9 Insane AnatomicalBiological Facts About She Hulk – Can She-hulk Get Pregnant

    Marvel Comics’ She-Hulk, played by Jennifer Walters, is a superhero with absurd strength. Her lack of sheer strength really works as a blessing for her, as it allows her to have more control over her thoughts. She also shares abilities with the Incredible Hulk.

    She can accomplish a variety of exploits thanks to her incredibly adaptable talents. She is therefore both extremely unique and deadly as a result. Some of these physiological traits also make some aspects of her incredibly bizarre, while others give her a more edgy personality.

    We will go over some of her interesting physiological and anatomical traits in this video. In keeping with the video’s title, we will also discuss whether or not she can become pregnant. However, the response to this specific query will probably be rather disgusting. We have forewarned you!

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    She-Hulk Possesses The Ability To Manipulate Gamma Radiation

    She-Hulk Possesses The Ability To Manipulate Gamma Radiation

    To be a Hulk, you would need to overdose on gamma radiation. It is not an ideal scenario, but hey, you win some and you lose some. Following an attack by mobsters on Jennifer Walters, she was saved from the brink of death by her cousin, Bruce Banner or The Incredible Hulk. As he transfused his blood to hers, Jennifer became a host body for excess amounts of gamma radiation and soon, turned into She-Hulk.

    As She-Hulk, Jennifer can control her powers at will and absorb more gamma radiation externally. This ability to manipulate and emit gamma radiation at will allows Jennifer to boost her powers whenever necessary. Her strength, speed, agility, and durability greatly benefit from this ability as well. As someone who gets to retain her intelligence despite turning into the super strong gamma-infused monster, Jennifer becomes truly unstoppable.

    However, everything has a weakness. And in the case of Jen’s ability to manipulate the gamma radiation, being around mutants who can perform feats like absorb radiation or are amped by gamma radiation themselves can cause her powers to go haywire (which seems to be a cause of concern with the Hulks). This is basically what happened when the presence of the radiation-absorbing Jack of Hearts caused She-Hulk to tear Vision apart.

    She Can Reach Superhuman Heights With Her Jumps

    She Can Reach Superhuman Heights With Her Jumps

    It is no secret that the Hulk can leap up to superhuman heights. The first Avengers film portrays this perfectly as Hulk jumps onto and across the New York City skyscrapers while he decimates the Chitauri. As She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters can do the same thing.

    Her extraordinary physical form allows her to jump above six hundred feet. In the 2005 She-Hulk comics, the seventh issue revolved around the Eternal Starfox or Eros being involved in a court case for manipulating a married woman into sleeping with him. Jennifer acted as his lawyer, but she had also gotten sexually intimate with him previously. When she learned that Starfox was capable of using his abilities to manipulate people into sleeping with him, she was obviously bummed out.

    Due to the threat Starfox’s powers posed, he was shifted to a high-security prison facility where he would not get the opportunity to communicate with other prisoners. Meanwhile, a pissed-off She-Hulk was desperate to get to him. She literally jumped from downtown New York to Ryker’s Island in one giant leap (which is approximately an eleven-mile distance) as Starfox tried to escape from the new prison. She then beat him senseless.

    Other than this, she often uses this incredible ability during her battles. Let’s thank her insane leg muscles for that. Guess this is what happens when you do not skip leg day.

    Her Body Can Be Swapped With Another

    Her Body Can Be Swapped With Another

    This ability is not inherently hers but this is an ability that she has been able to use, thanks to an ally from the Ovoid race who taught her how to do so. The 2000s chick flick movie Freaky Friday played around with the concept of a mother and daughter getting their consciousnesses swapped. The Ovoid race is renowned for being able to pull off such a feat.

    In the 45th issue of the Sensational She-Hulk, her friends and fellow captives from the Ovoid race tried to teach her this ability. However, the excess gamma radiation in Jen’s body caused the technique to falter, and instead of being able to swap consciousness, she swapped her physical body with that of Weezi’s. This resulted in Weezi (who was aboard a Skrull ship) ending up with She-Hulk’s physical form while She-Hulk was suddenly a 5’2 human without any of her super abilities.

    Thankfully, the switch was temporary.

    She Can Turn Gray – Gray Is The New Green?

    She Can Turn Gray - Gray Is The New Green

    The Hulk and She-Hulk are characterized by the fact that they turn green. There are just so many catchphrases about their color in general. But for She-Hulk, green is not the only color on her palette, which becomes evident in the fifteenth issue of the Sensational She-Hulk comic series.

    In that issue, she shared the spotlight with Howard the Duck and during a battle sequence, she almost got overwhelmed by the sheer number of demonic monsters present. Almost.

