12 Horrifying and Life-Threatening The Evil Within Creatures – Explored

    A superb video game series like The Evil Within is developed when horror icon Shinji Ikari’s Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks collaborate. This third-person survival video game follows the horror tradition started by Ikari’s best-known game, Resident Evil. The Evil Within 2 was released as a sequel. The Consequence, The Assignment, and The Executioner are three more narratives in the game.

    The game follows the exploits of protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, who must navigate his way through a world filled with terrifying animals and locations. Sebastian confronts his foes front-on with guns and melee weapons, making progress until he achieves his goal.

    The plot is developed chapter by chapter. Sebastian Castellanos, along with Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman, is a detective for the Krimson City Police Department. The three of them are plunged into a twisted universe while investigating a mass murder in Beacon Mental Hospital in The Evil Within. Sebastian confronts various adversaries as he becomes separated from his partners. Ruvik, a man in a white hood, is also following him.

    Sebastian learns more about Ruvik as the game proceeds. He was born Ruben Victoriano and was an exceptionally bright child. Ruben’s face was injured in the disaster following the death of his sister Laura in a fire. His father then locked him up in the manor’s basement. Ruben was greatly traumatized by these occurrences, leading him to murder his parents. He then went on to donate the family’s money to the Beacon Mental Hospital in exchange for exchange subjects for human psychiatric tests.

    He created the STEM program, which allows him to modify his reality. He desired to literally return to his memories and rejoin with Laura.

    The opposing group MOBIUS had discovered Ruvik’s invention and wanted to exploit STEM for their own ends. As a precaution, Ruvik calibrated STEM using his brain at its center.

    MOBIUS dealt with this by killing him and removing his brain. Leslie Withers was chosen as the host for Ruvik’s brain because he was a modified test subject who would allow MOBIUS to construct their preferred reality.

    Ruvik was looking for a suitable host. He also used his subconscious to construct animals that serve as the game’s enemies.

    Sebastian eventually locates Leslie and returns him to the Beacon Mental Hospital. He does, however, come find his own body, which is connected up to STEM. When Kidman reappears, she informs Sebastian that Leslie must die, but Ruvik arrives and absorbs her. This is due to Ruvik’s desire for Leslie to be his host.

    Sebastian has to fight more Ruvik-created animals, and he keeps ending himself in the bathtub. He destroys Ruvik’s brain in the end. He sees Leslie going out of the hospital as he exits.

    Juli Kidman is the central character in The Assignment and The Consequence, which follows her after she is separated from Sebastian. Their other companion transforms into a Haunted, which is one of the game’s creatures. This creature is formed when a person connected to the STEM dies or is dominated by its effect.

    Ruvik takes Leslie’s body to flee the STEM, she discovers. Juli is up against an entity known as The Shade, who is persistently pursuing her.

    Ruvik’s mind has given birth to a slew of horrifying and hideous villains in The Evil Within. Ruvik had a lot of dark and nasty feelings as a result of his experience, and his villains were a physical representation of that.

    Sebastian Castellanos reappears three years later in The Evil Within 2. His life is not without flaws. He has retired as a detective, haunted by his experiences. His daughter Lily is said to have died in a fire, and his wife has left him. However, he discovers that Lily is still alive and is being used as the core of the new STEM system.

    The new technology has produced a community named Union, which was supposed to be idealistic, but the simulation has evidently lost control. Sebastian is a part of the programme, and he attends Union. Instead of being an ideal location, the town had devolved into a nightmare with deformed breasts and monsters strewed about. Myra also appears in the show, and she is determined to keep Lily safe.

    Sebastian discovers Theodore Wallace and believes he is the main threat. He defeats him in the end, but Myra reappears and kills Theodore. Sebastian should keep away from her and Lily, she also warns Sebastian.

    Myra wants to take Lily’s position as the core in order to save her, while MOBIUS tells Kidman to kill Sebastian in the simulation. Kidman, on the other hand, assists Sebastian and Lily in their escape.

    In comparison to The Evil Within, the adversaries in The Evil Within 2 are far more terrifying. They are formed by a variety of methods, including Theodore Wallace’s brainwashing and the fusion of corpses.

    Sebastian meets these villains in each chapter and must either avoid or overcome them in order to achieve his objectives. So, if you are curious about how some of these bizarre monsters look, how they came to be, how they attack, and how they can be defeated, you have come to the right place.

