan while Splinter enters the Technodrome to find the Retro Mutagen Ray Generator. Krang finds control over the new body while Splinter realizes that Ray is just a hologram. Shredder arrives and the two fight.

    The Turtles take notice as Krang heads towards a Trans-Dimensional Portal to access Dimension X. He tries to contact armies to control, which is something he spoke about in the second episode of season 1. The Turtles stop him but Krang enlarges his new body and is subsequently pursued by the Turtles after the former smashes his way onto the streets. Leonardo and Donatello slip into the machine’s body and smash the growth mechanism with Donatello’s Bo staff. Meanwhile, Shredder imprisons Splinter in a cage. However, Splinter uses a nail from the floor to smash through the power switch.

    As Shredders comes face to face with the Turtles, he aims the Retro Mutagen Ray at them but Splinter arrives at the nick of time and destroys that device. Even though he loses his chance to be human again, he does it for the Turtles.

    Krang and Shredder return to the Technodrome where Stone Warriors from Dimension X are marching towards them but Donatello saves the day by reversing the flow of the portal. Technodrome is pulled into Dimension X as everything in it disappears. Krang and Shredder find themselves in Dimension X, much to Shredder’s distaste who wanted to rule Earth. Krang wants to boss Shredder around but Shredder is not one to take orders from someone else.

    Splinter tells the Turtles that they are likely to fight Shredder and Krang again.

    Here, Splinter’s character is solidified as he is originally a ninja who has been turned into a mutant. He wishes to turn back into a human and get his ideal opportunity. But as an ideal Sensei to his beloved students, he destroys the Retro Mutagen Ray and with that, his chance to turn back, to save his students.

    The Case Of The Killer Pizzas (Season 2, Episode 6)

    The Case Of The Killer Pizzas (Season 2, Episode 6)

    Krang pairs up with Rocksteady and Bebop to send eggs resembling meatballs from Dimension X to Shredder to use as pizza toppings for the Turtles. As Michaelangelo happens to be big into pizza, the villains hope for the Turtles to eat them. Meanwhile, Michaelangelo floods the practice room accidentally and flyers for Free Pizza enter the Turtle Lair. Splinter notices slash marks and realize it is from Shredder but the Turtles were not ones to say no to pizza.

    April enters a Pizza Bake-Off with Irma for three free pizzas while Baxter Stockman places the alien egg on each pizza. But following the pizza maker’s rush order, he sends two prize pizzas out on delivery. The Turtles notice Baxter and realize Shredder is nearby. They spot him and a fight breaks out. Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo turn out to be the winners from the draw and April deliver them their pizzas, while they let her keep one to herself. As she tries to eat that pizza with Irma, the microwave heat causes the Dimension X egg to hatch, revealing a small red creature. The Turtles reach immediately to find that the creature has escaped. They realize that there must be two other similar creatures.

    The Turtles go to spy on the pizza delivery boy Maria as he delivers the pizzas to two kids. Unfortunately, the kids heat their pizza before the Turtles can intervene and two creatures similar to the one from a few moments ago hatch and crawl down the building. April chases them with her camera crew, hoping to get a good scoop out of it but loses them. The creature at Irma’s apartment hides in the washing machine and burns through the washer and into the wall. The three unite and seep into the sewers where the water causes them to mutate into large monsters.

    Shredder and Baxter reach the sewers as Baxter controls the creatures from Dimension X using a handheld device. He uses it to make them attack the Turtles. They engage one another in a long fight but Donatello smashes Baxter’s controller causing the creatures to go haywire. So, they begin to attack everyone. Baxter realizes the creatures can be turned back into eggs after exposing them to a large burst of energy.

    Michelangelo tries to retrieve the controller that can control the creatures while the other Turtles team up with Shredder as a last choice to fight these alien-type monsters. The controller turns out to be useless due to its inefficiency having come into contact with water. Leonardo cuts the electrical lines and causes the creatures to receive them. This huge blast of energy turns them into eggs again while Baxter and Shredder escape.

    In the end, Michelangelo brings pizza and a bowl of meatballs. He reassures the others they are not eggs but as they all eat it, the meatballs begin to bounce.

    Cartoons generally do not tend to create situations where heroes and villains team up to take down a common enemy, which makes this episode special as the Turtles and Shredder join hands despite being arch-enemies to take down the meatball aliens from Dimension X.

