Trailer For Japanese Remake Of Cube Is Out NOW!

    The official Cube video has arrived from Japan, and it’s full of gruesome intensity. Yasuhiko Shimizu’s picture, like Natali’s original, will feature a colourful cast of individuals in a futuristic maze of unending chambers.

    For what feels like an eternity, we’ve been waiting for a new Cube film. Vincenzo Natali, a Canadian director, created the original film in 1997. Cube had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and went on to gather a sizable genre audience. There are two sequels in the works, as well as an American adaptation.


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    The famous Canadian film featured a bloodbath, with a slew of inventive kills. While the Japanese trailer is full of jump scares, we’re not sure how disturbing it will be when compared to the original film. However, given Natali’s involvement as an executive producer on the film, there’s a good chance we’re in for a treat. One of the strengths of the original film was the gore and innovative booby traps that led to terrible deaths and we can only hope this will carry on to the Japanese remake.

    If Vincenzo Natali’s name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve undoubtedly seen his work as a director. Natali directed a flurry of interesting indie Canadian entertainment after the huge success of the original Cube picture, including the 2003 comedy Nothing. He’d go on to helm big-budget genre films like Splice and In The Tall Grass in the future. He’s also behind the scenes on NBC’s Hannibal.

    The star of the film is an enigmatic cube. Six men and women find themselves locked in Cube. It’s unknown where they are, why they are trapped, if there is a way out, if they will survive, or even what the room is.Cube is a film directed by Yasuhiko Shimizu that will be released in Japan on October 22.

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