Top 9 Incredibly Powerful Women Who Are Crazy About Superman – Explored

    Lois Lane is the only person that springs to mind while thinking about the Man of Steel’s romantic life. We have all seen how disastrous things can get if Lois loses her link to Superman, which has been one of the main factors in most universes or parallel Earths.

    In conclusion, Superman is more than just a hero. He values relationships and love, and his fury frequently defines the intensity of his attachment at his losses. Superman enjoys happy families, unlike Batman, whose moral code prohibits him from being in a relationship.

    Batman also engaged in a number of liaisons, although Superman is more of a one-woman man. But he had other women in his life who had been madly in love with him. Some of them came from other worlds and different dimensions, but they all shared a passion for him in common. So without further ado, let us get started with today’s film, in which we present the Top 9 amazing women that were passionate about Superman.



    We start off with Superwoman from Earth 3. One of the planets that emerged following Flashpoint was Earth 3. Evil first appeared in this universe, where the strong outlived the weak. This world did not have the Justice League; instead, it had the Crime Syndicate, a group led by Owlman and Ultraman, who are the villainous analogues of Batman and Superman from Earth 2.

    Lois Lane, commonly known as “Superwoman,” was another Amazon on this planet. Like the Lois of Earth 2, this one had a romantic involvement with the Superman of their world, however unlike Earth 2, Superwoman’s marriage to Ultraman was unhappy. She wielded a lasso of submission similar to Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, and she enjoyed charming people into submitting to her will.

    Despite being married to Ultraman, she had an affair with Owlman and posed for provocative pictures to be shot by James Olsen in her world in return for his favors for her. Once when she was pregnant with Ultraman’s child, she kept it a secret and informed Owlman that the child was his, thereby creating tension between them.

    In addition to having an affair with Owlman, she also had a fling with Alexander Luthor, the Crime Syndicate’s most formidable foe and one of Earth 3’s “heroes.” Superwoman craves power and is crazy for Ultraman. Her affairs, too, have been with eminent powerful individuals of Earth 3. Since she is married to Ultraman, it goes without saying that the two have gotten down and dirty quite a bit. She has a Lasso of Submission, and she has certainly used it to get the evil Ultraman to do what she wants in a number of different ways.



    Created by William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter, Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, is among the most popular DC characters. She is said to be made out of clay by Queen Hippolyta and given life with the Greek gods’ power. However, in 2011 DC gave a new explanation for her origin and stated that she was the biological daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, also known as the Greek God Of Thunder.

    She was raised on Themyscira by the Amazons and kept hidden from the world as Hera, the wife of Zeus, was hunting down every illegitimate offspring of Zeus. Eventually, Diana offered to leave her native Themyscira behind to promote the Amazons’ message of peace, while battling for equality and justice in the world of men. She joined the Justice League upon its inception.

    Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship, formerly regarded as one of the greatest implausibilities in comic books, was eventually established as canon during the New 52 era of DC. One of the largest changes in the series was the separation of Superman and Wonder Woman from their longstanding love partners, Lois Lane and Steve Trevor, respectively, and their subsequent establishment of a partnership as members of the embryonic Justice League.

    The fans of this specific ship were so excited to see it sail that they created their own comic series. It persisted right up to the conclusion of the New 52 comic book series, and it is frequently alluded at in the “Rebirth” comic book series as well. Superman and Wonder Woman are companions and are engaging in a romantic relationship in the DC universe’s New 52 reboot.

    The comic even implies and uses terms like “love” casually. Superman/Wonderwoman, was a new title given by DC. After Lois Lane’s death, Wonder Woman began supporting Superman mentally. Later, she realises that Superman is the only guy who is worthy of her, because Batman was her first romantic interest but was not interested due to his self-imposed code of behaviour as a hero.



    The next on our list is a powerful New God from Apokolips. Created by Jack Kirby, Barda was the biological child of Big Breeda and her unknown lover. Darkseid took Big Barda away from her mother and sent her to Granny Goodness’ Orphanage, where she was raised.

    Granny Goodness wanted her to lead a ferocious pack of women warriors named the Female Fury with one motto, and that is to die of Darkseid if needed. She later fell in love with Darkseid’s adopted son Scott Free aka Mister Miracle, and helped him escape Apokolips. Eventually, she escaped to Earth as well and got married to Scott. Both of them joined the Justice League of America but resigned after fighting and defeating the omnipotent Mageddon.