    Cowabunga Shredhead (Season 3, Episode 18)

    Cowabunga Shredhead (Season 3, Episode 18)

    Michelangelo is obsessed with pizza and has eaten it all, leaving nothing for the other Turtles. Since this is nothing new, Splinter takes matters into his own hands as he tries to teach Michelangelo ways to deal with his gluttony. He hypnotises him into not craving pizza anymore by reiterating the phrase ‘I crave pizza no more. Following that, Michelangelo becomes averse to pizza.

    Shredder conducts an experiment to imitate Michelangelo’s hologram. Bebop puts a disk with the Turtle’s psychological profile but something goes wrong in the mainframe as the lasers go off. One of them hits Shredder. He goes on to appear at the Turtles’ lair with pizzas but pretends like they’re all friends. From his behavior and speech, it is indicative that Shredder believes himself to be Michaelangelo (which is probably an effect of the laser mishap).

    As Splinter uses his hypnotism to find the root cause of Shredder’s strange behavior, he learns that saying the word ‘Shredder’ causes him to act like his original self while saying ‘Michelangelo’ makes him behave like Michelangelo. Splinter advises everyone to not use the word ‘Shredder’. Donatello finds a disk that falls out of Shredder’s pocket.

    As Michelangelo ventures alone, Rocksteady and Bebop capture him. Donatello takes the disk to April to access its contents and learns that Shredder plans to clone Michelangelo. They go to Vinnie’s Pizza, where the real Michelangelo was a few moments ago and they search the kitchen. Shredder as Michelangelo stuffs his face with pizza and is unhappy about the cheese clinging to the shredder but hearing that term recalibrates his brain into behaving like his original self. He attacks Leonardo and Raphael by knocking them into the pizza-making machine.

    Michelangelo has been tied up at Shredder’s hideout while their master plan involves the US President. Shredder goes back to Vinnie’s for his missing computer disk but Raphael replies to him saying, “Sure thing, Michelangelo”, making him behave like Michelangelo once again. He then frees the turtles.

    Donatello plans to release Michelangelo and destroy the device that makes holograms. They go back to Vinnie’s and recreate the conversation from when they first went there. As the term ‘Shredder’ is mentioned, Shredder regains his personality and asks for his disk. The Turtles hand it over and escape. They follow Shredder to his hideout where Shredder realizes the disk has been reprogrammed to create several Michelangelos. The Turtles save their brother.

    The real Turtles replace the holograms and Shredder tries to defeat them by encasing the Turtles in a force field but they utter the word ‘Michelangelo’, causing Shredder to be a friend to the Turtles again and he destroys the holographic synthesizer by himself. The machine zaps Shredder and cures him of the hypnosis but Bebop and Rocksteady take him to the Technodrome believing Shredder to be a Turtle in disguise.

    As the Turtles have pizza, Splinter undoes the hypnosis and Michelangelo starts craving pizza once more.

    As watching action sequences over and over can become a drag, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles introduces some hypnosis into the mix for this episode. With Shredder turning into Michelangelo (well, somewhat), the game becomes a battle of wits and the Turtles carefully make their moves with the usage of words to carve Shredder into who they want him to be.

    Bye, Bye, Fly (Season 3, Episode 44)

    Bye, Bye, Fly (Season 3, Episode 44)

    The Turtles watch the news about a buried ancient temple under their city. Archaeologists work on the same and get scattered. Baxter Stockman discovers the Turtles in his catacombs and they are subsequently chased away. He decides to make it his new home as he seeks revenge on the Turtles, Shredder, and Krang. However, he goes on to find that the place is an old spaceship that had crashed around three hundred years ago. He uses a computer to turn the pan-dimensional warp drive into a trap for his enemies.

    He gives a portion of the drive to Bebop after flying into the earth’s core. Krang recognizes it while Shredder thinks Baxter is acting kinda sus, which he of course is as he also lines the underground waterways with the drive. It helps lure Shredder to the ship and he realizes it is a trap but Krang is exempt from caring at all. Meanwhile, this dig worries the Turtles as they think that the archaeologists might use it and stumble across the Turtles’ lair. They use Donatello’s latest inventions to float to their destination but Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop overtake them. They wreck their commute and try to kill them but Donatello hangs onto a part of the drive that he incidentally finds.

    From the computer, Baxter is able to procure a Mutagen Ray Gun which is the device that mutates anything into a creature. The Turtles and Shredder arrive and Baxter turns Shredder into a housefly with that gun. The Turtles try to hide but Michelangelo turns into a gerbil after being hit with it. Donatello tries to get information on Baxter and methods of protecting themselves against the Mutagen Ray Gun. Turns out, the way to do the latter is by wearing spacesuits.

