Top 12 Gay Anime Of All Time – 2022

    Romance has always formed a major role in Japanese anime. It has been presenting us with good-quality romance ever since. Gay romance is also a major genre. There are a million fans of boys love content. If you are one as well, a list is mentioned below comprising the top 12 best anime which will serve you with the best gay romance plots. Check out the anime below to know more and select the one which intrigues you the most

    1. Umibe no Étranger

    Umibe no Étranger

    Not only a lovely romantic plot, but mine no Etranger presents to us the struggle of homosexuals who come out to the real world with their real identities. This is one such story about Shun Hashimoto, who tells his parents his real identity- that he is a homosexual man or gay. He is an aspiring novelist, who doesn’t hide his gay identity. He used to live with his parents in Okinawa, who eventually kicked him out when they learned that he is gay. One day he goes to the beach, and there he meets Mio Chibana, an orphan, who goes to high school. Mio is an introverted person. Mio’s personality instantly grabs Shun’s attention.

    They begin to see each other on a regular basis and grew close. All was well and good, up until one day, Shun announces that he has to leave for the mainland. He leaves and comes back after three years. After coming back, he confesses his love for Shun. What Mio doesn’t realize is that in these three years Shun’s life has changed a lot. With mixed feelings what will be the path of their love?

    Hereby, Umibe no stranger presents to us love between two men, whose fate first pulls them apart, then brings them closer. It also represents the hardships homosexual people have to go through in order to live a normal life like others with the people they love.

    2. Doukyuusei


    Doukyuusei is a beautiful anime film exploring the relationship between two young men, who are madly in love with each other. It is a romantic anime, which centerson a gay couple. The story is about Rhino and Hikaru. One is a top student, while the other excels as a guitarist. Having different interests., and different career paths, they still encounter each other, when Rhito needs to prepare for a chorus. He goes to Hikaru, as Hikaru is well known for his skills. As both of them began to hang out together, their bond became stronger, and eventually formed the path of a romantic relationship.

    Rhito is shy and aces at academics. He is an honored student at Touichikou High School- which is an all-boys school. On the other hand, Hiraku is a carefree band boy, who doesn’t care about his academic performance much. When he sees that Sajo is struggling with singing, he offers to help him. During the days they would practice, he kissed Sajo. From that point, they start growing closer.

    Hikaru also helps Sajo to ease his anxiety before exams. The couple expresses their desire to stick to each other and grow together. As they grow, Hikaru chooses to stay in Japan, and pursue his music career. This plan gets changed when after a music event he had to leave immediately. Soja, on the other hand, studies pharmacology at Kyoto University. The plot has a happy ending. At the age of twenty, they marry each other, after enjoying some high school sex.

    3. Yuri


    Yuri!!! On ICE is known for its excellent sports presentation. This is the story of a sportsman who had almost turned his back on spirits after a deadly defeat. The story goes on to tell us about how he for motivated again and decided to pursue his career again.

    Yuuri Katsuki is the protagonist, who is a professional Japanese skater and is highly popular. He decided to give up on his skating career after facing a defeat. He packs his bags and leaves for his home. At home, he totally gives up on his training and sports life. He does not train and has gained weight also. His hopes for returning once more to skating have started to be belittled.

    However, a ray of hope enters his mind, when he watched an old video of himself doing a tough move, which was originally performed by the famous skater- Victor. His video was trending, and it gave him hope to try once more. He approaches no one, but Victor only. Victor starts training Yuuri, and eventually, the sexual tension between them increases. The pair eventually becomes close and falls in love with each other. Their relationship is carried on perfectly.

    The series explores their gay relationship, as the romance becomes more sparking between them. What will follow their fate? Will they end together or have to choose separate paths? All the events are covered in the anime. The anime has a high sports spirit combined with a twist of gay romance.

    4. Fuyu no Semi

    Fuyu no Semi

    Fuyu no Semi is a well-acknowledged anime for its romantic storyline followed by separation and tragedy. The story revolves around two characters- AkizukiKelichirou and Kusaka Touma. The setting is done between the timeline of Bakumatsu and the Meiji Period. Akizuki and Kusaka belong to two different political backgrounds and are opposite to each other. But some strange emotions bring these two men together. Eventually, they become closer and first friends than lovers.

    However, their fate was not destined to be together. The pair meets a tragic and brutal end. They face the pain of separation. Later they get a chance to be reunited again, but that doesn’t continue for long. Eventually, they have to face separation again which leads to loads of sacrifice.

    The story is extremely emotional and has got its viewers to cry their hearts out. Even after a decade and a half after its release, the series has not lost its charm. It included excellent drama and erotic scenes, which get balanced by sparking romance between the boys. In an ancient era how the boys continued to love each other, hiding from everyone, will be a major part of the series. The series keeps its focus on Japan’s history as well. Hence, it is a perfect choice for those who like history and boys-on-boys romance. Overall, the anime presents us with a beautiful plot and a heartbreaking storyline.

