Evelyn Giovine: The Young Actress’s Career As An Actor So Far

    Evelyn Giovine is an American stage and screen actress and writer known for her appearance on shows like City on a Hill, Prodigal Son, Gimme a Break and many more.

    What is personal information is known about Evelyn Giovine?

    What is personal information is known about Evelyn Giovine

    Evelyn Giovine studied at Princeton University, where she graduated with a BA in English with a Slavic Studies concentration and a Certificate in Theater. After graduating from Princeton, Evelyn went on to Yale School of Drama, where she obtained a Masters in Fine Arts degree in acting and graduated in the year 2019.

    She has made appearances in numerous independent movies and television shows.She received training in voice, speech,scene study, the Alexander Technique, Grotowski, acting the Greeks, stage combat, , acting Chekhov and text analysis while she was a student at Yale.

    She also appeared in the Yale Repertory Theater premiere of Scenes from Court Life by Sarah Ruhl.

    Her Instagram @evelynjgiovinehas around 1.3k followers where the actress posts picture from her college days and daily life. She also has an official website of her own.

    What are some of the shows and films that Evelyn Giovine worked in?

    What are some of the shows and films that Evelyn Giovine worked in

    Evelyn Giovine was fascinated about performing from her childhood. Evelyn debuted as an actress in the role of “Dahila” in the short film “Wrath.” Evelyn was eventually chosen for many short films thanks to her exceptional acting abilities and memorable debut performance.

    Evelyn Giovine finally had the opportunity to work in the TV series “Evil” in 2019. She gave her all in the role of “Linda” and went on to become well-known as a result. In 2020, she also appeared in “Prodigal Son.”



    In her first performance as an actor, Evelyn played the character of Dahlia in the 2012 short film, Wrath.

    The movie, which Tom Kircher directed, was about Dahlia, a young person with PTSD who decides to spend the weekend at her friend’s house in order to escape her problems. Dahlia is being chased by what seems to be a supernatural entity, turning her weekend into a nightmare. However, is what she is experiencing true or is it just some hallucination?



    Evelyn made her first television debut as Linda in the2019 TV series Evil.

    Robert and Michelle King are the creators of the American paranormal drama television series Evil, which debuted on CBS on September 26, 2019. In the series, in order to determine whether there is a scientific explanation or if anything truly supernatural is at play, a sceptical clinical psychologist, a priest-in-training, and a blue-collar contractor explore alleged aberrant happenings, including demonic possession and other strange occurrences.

    King Size Productions and CBS Studios are the series’ producers. Aasif Mandvi, Mike Colter, and Katja Herbers are among the series’ supporting actors. The show’s second season was ordered in October 2019. It was announced in May 2021 that the show would switch from CBS to Paramount+. On June 20, 2021, the second season made its debut. The show received a third season renewal in July 2021, which debuted on June in the year 2022, and ended on August 14, 2022. The show got picked up for a season 4 in July 2022.

    Critics have praised Evil for its acting, characters, narrative, director, and cinematography in particular.

    Prodigal Son

    Prodigal Son

    Evelyn also was cast as Christine Chartrand in the 2019 series Prodigal Son.

    The Fox Broadcasting Company’s Prodigal Son is an American television crime drama series that debuted on September 23, 2019, and ended on May 18, 2021. A notorious mass murderer known as “the Surgeon”is Martin Whitly who is also the father of Malcolm Bright,the main character of the show. Years prior when Malcolm as a young boy, he learned whatever his dad was doing and informed the authorities, who were eventually able to apprehend him. Malcolm hasn’t seen his father in ten years because he cut all links with Martin and changed his name to do so.

    Malcolm, who is now employed by the NYPD and is an FBI profiler, must confront his dad after a replica serial killer is discovered. While battling internal conflicts, he needs to use Whitly’s knowledge to assist in solving terrible crimes.Additionally, he has to cope with Malcolm’s father, who keeps attempting to reenter his son’s life. Gil who is a NYPD lieutenant and a father figure to Malcom was the officer that answered to Malcolm’s call all of those years ago, assists him along the way.

    Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver created it. A complete season of the show was ordered in October 2019. The show received a second season renewal in May 2020, and it debuted on 12th of January in 2021. In May 2021, unfortunately the series was terminated after two seasons.

    City on a Hill

    City on a Hill

    In 2022, Evelyn made an appearance on screen as Dominique Zanghi in the TV series City on a Hill.

    Kevin Bacon’s corrupt FBI agent Jackie Rohr is back, attempting to take advantage of Boston’s criminal law system in an effort to save his own career. Unfortunately for Jackie, Aldis Hodge’s portrayal of ADA Decourcy Ward is aware of his foe’s most recent error.

    The drama is set in early 1990s Boston, where Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward establishes an odd partnership with Jackie Rohr, an FBI veteran who is crooked but widely respected. They take on a case together that eventually transforms the city’s whole criminal justice system.

    The Crowded Room

    The Crowded Room

    Evelyn also appeared as Grace in the upcoming 2022 series The Crowded Room staring Tom Holland.

    Season one of Akiva Goldsman’s planned drama anthology television show The Crowded Room, which will air on Apple TV+, was inspired by Daniel Keyes’ book The Minds of Billy Milligan. Season one of this annual anthology series, which is based on the life of Akiva Goldsman and is inspired by Daniel Keyes’ historical novel The Minds of Billy Milligan, explores the real-world struggles and inspiring tales of those who have overcome mental illness.

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