    1. Sadist


    He is the first villain a player would encounter in The Evil Within, making his appearance in Chapter 1. He is a recurring opponent throughout the game as well. Sadist makes an appearance as the enemy boss in The Executioner and The Evil Within 2.

    He is massive in size, at least for a human and he dons a metal mask with spikes. His hair is grey and stained while his blue eyes show symptoms of a cataract.

    He wields a chainsaw which is also his go-to for an offensive attack against Sebastian Castellanos. He also has a meat cleaver but does not use it as much.

    The Sadist was a convicted murderer. He was a subject of the STEM system and had the objective of destroying all the other subjects to make an escape.

    Despite being the first villain to make an appearance, Sadist is not an easy one to deal with. The player would often need to go to extreme lengths to kill him. Rather, he is so formidable that the way to deal with it in Chapter 1 is literally by fleeing and hiding from him.

    He reappears in Chapter 3 and this is where the player has to kill Sadist and acquire his chainsaw. However, he comes back in Chapter 6 and Chapter 15, despite dying. He also wields a rocket launcher in Chapter 15. Here, he has to die once and for all in The Evil Within.

    He returns in The Evil Within 2 but only briefly during the boss battle with Theodore Wallace. He is defeated when Sebastian overpowers him by using the Sadist’s chainsaw to nearly bisect him.

    Do not let his big, overweight size fool you. The Sadist happens to be incredibly agile and quite difficult to deal with. Agony bolts can stun him and are a good alternative to just running away. High-powered weapons like Magnum or Shotgun can be used by the player to launch a stunning attack on his face. The bolts can also work as land mines against him.

    The biggest advantage while fighting the Sadist as Sebastian is the environment. In every situation with him, there are environmental traps that the player can use to overpower the Sadist.

    As stunning is a good and efficient way to deal with the Sadist, flash bolts are quite the ideal weapon to use against him as well. They also tend to have a longer-lasting effect compared to gunfire. Also, three successful Flash Bolt hits will kill him.

    Another efficient way to deal with him is by engaging in a sequence of hide-and-seek. But, the player must make sure they avoid hiding under beds, inside closets, or any place where they are within the Sadist’s view. Because, if the Sadist catches the player, he can just shove his chainsaw into the spot and execute an instant kill. This is why it is better to escape him in Chapter 1 because the player would constantly need to retreat to a locker, which is a place where the Sadist can easily overpower him. However, in Chapter 3, Sebastian can use Flash Bolts and defeat him in three hits.

    His chainsaw can block hammer attacks while RPG Sadist’s rockets can cause massive damage. However, during his fight with Keeper, the Sadist is slower than the opponent. He also has a tendency to swing his launcher around, which is inconvenient if the Keeper keeps attacking him with a hammer.

    2. Laura


    The primary antagonist of The Evil Within, Ruvik, had a sister Laura Victoriano, who died horrifically in a fire. She reincarnated as a twisted version of her former self and went on to become a recurring antagonist in The Evil Within. Similar to the Sadist, Laura makes a brief appearance in The Evil Within 2.

    Laura was born as a villain as a result of how tragic her death was as well as Ruvik’s thirst for vengeance. In fact, she was a physical manifestation of Ruvik’s feelings. She was almost immune to bullets but the open flame was her Kryptonite. As Laura Victoriano died from a barn-house fire, her vulnerability to an open flame, in particular, is one of the most interesting features of The Evil Within.

    The antagonist Laura had patchy and mottled skin which was discolored, as she died from a fire. She also screamed constantly since that was the last memory Ruvik had of her.

    Laura makes her first appearance against Sebastian near the end of Chapter 4. This takes place in a room that resembles a morgue (also a reference to her already being dead). She bursts out of the dead bodies, screaming, as Sebastian nears a pile of corpses. He escapes her to deal with the situation as she is too challenging an opponent for him to deal with in the fourth chapter.

    She reappears towards the end of Chapter 5 where Sebastian has to fight her inside a larger incinerator since the open flame is her weakness. She is defeated after being burnt thrice.

    She makes a comeback in Chapter 10 where Sebastian has to defeat her before entering the elevator. If they do enter the elevator, Laura will grab his arms through the chain door and sever it as the elevator descends.