    5. Hitorijime My Hero

    Hitorijime My Hero

    Hitorijime y Hero is a popular anime about a high schooler, whose life changes when he gets serious about his high school, and discovers new relationships there. Masahiro Setagawa was a homeless teenager, with little to no clear way of life. His perspective changes when he starts studying sincerely at his high school. Kousuke Ooshiba was assigned to be the maths teacher of his class.

    Kaousake was acquainted with Masahiro. To add more to his good luck, one of his friends- Kensuke Ooshiba also enrolled himself in Maths class. An unusual bond is created between the teacher and Masahiro. Kousake was protective of Masahiro and paid extra attention to him. On the other hand, Masahiro also had a positive opinion of his maths teacher. For Masahiro, Kousuke was no less than a hero. The anime witnesses a change in plot, when a new character- Asaya Hasekura enters. Asaya is friends with Kensuke and develops romantic feelings for Kensuke.

    Hereby, the anime focuses on the lives of a set of high schoolers, who try to solve romantic issues. The series introduction of a Maths teacher and student relationship also touches a unique note. The series overall involves a glimpse of real-life experience by showing the confusion of teenagers who are trying to figure out their love lives. Apart from this, we will also see how under the guidance of a teacher, Kousake will make progress from a homeless boy to being a focused student, with a definite plan for the future.

    6. No.6


    Located somewhere in a utopia, this anime has impressed its viewers through its exotic romantic plot. The time is post-war, and the world has just begun to gather its peace again. The human population lives in six states, which are cities only. All methods are practiced to retain the peace of the city. The cities are numbered as one, two, three, four, five, and six. Shion- the main protagonist is from the city number six.

    His ordinary and monotonous life takes a shift when he meets Nezumi- a young boy who was from outside the city. They had different backgrounds. Shion was from the elite, whereas Nezumi belonged from the wastelands, and didn’t even form a proper part of the city. He is originally a fugitive. Shion realizes his real identity, but he already had developed an affection for him, and hence it becomes really hard for him to let go. Thereby, he decided to protect Nezumi.

    They couldn’t keep themselves longer with the secret. As soon as the city members found out about the fugitive, they boycotted Shion and his mother. They lost their elite symbol and were removed from the city and relocated somewhere else. Nezumi and Shion also get drifted from each other. However, later in time, the lovers meet, and then they stay together. Their journey together hence begins and together they explore the secrets of No. 6. The anime provides us with romance, combined with suspense.

    7. Seitokaichouni Chuukoku

    Seitokaichouni Chuukoku

    Seitokaichouni Chuukoku or Hey, Class President! Is another anime that covers gay romance. The plot has two main high school students as the leads. Their names are- Kokusai and Chiga. They meet at a judo club and eventually start spending more time together. Kokusai, it turns out is the senior martial artist, and alongside the class President too. Whereas, Chiga doesn’t specialize in anything particular, and is just a regular school boy. There were rumors that Kokusai has been sexually harassed by the ex-vice president, and is now looking for someone as a replacement. When Chiga comes to know about this, he approaches him to hire Chiga as the new vice president.

    Chiga slowly starts to admire Kokusai and takes it as his duty to protect him from perverts. He grows to be protective of Kokusai. They posed for a photoshoot of the hot guy’s calendar, which lead to increased intimacy. Kokusai would often think about their make-out sessions. The boys were really into each other. As Kokusai reaches home one day, he felt that someone else was hiding in the house. Later he gets sexually abused by the man. By the time a Chiga reaches there, everything was done already.

    Thereafter he becomes even more cautious of Kokusai and tries his best to protect him. The anime serves us with romance and some nice intimate sex scenes. Through the character of Chiga it will be shown, how far can love take a man to protect his lover.

    8. Hyperventilation


    Hyperventilation is an anime involving a love affair between two boys. The story has Lee Myeongyi as the main character, who has a lung disease. He suffers from Pneumothorax which means his lungs have air cavities between the chest and the lungs, which eventually lead to the collapse of the lungs.

    At school, because of his disease, he would attract a lot of unwanted attention, which used to irritate him. Because of his hyperventilation and constant coughing, he has been exempted from physical activities and a chance to participate in military training. His classmates’ behavior made him feel like an outcast. If there was anyone who would treat him normally was- Han Seonho- the class president. He would act with better understanding and was polite to him. Eventually, his kind behavior became the reason for Myeongyi to develop a crush on Han.

    As the school ended, they got separated too. A class reunion is organized and the only reason Myeongyi visited it is so that he can see Han once more. He was hoping badly that there might be a chance for him and that Han might reciprocate his feelings.

