11 Disturbing Monsters Who Would Make H.R Giger Proud!

    HR Griger, a brilliant sculptor, painter, artist, and set-designer, died 7 years ago, and Sci-Fi lovers lamented his death. They can sigh with relief, though, knowing that his legacy will live on in the minds and hearts of future generations.

    Giger is most known for creating the alien xenomorphs in the 1979 horror science-fiction film Alien, for which he won an Academy Award for Visual Effects in 1980, and its sequels. Xenomorphs were terrifying creatures inspired by H.R. Giger’s picture Necronom IV. He was influenced by artists such as Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dal, as well as HP Lovecraft’s literary writings, yet remained completely distinct.

    Giger’s specialty was predicting what would frighten us as viewers. He added in an interview that he didn’t want his extraterrestrial to have eyes since it would make it scarier because people wouldn’t know where it was gazing, heightening the fear. This kind of vision was revolutionary and ground-breaking.

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject of space, an asteroid dubbed 109712 Giger was discovered in 2018. He developed a Batmobile for Batman Forever and worked on films like Poltergeist II, so his legacy isn’t just about xenomorphs. Furthermore, his art became a part of pop culture, attracting numerous rock bands to his paintings and artwork.

    His picture Penis Landscape was used as a poster insert for the Dead Kennedys’ 1985 album Frankenchrist, and their record label nearly went bankrupt defending the decision in court. Interior design, fashion, and tattoos have all been influenced by H.R. Giger. In this video, we’ll talk about monsters from various mediums who are worthy of a place in H.R. Giger’s museum, or at the very least in his heart.

    The Jangly Man – Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

    The Jangly Man - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

    The film is a horror film based on the same-named Alvin Schwartz children’s book series. Stella and her friends discover a book of morbid stories in a haunted mansion. They soon discover that the book’s ghosts and monsters have come to life and are systematically abducting the youngsters.

    The Jangly Man is the final member of this group. As his bodily pieces fall from a chimney, he reveals himself in a dangerous way. The head appears first, followed by his limbs, and then his midsection, which reads, “Me tie dough-ty walker.” The bodily pieces come together to become a fully developed paranormal predator.

    With his superhuman strength, he immediately kills a police officer by snapping his neck. The Jangly Man has visible signs of decomposition due to death, and his pale, waxy and leathery body is super agile. He has superhuman speed as he chases one of the protagonist’s speeding car.

    He runs on all four limbs but can also stand erect. According to the co-writer and co-producer of the film Guillermo del Toro, Jangly Man was an amalgamation of various stories by Alvin Schwartz, but his final appearance and feeling was inspired by Schwartz’s limber dancing corpse in the story “Aaron Kelly’s Bones”.

    Actor Troy James, who participated in Season 13 of America’s Got Talent.played the Jangly Man, his flexibility and height affording the character a greater fear factor. When the Jangly Man’s creepy body is heard creaking and cracking, the audience is left freaking and shrieking.

    Zygote the Flesh Monster- Oats Studios Short Horror Film

    Zygote the Flesh Monster- Oats Studios Short Horror Film

    In 2017, Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9, founded Oats Studios. The studio makes short experimental horror films to test the waters and get feedback from audiences in order to evaluate if the shorts have the potential to be transformed into feature films.

    Zygote, which was released in July 2017, was one of these films. The plot takes place in the year 2050, when a massive meteor strikes northern Russia and Canada, bringing with it a slew of precious superconductors and other metals. One of these elements has the ability to detect, feel, and perceive objects.

    It turns out to be a light-based parasite species that controls organisms by sending gigabytes of data through light streaks. It then influences the organism to kill others and assimilate their bodies into one single being. In this film, a mine was affected by the light and therefore the workers came under the influence of the alien parasite.

    The first victim is able tokill and fuse with 96 of the 98 personnel, leaving only John Quinn and Barklay. These two plan to reach the facility’s fortifications to salvage food and water and wait until they are rescued. But the Zygote Flesh Monster is behind them, and his multiple fusions with the 96 members of the personnel have given him fingerprint access to all doors.

    He has also absorbed the knowledge each victim possessed. Becoming more enormous and powerful from each of its kills, the Zygote possesses 96 pairs of hands and legs extending from its body with a head that’s covered with the eyes of its victims. The extraterrestrial thing is both intelligent and destructive, but what makes it even frightening is that it has gained sentience from his past human victims, so it understands how its opponents function and think.

    Sarah Kerrigan- Starcraft Franchise

    Sarah Kerrigan- Starcraft Franchise

    Kerrigan, often known as the Queen of Blades or Zerg Queen, is a fictional character from Blizzard Entertainment’s military science fiction game WarCraft. StarCraft is about three races who live in the Koprulu Sector, a remote portion of the Milky Way galaxy. The Terrans are intelligent beings who can adapt to any condition or environment.

    They were expelled from Earth many years ago. The Zerg are insectoids who aspire to reach genetic perfection by fusing with other races through mutations. Finally, the Protoss are intelligent, technologically evolved humanoids with telepathic and psychokinetic abilities.