    In The Evil Within 2, Laura reappears after Sebastian triggers the memory. She also opposes Sebastian following the defeat of The Keeper and The Sadist, emerging from The Keeper’s head. She is defeated as Sebastian ignited an overhead incinerator. This also results in erasing her influence over Sebastian.

    Laura’s abilities allow her to teleport behind Sebastian, emerge as a corpse, tunnel into surfaces, and crawl very quickly. This helps her fight despite being slow in her movement in general. The teleportation ability requires Sebastian to constantly be on the move to deal with her. Shutting doors helps as well.

    Her ability to regenerate from a corpse means that she can spawn out of any corpse on the ground. The player has to burn the corpses before she can respawn in Chapter 5. This also reduces the number of times Laura can withstand being burnt, again and again.

    This is fairly easy to do if the player is vigilant about his surroundings. Since she takes several seconds to respawn, burning the corpse within that timeframe will cause great damage to Laura.

    Apart from using an open flame, the player can also use conventional weapons against her. However, this has a drawback due to her ability to teleport and high health. Constantly using weapons against her is not a smart move as it ends up reducing Sebastian’s resources because she has her ways around it.

    A combination of explosive bolts and grenades can kill Laura in Chapter 4. She is also vulnerable to freezing so the Agony Crossbow Freeze bolts are an effective weapon against her, as they get her pinned to one place, giving Sebastian enough time to make his next move.

    In The Evil Within 2, the player can avoid the incinerator trick to defeat her by using a grand total of 80 units of fuel in his flamethrower to kill her.

    3. The Keeper

    The Keeper

    The Keeper is similar to The Sadist and Laura in the way that he appears in The Evil Within and briefly in The Evil Within 2.

    He is a tall humanoid with a large-built. His outfit is that of a butcher and he has a featureless safe instead of ahead, where the insides contain pulsing flesh instead of a face.

    His weapon of choice is a meat tenderizer hammer. It has a spike on the opposite side and using it to impale the enemy through their head is The Keeper’s go-to offensive attack.

    The Keeper originated in the same way as Laura which is a combination of negative emotion (in his case, rage) and Ruvik’s memory of him. As Ruvik’s memory was that of the safe where he kept his research on the human psyche, The Keeper’s head symbolizes Ruvik’s atrocious past.

    The Keeper uses brute strength. He can also teleport to any of the safes around his area. The surroundings during his appearance generally have several safes so that makes The Keeper an omnipresent opponent. His appearance can be detected by repeated camera flickers, glitches, noises of scratching, and pounding.

    In The Executioner, the player has to fight a darker manifestation of him, where he uses a Sword instead of his meat tenderizer. Here, he can also summon arms to pursue his opponent.

    The Keeper made his first appearance officially in Chapter 7 as a boss enemy for Sebastian to defeat. Here, he has to be incapacitated in a sealed chamber with poisonous gas pouring in constantly. Even though the Keeper isn’t very tough, the presence of several safes allows him to respawn constantly. He can be destroyed by throwing his head safe into a spike trap and then subsequently crushing it.

    However, he goes on to reappear in Chapter 13 where he mostly works to hinder Sebastian. He is a sub-boss towards the end of Chapter 15 and this time, he has to be defeated.

    In the seventh chapter of The Evil Within, the player can constantly farm trap parts taken from the Keeper, after they shut off the toxic gas. If he does not drop his traps for the player to pick, shooting him with a shotgun will make him flinch enough to drop them. However, this technique requires a lot of skill and patience. Pro-gamer moment.

    The Magnum can kill him in one shot and with two normal explosive bolts, the player can do it in only two shots.

    The player can distance themselves from the Keeper by keeping their ear out to check when he is using his hammer to bang on his head safe. As The Keeper always reacts to spotting Sebastian by doing so, this is a ‘safe’ way (pun intended) to detect him.

    The player can prevent The Keeper from respawning by killing him quite a number of times in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 because he will be out of safes to respawn from.

    In The Executioner, the Rocket Launcher and Sword can cause damage to the Dark Keeper. Barbed wire traps and Dynamite can stun him as well. The player must be good at dodging because the Dark Keepers have a relatively good speed.

    In The Evil Within 2, the Warden Crossbow and Harpoon Bolts are effective against him. To prevent him from respawning constantly, the player can deploy tripwires after killing the first Keeper to put all the respawns at a disadvantage from the start.

    4. Anima


    Anima is different from the other three villains before him on this list. She is a special antagonist who appears in The Evil Within 2.