    But to his bad, as he sees him, he notices a gold ring on his left ring, and his hopes get shattered. All his classmates were curiously enquiring about the good event. Hurt by the scene, he excused himself to take a smoke outside, knowing that it would harm the condition of his lungs. Han follows him outside for a quick talk and check-up. From that very moment, their affair begins, and the story becomes even more interesting.

    9. Yes Ka No Ka Hanbun Ka

    Yes Ka No Ka Hanbun Ka

    Yes, Ka No Ka Hanbun Ka or Yes, No, or Maybe Half? is another anime involving gay romance, combined with a dramatic plot. It follows a manga adaptation of the same name. The story is about Kei Kunieda and Ushio Tsuzuki, who have two different personalities and opposite behavior. Kei Kunieda is a news caster. On the outside, he maintains a very optimistic, and jolly personality.

    But that is now how he is in reality. He curses everyone on his inside. He is pessimistic and seeing others in pain or in a tough spot makes him happy to the core of his heart. He was happily living his ordinary life and enjoying by cursing others, until one day. When he meets Ushio Tsuzuki, he feels a change in himself. Ushio was an independent stop-motion animator.

    One day tables turn as he finds himself in a tough spot in front of Ushio. His personality gets mixed up infront of Ushio, who met him in two different circumstances. Insecurities surround him, as he begins to develop feelings for Ushio. He becomes unsure which part Ushio will like, or will he like only one part? The pair eventually becomes a couple with tension lingering on part of Kei.

    10. Junjou Romantica

    Junjou Romantica

    Not one, but Junjou Romantics presents us with three romantic couple stories. Misaki Takahashi is the main lead. He is a young high school student, who leads a life like the other high schoolers. Like others, his prime goal is also to get into a good university after school and hence is preparing at its best. He was all focused until she met Akihiro Usami, who was Misaki’s brother’s best friend.

    Akihiro was a well-known author. He asked Misaki if he is willing to provide some of his time to help him out. Misaki agrees, thinking this will balance the stress of the exams, and will keep his mind in shape. But things didn’t go as the way they planned. Akihiro, it turns out, writes erotic stories. At first, Misako was not totally comfortable with the idea, but slowly as he keeps working, he starts enjoying it. Hence, what he initially found cringing, he later started to fancy it. He began to discover his erotic side. As this happens, the duo becomes closer to each other.

    The other couple that which series has is Hiroki Kamijou and Nowaki Kusama. Hiroki by profession is a professor, and Nowaki works as a Pediatrician. The other couple is You Miyagi and Shinobu Takasuki. Nowaki is madly in love with the professor and swears to keep him throughout, sacrificing his own issues. The other couple however faces issues. As madly as in love they are, they realize they can’t be together, as fate has different plans for them. Hence, all three couples have different journeys.

    11. Love Stage

    Love Stage

    Love Stage takes after the manga- Love Stage itself. The anime has been acknowledged for its romantic plot. The main character is Izumi Sena, whose whole family is in the industry. His mother is a well-known actress. His father is a popular producer and his brother is a rockstar as well, who has fans countrywide. His family is habitual of living in limelight all their life. But Izumi’s life is not like theirs. He has an ordinary lifestyle, and if ever he got any spotlight was when he was a kid, and appeared in a wedding magazine commercial. His family also wants him to join the business. Though he has other plans. He doesn’t want to be an actor, producer, or a rock-star. His interest lies in becoming a manga artist.

    Though he has to enter the industry once more against his will, as the magazine commercial for which he appeared, required the original child actor to do the commercial again. He had no other option and hence he had to go. There was another boy who did the commercial with him back then. His name was- RyoumaIchijou.

    He was also present at the set. Izumi’s life faces a sharp turn when he comes to know that Ryouma has had feelings for him, since their first meeting, as he thought that Izumi is a girl, because of his girlish looks, and gender-neutral name. When Ryouma comes to know the truth, then also his feelings don’t change, and he keeps seeing Izumi. Hence. Love Stage presents to us the story of unconditional love.

    12. Saezuru Tori waHabatakanai: The clouds Gather

    Saezuru Tori waHabatakanai The clouds Gather

    Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The clouds Gather or Twittering Birds Never Fly, is another popular anime presenting romance between two male couples. The story cast Yashiro as the main character. He is the leader of the Yakuza group Shinsekai, is very rude, and shows no mercy. He is a masochist and doesn’t have a sexual or private life. This is one of the reasons, he is always grumpy. He has deprived himself of any kind of love or pleasure, after having been deceived once in a serious relationship. His trust has been badly broken.

    Chikara Doumeki is his new bodyguard, who is also released from prison now. Yashiro doesn’t like the fact that Chikara is clumsy and impotent. He feels himself developing strange feelings toward Chikara and tries to control them. Despite his flaws, he constantly wishes that Chikara sticks to the job, and he feels like keeping him around all the time. Chikara also feels the same way about him. Eventually, as the plot advances, they become closer to each other. How they will deal with each other’s imperfections will form the core of the story.

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