Is “Emily The Criminal (2022)” Based On A True Story?

    Plot- Ingrid Goes West’s Aubrey Plaza portrays a lady who falls victim to a credit card fraud after accruing debt, dragging her into Los Angeles’s criminal underbelly.

    Is “Emily the Criminal” based on a true story?

    Emily The Criminal (2022)

    “Emily the Criminal is a work of fiction. Due to a small criminal record and her heavy college debt, Emily (Aubrey Plaza) is unable to get employment. She accepts a sketchy job as a “dummy shopper,” purchasing things with stolen credit cards provided by an attractive and charming intermediary named Youcef, out of need for money (Theo Rossi). Following a string of fruitless job interviews, Emily finds herself drawn to her mentor Youcef and the fast money and illegal thrills of black-market entrepreneurship. They come up with a strategy together to expand their company in Los Angeles.


    Aubrey Plaza

    Gina Gershon

    Megalyn Echikunwoke

    The movie “Emily The Criminal” will be released on Friday, August 12, 2022. (Limited release).

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