    She is mysterious and haunts the streets and the people of Union, with Sebastian being her primary target. Sometimes, she will pick other targets randomly and then torment them to make them paranoid or until she wants to kill them. No one can see Anima except her victims.

    She dons tattered robes and long hair shrouds her face. Her pace is slow but it speeds up considerably as she pursues her victim.

    Anima is a quasi-physical manifestation of the STEM domination process and not a creature who was created. She is a ghostly stalker and she manifests faster in the STEM subjects who have rewritten or damaged memory.

    As Sebastian had a lot of mental trauma from being inside Ruben Victoriano’s STEM, Anima was able to manifest in him. She keeps chasing him over and over because STEM was able to resume its power over his mind, mainly due to his buried issues resurfacing.

    Her abilities allow her to phase through doors, walls, and the likes. She can also perform telekinesis and levitation. She is invulnerable and does not sustain damage. She also drains the life force out of her victims to kill them.

    Her presence can be sensed before encountering her, as the environment gets colder when the player’s proximity gets closer to that of Anima’s. Their surroundings also get fogged. She can also be heard singing a very eerie and creepy version of Clair de Lune. The player can use this to determine how far she is.

    Her arrival will be preceded by a bright light while a white flash will denote safety from Anima. The pre-arrival light will make the enemies vanish and there will be a thin, blueish layer of mist.

    She can manifest herself in every location barring Safe Houses.

    Sebastian encounters her first in Chapter 3 of The Evil Within 2. She appears behind Sebastian while he tries to leave the house. There’s the option for another encounter in this chapter which happens in a small storage shed. The player begins to hallucinate after entering the shed as Anima pounds the door. There’s a third option where Sebastian encounters Anima inside a shack.

    She reappears in Chapter 7 and attacks Sebastian, forcing him into another hallucination. However, he escapes her again.

    She appears for one last time in Chapter 11 where she ambushes Sebastian and makes him experience the final hallucination. She attacks more violently here and he is only able to escape her once and for all after shooting his doppelganger in the head.

    The player should study her patrol path as they near her because this makes escaping easier. They can also move away from an immediate area if they are not in an interior space.

    The most efficient way to deal with her is by maintaining distance and not stepping on nearby clutter such as glass bottles. When she knows where the player is, she will mutter ‘Sebastian’ softly.

    5. Harbinger


    Harbingers are antagonists from The Evil Within 2. They used to be normal people once but Theodore’s evil will has twisted their minds.

    Now, they are huge humanoids who wield flamethrowers. These dangerous villains wear rebreather masks that are bandaged and their faces are concealed. The robes they sport resemble that of Theodore himself but their stoles are white instead of red. 

    Harbingers are introduced in the game for the first time in a cutscene as a character named Esmeralda Torres travels to her safe house. However, Sebastian first encounters them for real towards the end of Chapter 11. There’s a boss fight where Sebastian learns that his ally Liam O’Neal was brainwashed into becoming the boss version of the Harbinger that he was fighting. In fact, Liam was brainwashed by Ruvik himself.

    After his defeat, Sebastian encounters many more Harbingers who are setting The Lost (who are enemies of Sebastian as well and the most common group of villains in The Evil Within 2) on fire.

    As antagonists, they are hard to defeat and probably one of the hardest opponents that Sebastian has to fight. They have devastating melee attacks which are deadly, especially at close range. Their mid-range fireballs are a force to be reckoned with as well.

    They also use the butts of flamethrowers to attack Sebastian on the face. This knocks him down on the floor and renders him almost immobile for a moment, buying the Harbingers enough time to burn him alive.

    One drawback they have is that Harbingers take the highest damage from headshots which is a bit ironic, considering the fact that their heads are always armored. The player can also blow the fuel tanks behind Harbingers because that’s an efficient way to cause high damage.

    Harbingers are constantly turning and flailing so a player would need ample amounts of cover to sneak up on it. However, as they are very loud, players can hear them before encountering them or from a considerable distance. So those who do not want to fight can escape from doing so.

    They can be disoriented when attacked using Smoke Bolts. This also opens space for a sneak attack. Following that, the player can take a Harbinger down with five attacks on Nightmare +, three on Survival, and two on Casual mode, which are the three modes of the game, with Casual being the easiest and, well, Nightmare + being the hardest.