    Baxter spitefully throws the gun away as the Turtles chase it; however, they end up running into a gallery brimming with hostile robots. Donatello manages to reprogram them all, saving the Turtles from an ill fate. With the reprogrammed gun, Michelangelo is turned back into a Turtle and they flee the ship while it is about to explode. However, they run into Rocksteady and Bebop again. Bebop snatches the gun away to turn Shredder back to normal but he holds it off for a while, hoping to have Shredder beg him.

    The ship blasts off when Donatello exclaims how he has a crucial part of the drive. Without that part, the ship falls apart as Baxter falls into the web of a huge spider.

    Bebop generally acts like a goon for Shredder, not even a sidekick. But here, we get to see him assert himself over his bad guy of a boss as he wishes to see Shredder beg him for the Mutagen Ray Gun.

    Donatello Makes Time (Season 4, Episode 23)

    Donatello Makes Time (Season 4, Episode 23)

    In this episode, Turtles Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael wait for Donatello to be done with his finishing touches on a new device he was developing. They think it is a new microwave for pizza but Donatello outdoes himself as it turns out to be a time-stopping machine. Anything the machine focuses on can be frozen in time but the pizza-loving Turtles are disheartened.

    Professor Lloyd Cycloid, who is a mad scientist, uses a homemade raft to float through the sewers. He wishes to create a satellite powerful enough to turn everyone on Earth stupid to be the most intelligent man alive. He spots the newly created time stopper as Donatello has his meal with the others. The Turtles try to get it back but the Professor uses it to freeze them in time. As Splinter recognizes the effect on the device, he investigates and finds his students as the Turtles remain frozen in mid-air.

    April, hungry for an interesting journalistic story as always, covers one about a solid gold Egyptian statue being stolen. No one is aware of the fact that the statue is actually Iridium. Cycloid uses this power once again, to procure a laser gun. April recognizes Silver from the camera footage while Donatello uses his skewer ski to catch up to Cycloid. He leaves a trail of arrows for the others to follow.

    Donatello follows Cycloid and the stolen stuff back to the latter’s abandoned home but he gets hit by the Time-Stopper once more. Cycloid hoists and dangles a frozen Donatello over a pool of poisonous slime. If anyone was to open the door, Donatello would fall into it and die. But, the Turtle somehow sabotages the laser device and saves himself by making it blast out of the house.

    Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo follow Donatello’s track marks via the sewers and find their ways into the room with Donatello and the toxic slime. Opening the door puts Donatello at risk but Leonardo acts in the nick of time, using the Time-Stopper. The Turtles hand Cycloid over to the authorities.

    Meanwhile, the items stolen from the museum are returned, along with the laser ray. The Turtles wish to get rid of the Time-Stopper, much to Donatello’s displeasure. Raphael destroys it and Donatello mourns.

    Concepts pertaining to time are always interesting unless they are messed up. But this episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meshes a possible dark fate for Donatello who was almost going to die after falling into acidic slime and a device that stops time. In the end, this Time-Stopping device also ends up being the reason why Donatello survives.

    The Starchild (Season 7, Episode 15)

    The Starchild (Season 7, Episode 15)

    A spaceship crash-lands on Earth. When the Turtles witness it, they try to figure out who drove it and whether they will be hostile towards them or not. To find the answer to their questions, they enter the spaceship and find an alien child named Quart.

    Even though Quarx does not seem to be hostile, another spaceship lands, driven by an alien named Drako who confesses that he has found the ‘Starchild’. He attacks Quarx but the Turtles are present and they fight back. They overpower Drako who flees back into his own ship but claims that Quarx is the universe’s most dangerous being.

    The Turtles bring Quarx to their sewer lair and find out that the alien has telekinetic abilities as Quarx sends stuff flying across the room. He flies out of the lair and surfaces onto the city, causing the Turtles to track him down. They listen to a police-band transmission that helps them locate Quart. Michelangelo bribes Quarx with getting to play with their weapons. Quark uses his abilities on police cars when April O’Neil uses this for her journalistic story. Meanwhile, Draco comes back with reinforcements.