    Kerriganis a Terran master assassin and a skilled espionage agent with psychic powers similar to those of the Protoss. However, she is later captured by the insectoid Zerg population and forced to mutate.

    This transforms her into a fantastically mighty creature with both human and insectoid features, and of course her superior mental abilities. She has tentacled dreadlocks for hair and bright eyes, and fingers have extendable claws. Two skeletal wings rise from her back, containing branches of spikes and pincers, which she uses to splice and tear her opponents. She is one mean humanoid femme fatale, with the killer instinct of an insect.

    Necromorphs- Dead Space Franchise

    Necromorphs- Dead Space Franchise

    The Necromorphs are the major antagonists in Visceral Games’ sci-fi horror video game Dead Space, which was released by Electronic Arts. These are dead bodies that have mutated into lethal beasts, as the name implies. These monsters appear in a variety of sizes, from barely humanoid to elephantine monsters.

    Necromorphs can either possess existing deceased corpses or kill living humans or other organisms in order to produce more Necromorphs. There are well over 35 different kinds of Necromorphs, differentiated depending upon their function, appearance, host body, and type of attack. However, for the purpose of this video, we will discuss only those that bear a resemblance to Giger’s art.

    The scariest of them all remains The Hive Mind, an enormous creature that guides other Necromorphs, much like the Queen Xenomorph from the Aliens anthology. It’s body is segmented, like that of a worm, but has a heavily fanged mouth and an inner maw.

    The xenomorphs created by Giger also have two sets of jaws, and another similarity between the two species is their ability to spit acid on their victims. Gaming nerds and scare-hounds favour another necromorph, however: The Nexus Necromorph, which is a variant of The Hive Mind.

    It’s a huge centipede-like monster that can shoot pods to spawn smaller Necromorphs. Its huge claws can crush and even split its enemies. And, if you happen to less fortunate, it can eat you. It is believed that this Necromorph was created from Xenomorph Biomatter.

    Demogorgon – Stranger Things

    Demogorgon – Stranger Things

    Demogorgon is a monster from Stranger Things, a Netflix original series. The show is set in Indiana, USA, in the 1980s, and follows a group of young youngsters as they seek for a friend who has gone missing near a secret government facility. They come into mystical forces and terrible beasts in the process.

    The children then proceed to solve extraordinary riddles. The Demogorgon is a towering, humanoid monster from the Upside Down, a hellish realm. Although the monster’s head lacks any facial features, we can see its countless teeth when its head pieces spread up like flower petals immediately before attacking or swallowing its prey.

    It can teleport seamlessly between The Upside Down and Earth, and has expert tracking abilities. Like the early xenomorphs, the Demogorgondoesn’t have eyes, relying instead on its heightened sense of smell and hearing, and these senses are so potent and efficient that it can sense blood even when in a different dimension.

    This superstrong, lean and muscular monster can absorb incoming bullets and has regenerative abilities. To tell you about the backstory and development of this creature would give away too many spoilers, and Marvelous Videos doesn’t do that! However, this is one monster we don’t want to be destroyed.

    Monsters from A Quiet Place (2018)

    Monsters from A Quiet Place (2018)

    A Quiet Place is a film directed by John Krasinski, an actor who has been in action films such as 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. This film takes place 400 days after an alien invasion on Earth. The extraterrestrials who have attacked our world are blind, but their aural senses are hypersensitive, and they murder anything that makes a sound.

    They have wiped out the majority of the human population, leaving only a few survivors in lonely locations. In the film, Krasinski’s character, Lee Abbott, strives to keep his family safe. These creatures have developed into adept predators over a lengthy period of time. Their bodiesare covered with an indestructible exoskeleton that immunises them from bullets.

    However, their inner physiology is fleshy and weak. They are vaguely humanoid but have arms that are almost double the size of their legs. Their heads have no eyes but are equipped with a jaw that has razor-sharp teeth, which they use to kill humans and other organisms. Strangely, though, they don’t eat their victims.

    The whole film feels like an extended version of the Jurassic Park scene with velociraptors in the kitchen, and director Krasinski said that this was one of the sources of his inspiration. These creatures have numerous similarities to the aliens in Ridley Scott’s film, such as a lack of eyes and an ability to thrive only on their predatory intelligence. Like the xenomorphs, these creatures are also from outer space and came to Earth on meteorites after their own planet was destroyed.

    Autonomous Mobile Swords – Screamers (1995)

    Autonomous Mobile Swords - Screamers (1995)

    The titular animals in Christian Duguay’s 1995 film, Autonomous Mobile Swords, or Screamers, are based on a short tale called Second Variety by Philip K Dick. The plot takes place in 2078 on the planet SIRIUS 6B, where scientists have developed the title’s futuristic mechanical weapon, a form of cyborg robot whose namesake comes from the high-pitched roar it makes before defeating its foes.