    To get involved in a head-on fight with a Harbinger, the player should stick to engaging in a mid-range battle and they can cause a lot of damage in close-range. It’s better to have full stocks of ammo before engaging in this battle.

    Another method that causes considerable damage to them is by blowing up fuel tanks but this can often be a gamble for the player because the Harbingers begin to spam their melee attack aggressively after this.

    When a Harbinger is accompanied by stray Lots, the player should deal with the others first because they are weaker.

    Liquid nitrogen canisters can be used to freeze the Harbingers. This also buys Sebastian enough time to use cheap shots on an immobile Harbinger. Freeze Bolts from the Warden Crossbow can also be a good alternative.

    The Harbinger uses a very grotesque technique to kill Sebastian. He will hit him using his flamethrower bash and stab the stomach with the nozzle. Then, the Harbinger pulls the trigger which burns Sebastian’s body from the inside. A Harbinger can do this even without a fuel tank while Sebastian has over 50% health on the meter.

    6. Disciple


    The Disciples appear in The Evil Within 2 as the horrifying servants of Theodore Wallace.

    They are giant creatures with charred but muscular flesh. Their skulls are almost visible due to their faces being heavily damaged. What makes them more formidable and also grotesque is the lava that seeps from the fissures in their bodies. They can also burst into flames.

    Sebastian first encounters The Disciples in Chapter 9 of The Evil Within 2. He is ambushed by a trio here while approaching an illusion of his daughter. The Disciples go on to become a recurring opponent for Sebastian and are often seen with a Harbinger.

    They also cause the death of Yukiko Hoffman, a psychologist, and ally of Sebastian.

    It is not uncommon to see Disciples kneel down and pray in front of altars while not engaging in combat. When they do fight, they tend to charge directly at Sebastian with a tackle or punch. They are close-range fighters and like to grab their opponents and then ignite themselves.

    They use mobbing as a technique quite often, which means that they close in on their opponents quickly and collaborate to overpower them. Then, they take turns to knock them out.

    Disciples grow protective layers over their skills to reduce and prevent damage from future attacks if a headshot does not kill them. When their arms are destroyed, they bleed lava, which becomes a hindrance for Sebastian because the Disciples weaponize this by swinging at them.

    The Disciples can inflict damage upon Sebastian by grabbing him while he is low on health. A bearhug will cause Sebastian’s body to catch fire and he will burn to death.

    It can also choose to raise him by the head and tear his arms apart vertically.

    There’s a wide arsenal of attacks a player can use against them. The Burst Handgun or the Sawed-off Shotgun are good at knocking the Disciples out in the event of a charge attack. A traditional Hand Axe can also kill them instantly. Nitrogen Tanks can be shot alongside the Freeze bolts of the Warden Crossbow.

    One can also sneak up on them via ambushing or other stealthy attacks and then take them down. However, this does not seem to work when the Disciple is ignited because it would result in Sebastian taking damage which would alert it.

    6. Obscura


    Obscura is one of the antagonists who appear in The Evil Within 2. He does not appear in The Evil Within.

    Obscura has one of the most compelling background stories in the game. He was created by Stefano Valentini (an important villain in The Evil Within 2). Stefano used the remains of two of his victims to create Obscura. One of those victims was a young woman who lived in Union. Obscura was Stefano’s most ‘prized pet’ and was considered to be his ultimate masterpiece.

    Obscura’s main body had a female corpse that arched backward. It sat on top of a pelvis with three legs, which was stitched together with the corpse. Its head had a super long and old large format camera. The flashbulb in the camera worked as a weapon because it could be used to afflict damage on the victims of the villain.

    The three legs of Obscura basically worked as a tripod since his head was a camera. He has the ability to stop time and click pictures of his victims.

    Sebastian encounters Obscura as Chapter 5 nears its end. Valentini unleashed the creature on the hero to stop him from activating the Stable Field Emitter (a device that prevents the Union from collapsing).

    Obscura’s go-to offensive tactic is using its camera-like head. Once it closes in on its opponent, it uses the camera’s flash to stun the opponent (in this case, Sebastian) and then follows it up with a headbutt, knocking him down. Other times, it will stab him using many sharp appendages that come out of its rear.

    When using the metal appendages, Obscura tends to stab the opponent in the shoulders using his blades and then pins him to the floor. It finishes its move by first impaling Sebastian through the head and then clicking a picture of that scene.

