Is “God’s Country (2022) ” Based On A True Story?

    A heartbroken college professor becomes embroiled in an escalating struggle of wills with two hunters she discovers trespassing on her land.

    Is “God’s Country” based on a true story?

    God's Country (2022) “God’s Country” is a fictional story. A character-driven thriller taking place in the American West’s cold environment. Sandra Guidry, a Black professor who resides and works in a small college town, is portrayed by Thandiwe Newton. She notices an enigmatic red vehicle parked in her driveway and quickly finds that it belongs to two neighborhood hunters who are attempting to access the woodland behind her home.

    Sandra gently but firmly rejects them since she knows that they are not the kinds of men she should open her door to. But they won’t accept no, and Sandra quickly finds herself caught up in an intensifying struggle of wills that challenges her most cherished principles.

    Cast: Thandiwe Newton, Tanaya Beatty, Jefferson White, Jeremy Bobb, Kai Lennox, Joris Jarsky, Karen Jean Olds, Gabriel Clark, Dark Sevier, Phaedra Nielson, Matthew Yetter, Ainsley Sevier, Lynn Solomon, John Hosking, Amy McLeod, Daniel McLeod.

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