    Quark does not want to obey the Turtles because they weren’t his father and he flees. Donatello and Raphael try to track him down while Michelangelo and Leonardo fight Drako’s goons. Drake tells them that Quarx can obliterate Earth so he must be captured when thousands of spaceships that demand Quarx’s return appear. They threaten the Turtles that they will destroy Earth if they do not get Quarx in half an hour.

    Turns out, Quarx is ridiculously overpowered and his powers have caused destruction across the galaxy. He is wanted for his acts and aliens have been trying to catch him for two centuries. They want to save other worlds and for that, they might have to sacrifice Earth.

    Splinter, who had sensed anger oozing out of Quarx, goes to his spaceship to find the details on this funny little creature. Donatello reaches as well and the two find out a recording of scientific experiments that were conducted on Quarx to give him the powers. The results were a failure as Quarx would only mature for his father. Unlike regular kids who want toys when in angst, Quarx would threaten to destroy a whole planet. So, the Turtles play around, hoping to make Quarx join them but Drako rains on the parade. Turns out, Drako is the big bad guy after all, and uses his mind control abilities on the Starchild to conquer the universe.

    Quarx’s father appears and asks Quarx to create peace in the galaxy and to grow up. Quarx follows the command and repairs all the damage and grows up. He also offers to fix the damage he caused in the other worlds and flies away into space. It turns out to be Splinter who had disguised himself as Quarx’s father to save the day.

    An overpowered intergalactic alien that can destroy planets, a complex reason for the underdevelopment of the alien’s psyche, and a cunning villain who is trying to use an overpowered kid for his own bidding? Such factors are the perfect, dramatic flavors any episode can need, making ‘The Starchild’, a popular favorite amongst fans.

    Atlantis Awakes (Season 7, Episode 23)

    Atlantis Awakes (Season 7, Episode 23)

    Michelangelo surfs the sewer river with the Turtles and goes further ahead by himself. There is a waterfall nearby and he is about to go over it when a fish-man named Alim Coelacanth rescues the Turtle. The other Turtles find him to be suspicious and Alim tells them that he has been away from his home Atlantis for two centuries and is the only fish-person. The Turtles offer to help him find the lost city.

    Krang sends Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady to find the source of a very strong energy reading that was coming from a mountain range nearby. They stumble across Atlantis where the people are over the moon on seeing them, especially Bebop. But this is because they mistake Bebop for their king due to a prophecy where a strange creature would supposedly reclaim his throne. Hapax Lagamina speaks out against Bebop but she is imprisoned for doing so. When the Turtles arrive at Atlantis and see Bebop on the throne, they escape immediately.

    Meanwhile, Shredder learns about the Star of Atlantis, a vast gem that powers the city. He realizes Krang can use it as the main cannon for Technodrome but Bebop’s attitude after becoming king is overly-inflated and he thwarts Shredder’s plan.

    The Turtles and Alim try to rescue a screaming Hepax and she recognizes him as the king since he is a strange creature himself and unlike Bebop, breathes water. However, they are forced to escape once again before rescuing Hepax so Alim summons marine creatures to fight the Atlantean soldiers. Alim then declares Bebop to be a false king and challenges him to fight Alim in the Atlantean Arena.

    But, bebop defeats him simply due to him being a better fighter. Hapax arrives in time after Michelangelo and Leonardo fight off the Atlantean guards and Rocksteady. She asks Alim to seize the Trident of Power, a weapon that only glows for the king. It works in favor of Alim who forces Bebop to declare himself as someone who is not king.

    Raphael and Donatello try to stop Shredder and are joined by Alim and the other Turtles. Shredder floods the city dome by causing a blast when Alim summons a giant squid to control the damage. They all swim to the Technodrome which has a cannon aiming towards Atlantis, powered by the Star. Before misery can befall, the Turtles redirect the cannon and take away the crystal.

    In Atlantis, Alim is crowned to be the king while Hepax becomes his royal counselor. Technodrome tries to destroy the city but Alim uses the defensive mechanism of The Hammer of Atlantis and Technodrome is forced to retreat.

    The lost city of Atlantis has been the focal point of several movies and shows, the most notable ones being Disney’s Atlantis and DC’s Aquaman which is centered on Atlanteans. Not only does its implementation in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles provide greater entertainment for the viewers but, it also diversifies the content and provides everyone with a stellar storyline that is partly reminiscent of the popular Disney fiasco of a real emperor versus a fake one.