    Its weakness is the camera itself. A shot to this camera can temporarily daze Obscura. It might retreat to one of the rooms after taking a sufficient amount of damage. However, the main problem in the game is that it takes a lot to cause his health bar to go down substantially, so it’s advisable for the player to evade him. Once the Emitter gets activated, Obscura gets ‘phased’ out of existence.

    However, this is temporary because Obscura returns in Chapter 7 when Sebastian has to destroy Valentini’s artworks.

    This time, Obscura is slightly larger and unaware of Sebastian’s whereabouts, so the player had to sneak past it. Things are slightly different this time as the player can use firepower to defeat Obscura. But, it is not mandatory to kill him. One can just simply choose to evade the situation.

    If Sebastian does not kill Obscura, its whereabouts, in the end, become ‘obscure’. However, it can be assumed that it perishes after Union is destroyed at the end of The Evil Within 2.

    8. The Watcher

    The Watcher

    He is one of the boss villains in The Evil Within 2. The Watcher serves Myra Hanson (the former wife of Sebastian).

    He was created by Myra herself and was made of mainly psychoplasm, which is a viscous, white substance the villain sheds in high amounts on the places it treads upon. This substance has its perks as an offensive feature because it slows down Sebastian when he steps on it.

    The Watcher can amp up his offensive attack from this by manifesting appendages that look like hands from this substance.

    It has a main body that has a head vaguely resembling a skull. It does not have a lower jaw though and its eyes in the socket glow.

    Sebastian first encounters him in Chapter 6 of The Evil Within 2, while going through the Marrow tunnels and towards the Business District of Union. His presence becomes evident when Sebastian has to face the sticky goo appearing from the walls and floors of the tunnel.

    As Sebastian enters a fairly big storage room, he notices a strange creature darting across from the corner of his eye. He follows it and then comes face to face with The Watcher.

    He makes another appearance towards the end of Chapter 8. His strategy here is slightly different as Sebastian’s ex-wife Myra uses The Watcher as a form of transportation. She does this to whisk herself and her daughter away from the boss fight between Stefano and Sebastian.

    When Sebastian and The Watcher encounter each other in the Marrow, the creature tends to not know about Sebastian’s whereabouts at first. The player can choose to stealthily sneak past it or fight it. But, both strategies have their drawbacks. Hiding is a problem because The Watcher’s slime is able to reduce movement. On the other hand, fighting it can become costly for the players. A convenient escape route for the player is sprinting past The Watcher to the exit,

    He can sustain substantial amounts of damage but he does have a weak point – his glowing eyes. Hammering his face constantly will help bring the Watcher down. However, his hand attacks and spit are dangerous, especially on the Nightmare + mode.

    If Sebastian chooses to sprint past the Watcher, the villain will send one of its arms flying after him. He will grab Sebastian and show him his face. This is when the player can shoot his eyes to cause extra damage and escape. If he fails, the Watcher will swallow him.

    Sometimes, the Watcher creates a larger hand that has to be dodged. Otherwise, it will pull Sebastian under its dangerous white liquid. Then, multiple smaller hands will spring out to overpower an already struggling Sebastian. This will kill the player instantly.

    9. Lament


    This is one of the creatures the player comes across in Union. He appears in The Evil Within 2. It is extremely deformed and monstrous.

    Its structure is absurd and looks like it has been formed from around two female hosts. Dismembered body parts from other hosts are also attached to the torso of the creature. It has several bony arms for grabbing its victims. Smaller arms are fused within the flesh of the creature.

    Lament’s skin has a terrifying form as well because it twists itself into absurd positions. Parts of it cock sidewards to some extent. It also has a massive, gaping maw while his eyes are bloodshot. Instead of tears, Lament has an acidic fluid dripping down its face all the time. To make matters worse with how this creature looks, The Lament is almost bald, barring the few long black hair strands. They are melded into its body.

    Its monstrous form gets more disgusting because its bony legs cannot sustain its hideous, lumpy form. So, it has to hobble around while walking. As a player, it is not fairly difficult to detect its presence because it emanates a toxic green mist from its body. Their gasps are also loud and sound like hiccups but they almost throw their voice, which makes the player unable to understand whether the creature is above or below him.

    Once it spots Sebastian, it starts yelping, which alerts the player, giving him the leeway to hide.