    Barda was a good housekeeper, responsible enough to be a good wife, and also a warrior when in need. Her romantic interference with Superman happened while being mentally controlled by Sleez, an apokoliptian  Ash-Crawler. After helping her get her purse from a thief in the Suicide Slums of Metropolis, Sleez took hold of Barda’s Mega-Rod and used it against her. Sleez also had mind-controlling abilities using which he forced her to wear skimpy outfits and perform implied sexual favors for him.

    When he was just about to rape Barda, Superman arrived and stopped him. Superman was confused if it was Wonder Woman under the makeup, while Barda, thinking Superman to be a part of Sleez’s scheme, kept blasting him repeatedly with the Mega Rod. Sleez finally got hold of the Mega-Rod and took down both of them. Sleez sold Barda’s videos to the adult film industry, and Darkseid somehow managed to see the clip. He showed it to Scott and arrived to see Sleez shooting adult content of Superman and Big Barda.



    Created by Roger Stern and George Pérez, Maxima, in her original incarnation, was a morally ambiguous queen from a planet known as Almerac. Maxima first appeared in ‘Action Comics’ issue 645, published in September 1989. Maxima belonged to a royal family and was severely hot-tempered. Her search for the ideal man to be her husband led her to Earth, leaving Ultraa behind, where she found Superman.

    Her first appearance at Metropolis was not an actual one but a simulacrum of her, brought to Earth by her servant Sazu. Sazu tried to convince Superman to be her mate but was imprisoned, and the simulacrum was destroyed. Following this, She arrived on Earth to free Sazu and meet Superman face to face.

    Maxima was crazy for Superman and desperately wanted him to be her man. She tried to convince him, stating that due to her shared genetic makeup, she was compatible to be Superman’s wife, able to give Superman something no Earth woman could: offspring. Although initially alluring, Clark ultimately declined Maxima because he thought their offspring would turn out to be despots.

    Maxima, for a brief period of time, worked for Brainiac before switching sides and helping the Earth heroes defeat him. Maxima joined the Justice League and engaged in combat with many supervillains, but despite this horrible burn, she tried to win the last son of Krypton’s heart once again. Maxima, however, was forced to join the Superman Revenge Squad because Clark was already wedded to Lois Lane at that point, which was devastating for her.



    The next character on our list is one of the most powerful female characters in the DC Universe and also the character whose sexuality has been repeatedly experimented on in the comics. It is none other than Kara-Zor-El, aka Supergirl. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, the character, made her first appearance in ‘Flashpoint’ comics Volume 2, issue 5, published in October 2011.

    Supergirl was taken in by the Danvers family and appointed as National City’s defender. She goes by the alias Kara Danvers, a high school student. Supergirl is one of the most powerful heroes in the universe and a former member of the Red Lantern Corps and the Justice League. Her immense powers are a result of her Kryptonian physiology. She was launched to Earth by her father in order to save her life.

    Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman is the last Kryptonian to remain alive. As a result, Supergirl never existed. But when the terrible Kryptonians obliterated her home, a shape-shifting artificial monster from another realm finally arrived on Earth. The artificial being, better known as “Matrix,” assumed the form of Supergirl, who later fused with Linda Danvers to become a new Supergirl.

    She later got married to Superman and had a daughter with him on another Earth. A good Lex Luthor created the Matrix in a world without Superman, and the Kents adopted her. She later became Supergirl, and later in the storyline she fell in love with a clone of Lex Luthor that had been made with the original Lex Luthor’s brain, because he had created it to escape his body, which had cancer spread throughout it. Supergirl fell in love with his girlfriend only to learn that he was cloning her from this man who claimed to be Lex’s son.



    Created by Jerry Seigel and Jim Mooney, Luma Lynai made her debut in the June 1962 issue of Action Comics under the heading “Superman’s Super-Courtship!” She is a superhero from the distant planet Staryl, and Supergirl used her in one of her attempts to set up a date for Superman.

    Superman was getting fairly tired of being by himself. He had had terrible heartache on several occasions, partly because his heroic life kept getting in the way of his love interests. Supergirl strongly believed that Superman needed a partner, for which she insisted him to go on dates. After failed attempts of matchmaking with Helen of Troy and an adult Saturn Girl, Supergirl used the computer at the fortress of solitude.