    Scientists created them with the sole intent of murdering, but their presence soon became a fatal threat to everyone on the planet, including the scientists. These robots are self-replicating cyborgs that look like a cross between armadillos and dinosaurs, with blades and saws that can rip and slice attackers.

    They were also given artificial intelligence as a means to improve their hunting abilities and killer instincts, but to everyone’s surprise, this just made them turn on their creators, their replication allowing the ranks to swell to perilous levels.

    Before long, the AMS learned to mimic human behavior and began taking over the planet for themselves,  becoming so advanced that they were indistinguishable from humans. Despite this, the initial AMS were reptilian mechanical creatures with protruding spine and vertebrate, with elongated skulls. We smell Giger!

    The Alien Creatures – Monsters (2010)

    The Alien Creatures - Monsters (2010)

    NASA scientists have discovered the presence of light on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. They dispatch a space probe to investigate, but the craft is infested with alien life, and when it returns, it crashes onto the Mexican-American border. Humans attempted to restrict the aliens in quarantine zones at first, but the animals eventually spread across the globe.

    These monsters have a similar physiology to octopuses and squids. They can grow to be 300 feet long and weigh anything from 1000 to 4500 pounds, yet despite their many different shapes and sizes, they all have one basic aspect in common: tentacles. These deadly aliens breed and grow faster in arid regions, like that of the Middle East, and it seems that they don’t require water as a necessity to survive.

    The film shows off some horrifying Giger-esque aliens like the Octopus Monster, which has numerous tentacles and four insectoid legs. However, scarier and deadlier than these are the Goliath Alien Monsters, which look like octopus monsters but have a long neck loaded with tentacles.

    Long One – Slither (2006)

    Long One - Slither (2006)

    Beginning with a meteor that breaks apart as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere and falls in the tranquil hamlet of Wheelsy, this is famed director James Gunn’s debut picture. A hostile and intelligent parasite emerges from this extraterrestrial rock, infecting a wealthy local called Grant.

    The Long One is a sentient life form that has lived in the universe since the beginning of time, with the primary goal of consuming entire planets. The process begins with the infection of a main host by a needle-like creature, which then takes control of the host and develops an insatiable appetite for raw meat. The host then impregnates another organism or woman who bears thousands of slug-like larvae in her womb, the larvae then going on to infect others.

    The Long One gets its name from the fact that all the secondary hosts get consumed and assimilated into the primary host and begin to form one monstrous blob of immovable flesh with tentacles growing from just about anywhere. The blobdoesn’t have definite physiology – its long and powerful tentacles act like whips and can throw people and objects into the air. Of course, it insanely strong and resilient to ammunition.

    What makes this mass scarier is its sentient nature – the primary host can control the minds of all the secondary hosts and turn them into his minions. Gunn’s imagination is a scary thing, but the director’s strongest asset is his ability to build a connection with the audience, making it impossible to resist the sheer terror they are viewing.

    Calvin- Life (2017)

    Calvin- Life (2017)

    Calvin is the monster alien villain from Daniel Espinosa’s 2017 film Life, which stars modern-day Hollywood legends including Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan and Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams. Jordan and Adams are both members of the International Space Station crew that discovers a type of life on Mars.

    They awaken this dormant and sleeping life form aboard the International Space Station, only to discover that it is a very intelligent and dangerous apex predator that may have wiped out all other life forms on Mars. It started out as a little tissue, but after consuming water and other things, it grew to enormous proportions.

    As a predatory marvel created by nature, its primary objective is to regrow itself by absorbing anything that it can, from muscle and bones to blood and flesh. After it fulfills that, Calvin goes on a rampage and kills everything that moves. It has translucent skin, and one can see the blood circulation system underneath the surface.

    The physiological structure of the creature is acutely strange and terrifying because it almost looks like a mix of a tentacled creature, a gargantuan jellyfish and a flatworm. Because of its lack of definititve structure, it has the ability to reshape itself and can fit through tight spaces. Calvin knows one thing and one thing only, to hunt, kill and consume.

    Raw Shock- Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

    Raw Shock- Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    The Raw Shock are a type of hostile monster in the game Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. These ugly humanoid monsters hunt in packs and are smart enough to anticipate their prey’s movements. They are haunting monsters whose only way to be stopped is to light flares.

    The monsters, who have hairless bodies and pale skin, can adopt one of four various shapes, depending on the player’s mindset. If a player concentrates on sex and ladies, he will come across the Feminine Raw Shock, who has a phallus-shaped head and a body full of protruding nipples.

    The Diseased Raw Shock reveals itself to anyone with a focus on drugs and alcohol – these monsters have cancerous bodies with flesh covered in fungus. Disgusting! The other two Raw Shock forms are Abstract and Atrophied. These are the least monstrous and yet the most frightening creatures on this list, and you must be wondering how!

    he game Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is known to be based on an AI that profiles the player’s psyche and changes the strong based on the way the player plays the game. Hence, the Raw Shock that the player obtains is entirely dependent on their own mind. This kind of psychological evaluation might leave a few of us looking for places to hide.

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