    The Lament appears first in Union but only on rare occasions. There’s a Broken Sniper Rifle which is guarded by a Lament while another one is present on the footpath. They also inhabit parking lots of forested areas, but these encounters are much rarer. A third Lament prowls around the sewers when Sebastian travels through The Marrow. Another one wanders around the bottom floor in the laboratories.

    Staying true to its hideous appearance, Laments are one of the vilest creatures to oppose Sebastian in the game and have a high perception ability. They can spot Sebastian by slightly turning their heads and then, it will emit a deafeningly shrill screech. This is not just a gimmick but a cry which draws in two or three Lots into the combat. Its sound also drains Sebastian’s stamina.

    At first, the creature walks towards Sebastian while spewing its acid on him. The accuracy is precise and they are compressed into balls that explode on impact. The Laments gang up to create an acid puddle with its spit while the acid balls help shove Sebastian into that very pit.

    If Sebastian causes a Lament to take enough damage, it retaliates with a terrifying counterattack. It tends to get close to Sebastian, grabbing him with his bony arms and vomiting acid for eight seconds. Even though this kills the Lament itself, it takes Sebastian down with it by searing its skin. An instant kill.

    Almost all the villains in the game can be attacked stealthily via a sneak attack or an ambush and the same goes for the Laments. Sebastian can carry a bottle with a corresponding perk which he can hurl into a Lament’s face and escape. However, the high health and perceptive abilities of the creature make it difficult to pull off this feat but two sneak attacks should be able to take it down.

    Sebastian can use the weapon Sawed-off Shotgun to kill the Lament.

    10. Spawn


    These are villains appearing in Chapter 3 of The Evil Within 2. Spawns are an upgrade from creatures such as the Laments in the sense that they are formed from at least four people.

    The frontal portion of the creature looks like three heads have been fused together into a rough triangular structure. Its mouth resembles a maw with razor-sharp teeth. The head of the fourth person sprouts from the creature’s rear, giving it a near-360 degree range of view to track its surroundings. So, it becomes increasingly hard for the player to sneak up on a Spawn, and back attacks obviously don’t seem to work well.

    Their legs are unconventional. Rather, it is weird to even call them legs because they are actually several clawed hands. This does not impair them though and can have a deadly effect against the opponent.

    Spawn’s behavior has a dog-like pattern. They roam around Union searching for prey. Or, they lie down and wait for the prey to pass by. On spotting its potential victim, they scurry up to them and make attempts to pounce and bite, reiterating the fact that their behavior resembles that of a dog to an extent.

    The creature kills its opponent in a fairly simple way. It pounces on Sebastian, pins his arms down, extends its throat jaw, and bites down on the head. If Sebastian’s health is low enough during this onslaught, he will die. The spawn will then devour the head.

    They are also quite fast and often travel in pairs. It is difficult to engage in combat with Spawns because of their sidestepping locomotion style.

    However, that does not mean they are invincible, of course. The player can use the Sawed-off Shotgun against this creature. Because the weapon has a large spread and high damage potential, it works very well against Spawns, especially when it comes to nullifying its speed.

    The player can also use the Hand Axe for a one-shot kill but he has to hit the Spawn low enough.

    11. Glutton


    The Gluttons are another band of villains who oppose Sebastian in The Evil Within 2. They are a rare variant of The Lost and they serve the primary antagonist Theodore Wallace.

    They used to be citizens of the Union. As people’s hearts tend to get afflicted with greed with an aptitude for overindulgence, the Gluttons are basically those people who were victims to these sensations. After falling prey to the mind tricks of Theodore Wallace himself, those people turned into these bloated creatures who oppose the hero. They also have strange limbs that have been melded into them.

    They appear in Chapter 10 of The Evil Within 2. Their offensive tactic is fairly straightforward. The Gluttons run towards their opponents and proceed to blindingly explode with idolatry. This is also their only discernible attack form.

    When it comes to appearance, the Gluttons have a prominent salmon-orangish hue for the skin. This skin also overflows with tumors and bubbling gumma-like sores. Rather, their entire skin ripples with veins and pores.

    The residual heat of a Lost that has been taken down previously grows from the sides of the Gluttons. The main head of the creature has a sagging form with gritted teeth. It has one large original arm and similar to other creatures such as the Spawns, it has several smaller limbs protruding out of its body. Their legs are stumpy.

    When a Glutton stands idly, it makes gurgling noises, When it explodes to take its opponent down, it discharges huge chunks of muscle and disgustingly, intestines. These intestines tend to coil around the nearby objects.