    She discovered a super powerful woman named Luma Lynai from a distant planet called Staryl, following which Superman traveled to Staryl and fell in love with her. Luma and Clark seemed made for each other, as she was undoubtedly his ideal partner. Thus, the grand courting was established. Luma and Clark get along well. Sadly, they discover that Luma is fatally affected by the Earth’s yellow sun when she arrives here. Clark and Luma split up as Clark cannot leave Earth because of how much Earth needs Superman.



    The next character on our list is Lana Lang from Prime Earth. She was Clark’s childhood friend who developed superpowers after absorbing radioactive energy. Created by Bill Finger and John Sikela, the character made her first appearance in Action Comics Volume 2, issue 6, published in April 2012. Lana Lang came around in the Television series Smallville. Lang is a supporting character who appears in small pilot roles in various other movies. Clark Kent had a big crush on Lana Lang during his teenage years. A large part of Smallville was about the duo’s romantic chemistry.

    Before Lois Lane, Lana Lang was Superman’s main love interest. She is a pivotal character, especially for Smallville fans, considering Superman had to wait a full five seasons to make love to her.  Even if he loved Lois immensely, he nonetheless loved Lana to a certain extent for a long time.

    He gets to see Lois every day because she works at the same newspaper as him and is his ideal partner. The only hitch in their relationship is that Lois loves Superman more than she loves Clark. So in technical measure, she was engaged in two relationships at once,  a wonderful connection with Clark and a passionate relationship with Superman. That was never the case with Lana.



    The next character on our list is Lori Lemaris from Earth one. Created by Bill Finger and Wayne Boring, the character first appeared in Superman comics issue 129, published in May 1959. Lori Lemaris was one of the descendants of the Antlantians, who would evolve to be one of the undersea humans adapted to have fish-like tails called Tritonis. She met Clark Kent during her time studying at Metropolis University. Superman was unaware of her being a mermaid, something that she wanted to keep a secret. Clark eventually falls in love with Lori, and things go sweet until she reveals her true identity.

    Lori Lemaris did manage to make the man of steel fall in love with her, but unfortunately, their romance was short-lived, as her time staying on the surface was over. However, their romance did get rekindled after Superman learned of mermaid sightings in the area and got reunited with her.

    This time the two planned on getting married, but Lori was injured by a fisherman, leading to her paralysis. Superman travelled across the universe to save his love interest until he found an alien merman doctor named Ronal. Ronal cured Lori, and the two mer-people fell in love. Superman was left heartbroken but remained friends with Lori.



    Last but not least, we have Dana Dearden from New Earth. Created by Stuart Immonen, she made her first appearance in Adventures of Superman issue 532, published in February 1996. She was over-obsessed with Superman, which caused her to make irrational decisions, hurting herself and others.

    Dana Dearden worked for GBS and first met Jimmy Olsen as an anchor when he joined that news network. When Dana invited Jimmy out, he was smitten with the lovely woman. One of their first dates was to the Metropolis Museum of Art, where there was a display of ancient coins purported to confer superpowers on the owner. After creating a good diversion for Superman, Scavenger invaded the museum to recover the coins.

    However, the Alpha Centurion arrived on the scene and prevented Scavenger from taking the coins, but Dana quietly pocketed them amid the commotion. For several weeks, Dana maintained her connection with Jimmy while pretending to be totally smitten by him. In reality, though, she had hooked up with Jimmy in order to meet Superman. She broke up with “Superman’s friend” when he failed to deliver.

    Dana brought Jimmy over when she learned how to use her new abilities, and she thrashed him until he handed over his signal watch. Dana called Superman to her apartment with the help of the watch after donning a specially crafted outfit. Dana had built a sort of shrine for him, which Superman discovered.

    She named herself Superwoman, and she wanted him to love her. She struck him out of rage when he turned down her advances, sending him into the water and igniting a tanker. Obsession, as Jimmy Olsen had termed her, reappeared a long time later in a brand-new outfit.

    She appeared shortly after news surfaced that Superman had been seen wearing a wedding ring. Many observers mistakenly thought Obsession was “Mrs. Superman” when she appeared in a Superman-inspired suit. Dana assaulted Superman out of rage at his “two-timing.” When several criminals attacked a tiny business while high on DMN, Superman had to bring her back to reality. Dana reportedly perished while assisting him in defeating the former humans who had transformed into demons.

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