    The Wrath of Medusa (Season 9, Episode 3)

    The Wrath of Medusa (Season 9, Episode 3)

    The Turtles fight alongside Carter and almost die during a fight against the Technodrome enemies. Dregg’s minions are trying to get their hands on neutronium ore while Carter’s mutation causes a cave-in. The Turtles begin to worry about the unstable nature of Carter’s mutation, who offers them a virtual reality projector that can be a good defense against Dregg.

    Dregg summons an alien called Medusa to kill the Turtles. She is reluctant at first due to Dregg’s fugitive status so he offers her a handsome fee, to which she agrees.

    April is trying to get a juicy story and the alien appearance works just fine. She tells the Turtles about it who end up facing Medusa soon enough. She is ruthless and has the Turtles fighting on the defensive within mere minutes. Carter’s unstable mutation can act as a strong attack against her but the Turtles fear it will destroy the entire hydroelectric plant.

    As Carter mutates, he knocks the Turtles, except Leonardo, into the river below. But Medusa takes Leonardo captive. She sends them a message asking the others to meet her at the World Broadcast Tower if they want to save Leonardo. The turtles reach and mutate into large creatures that are strong enough to ward off Medusa. But they turn normal soon and collapse while Medusa escapes.

    Dregg fixes a space station called SkySat but no one knows it is part of his plan to dominate the world. Meanwhile, Medusa locates Carter as he works on the virtual reality projector. He flees from her but she steals his device as the building collapses. Splinter tells him about the importance of training to control the inner mutant. He learns to meditate with Splinter.

    When the Turtles regain consciousness, they are dumbfounded and realize they must find Leonardo but Medusa, who now has Carter’s virtual reality projector, captures them. Donatello alerts Carter about it.

    Dregg and his minions tamper with the electrical lines, weakening the Earth’s defenses. It makes the planet susceptible to being attacked. Carter tracks down Medusa’s ship and mutates to break inside. He is also able to control his inner rage and frees the Turtles. Donatello, being the smart one, comes up with a smart plan to get out of the situation. As the others keep her busy, Donatello uses the virtual reality projector to trick her to get into a nearby teleporter. He then sends her across the galaxy.

    The Turtles meet up with Dregg in SkySat and blow it into bits but ultimately, Dregg blames them for the destruction.

    Medusa just so happens to be one of the darkest mythical creatures from Greek Mythology with her snake-like hair that turns her opponents into stone. In this episode, she turns out to be one of the strongest opponents the pizza-loving Turtles have ever faced and as they are unable to overpower her, Donatello comes to the rescue with a brainy fix.

    The Day After The Earth Disappeared (Season 10, Episode 7)

    The Day After The Earth Disappeared (Season 10, Episode 7)

    A massive earthquake causes Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo to come out to the surface. The earthquake was so disastrous that it tore the streets apart and raised volcanoes. The Turtles come across the Dreggnaught and fight with their Batmen. As the Turtles look like they are about to take the fight, Dregg appears and defeats Raphael and Leonardo. He goes on to seemingly kill all of them but the Turtles turn out to be holograms that were used to get the intel on Dregg.

    Dregg has to retreat but he declares his plan. He wants to use his transporter and teleport Earth into the solar system of Dimension X. He hopes that this tactic will allow him to defeat the Turtles. In the meantime, a warp nears the planet and it grows exponentially, to swallow the Earth within hours. Donatello goes back to business as the one who handles all the problems related to science.

    He tries to find the warp’s origin but Dregg pulls Donatello, Splinter, and Leonardo in, using the gravitational force from a black hole. Splinter finds himself on Dregg’s ship but the Turtles are on an unknown planet. The other Turtles go through the black hole when they see that Donatello, Leonardo, and Splinter are missing. The four Turtles gather together and find monsters while Splinter fights Dregg’s Batmen in the spaceship and sabotages the device. But, he ends up encountering Dregg himself and Mung.

    Splinter beams the Turtles out of the black hole using the transporter. Leonardo destroys the controls causing the ship to get sucked in. They escape to their lair in the sewers while Dreggnaught is destroyed. Donatello later repairs it and a blue hand reaches them through it. Leonardo, afraid, destroys the controls and they decide to never turn it on ever again.

    This episode features a rare incident where the Turtles are supposedly killed. They do not die but it feels like a possibility as Dregg is able to overpower them. Death, in general, is too mature a concept for a cartoon aimed towards kids but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles handles it perfectly.

    What did you think of these ten episodes? Did you enjoy this video? If yes, then don’t forget to like and comment on this video. Till then, goodbye and have a nice one!

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