    They are scattered across various places in the Union and their official appearance takes place in Chapter 12 when Sebastian travels through the bowels in Theodore Wallace’s fortress. They have a short-lived presence as they appear while the game nears its end.

    When engaging with a Glutton, it is best to maintain some distance and go for mid-range or long-range attacks. Close-range combat should be avoided due to the creature’s propensity to explode. Sneak kills such as predating and ambushing also seem to work on them.

    Once it detects Sebastian, it hobbles after him in its stumpy legs and tries to blow him up. As the creature gets more and more agitated, it begins to swell up. It is particularly difficult to lose Gluttons when they have been alerted of Sebastian’s presence. The players should distance themselves as much as they can or escape to a nearby safe house.

    The Gluttons can sustain decent amounts of damage, as seen from their endurance against several blasts from a Sawed-off Shotgun. But the weapon can still cause enough damage to them when used in a pinch.

    When a Glutton explodes, it damages the other enemies of the player, so they can use that to their own advantage. A slick way around this process is by walking up to a Glutton and then running away, provided Sebastian does not have other obstacles hindering him from an escape.

    With this tactic, players can conserve their ammo to later use against other Gluttons, Lots, or Disciples, that happen to be nearby, since Sebastian is in the enemy’s lair in Chapter 12. This is also a better tactic than taking a Glutton down with a sneak attack or headshot because this technique does not cause them to explode.

    12. Shade


    Shade is one of the most important villains in The Assignment and The Consequence (which are two of the extra storylines for the game The Evil Within). It is similar to The Keeper in certain ways as Shade constantly pursues Juli Kidman (the protagonist of the extra storylines) throughout the storyline of the game. It is also on the search for a STEM program subject named Leslie as Shade is constantly heard muttering his name in the area.

    The Shade is tall. It has modelesque legs and wears red high heels. Instead of ahead, it has a spotlight that works to find Leslie as well as potential victims. Two white blood-stained sheets cover its body while its abdomen is a large gaping mouth. This mouth is used to kill the victims. This is also its only attack tactic. In case the Shade overpowers Juli and captures her, the mouth will bite off Juli’s upper torso.

    While looking for something, the spotlight is white. When it suspects that something is close by, the light turns yellow. Onsight of Kidman or another victim, Shade’s light turns red, indicating its aggression.

    Something very intriguing about this creature is that it appears to be the physical manifestation of the protagonist Juli Kidman. Shade’s qualities are feminine, it has long, slender legs, wears red high heels and white, has a Prada, and has a light instead of a face, which is reminiscent of Juli’s appearance. The light for Juli is the torchlight she uses during search activities.

    Shade is the first villain in the game as it entered at the same time as Juli. It can also be STEM’s reaction after detecting Juli’s presence. It is extremely aggressive and hostile towards Juli but it also aids Juli from time to time in killing the Haunted and helps her with navigating the STEM. This is symbolic of Juli’s unconscious mind which is hyperfocused on finding Leslie.

    Ruvik desired a new body and Shade represented just that. As Ruvik did not resonate with his own body and wanted another, Shade mutters the phrase ‘your body’ when devouring a victim. Ruvik wanted Leslie as a means to escape STEM and that is probably why the Shade is looking for him as well.

    It is the only creature who is a combination of the feelings and actions of two people. In the case of Shade, it has Juli’s physical body with Ruvik’s mind and feelings.

    Shade kills anything that acts as an obstacle between it and Juli. It also uses the spotlight to find Leslie. The creature has unpredictable behavior.

    Before Chapter 3, Juli does not have the necessary weapons to fight Shade so the player is advised to avoid Shade during this time.

    In The Assignment, Shade appears once when Juli awakens from receiving the injection that protects her and once again to kill a man in the office. She goes on to reappear in a reception room and after Juli gets stuck underneath rubbles.

    Juli has to shoot its spotlight to save herself as Shade turns the deceased Haunted into Cadavers using it.

    In The Consequence, Shade appears when Juli is in the locker area and this is also the first time it mutters the word ‘Kidman’ instead of Leslie. She comes back in Chapter 3 to pursue Juli but Juli escapes. In the end, Juli and Shade encounter each other in a dark hall where Juli shoots the spotlight. Shade turns blind temporarily but the spotlight turns back on after a while. Juli shoots again and this time, Shade dies.

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