    Jennifer hulked out at that moment to fight the enemy. But instead of taking on her regular green form, she turned grey, while being extremely angry. What was cool here was that Stan Lee had originally intended for the Hulk to be gray instead of green. But he had to discard the original idea due to issues with the ink.

    Radiation Fulfilled Her Subconscious Desire

    Radiation Fulfilled Her Subconscious Desire

    Following the blood transfusion Jennifer had gotten from Bruce Banner after being shot and wounded by a crime boss, Jen got the abilities of the Hulk. However, in her case, her powers were not as crazy as that of her cousin’s. But this allowed her to control it better. She also did not have to deal with looking like a scary monster.

    With more precise control over the gamma radiation, Jen chose to go for a prettier look, compared to that of Bruce Banner’s Hulk. In fact, she ended up looking the way she subconsciously wanted to. Plus, she loved the strength that came with this form (cannot blame her for that).

    Initially, the transformations were less controlled. After Michael Morbius cured her blood disease, she was able to gain control over this ability and then, chose to stay as She-Hulk instead of returning to her more fragile, human form.

    Later, as a part of the Fantastic Four, she had to deal with preventing a radiation leak. As someone whose physiology had already been severely tampered with because of excess gamma radiation, an exposure to more radiation caused She-Hulk to lose the ability to turn back into a human. As terrifying as that may sound, it was not an issue since Jen always desired to remain as She-Hulk… and the block in the transformation ability was also revealed to be psychological, in the sense that it probably would not affect her this way, if she did not wish to stay as and be She-Hulk forever.

    Expert Martial Artist

    Expert Martial Artist

    Generally, superheroes who do not have incredible physical power and raw strength, lean towards the more technical side of fighting. Technique can outdo raw strength, after all. This is why every time Batman weakens Superman with Kryptonite, the Bat is able to overpower the Kryptonian. He has the skills. This is also why someone like the Hulk just smashes everything in his way while Captain America is a lot more skilled as a martial artist.

    She-Hulk is someone who has trained with the likes of Captain America and Gamora. So, not only does she have immense brute strength, but she also has the technique and the martial art chops. This helps her shine in her fight against the super powerful Abomination.

    Initially, she doubts herself, especially due to the fact that she is not as strong as her cousin, and by extension, not as strong as the Abomination. During her fight against Abomination, he acts super confident as he is convinced that she can never beat him. However, She-Hulk’s technical chops help her turn the tides of the battle, albeit temporarily.

    Can She-Hulk Get Pregnant? Yes!

    Can She-Hulk Get Pregnant Yes!

    She-Hulk can get pregnant. And we see that in Mark Millar’s miniseries Old Man Logan. However, this part of the story turns creepy and almost gross when you realize who impregnated She-Hulk.

    The story is set in an alternate universe where supervillains control the United States. The heroes have been wiped out, barring a few. An old Logan who does not operate as Wolverine anymore happens to be one of them. Hawkeye is also a part of the story, with his family and farm being threatened by something known as the Hulk Gang.

    And no, the gang is not a result of several people being exposed to gamma radiation. Instead, it is a result of the Hulk and She-Hulk breeding with each other. This feels very Targaryen… but worse.

    Fortunately, writers explore these weird concepts in alternate universe scenarios, mainly because doing so within the mainstream universe would not be the greatest of ideas.

    She Can Break The 4th Wall

    She Can Break The 4th Wall

    This is not anatomical at all. But this is too fun to be ignored. Breaking the fourth wall is one of the coolest things that can happen in entertainment and fiction, mainly because the disconnect between the characters and the audience is suddenly broken, that too abruptly.

    To put it simply, the fourth wall is the abstract boundary that exists between the audience and the characters. Characters like Deadpool and Fleabag are renowned in the world of entertainment for constantly breaking the fourth wall. The Office is also known for doing this, as the characters often look straight into the camera and by extension, at the audience.

    She-Hulk does this too, and she actually did it way before Deadpool did. In fact, her interactions go beyond the audience. She addresses the writers and even the editors from time to time, not just in her own comic series, but in others as well.

    For example, in the fourteenth issue of Heroes For Hire, she fires the narrator, who then fights back and shifts the blame towards Stan Lee, his girlfriend, and Monika Lewinsky. Ant-Man and Luke Cage witness this even though they never break the fourth wall themselves. As a result, they only observe She-Hulk and are unable to look at the staff that Jennifer can address.

    This is not a superpower, and instead, is more of a character quirk that the writers have used for her. But since she is one of the few characters to do so, it is very special to She-Hulk.

    Immune To Telepathy

    Immune To Telepathy

    The Marvel Universe is very, very saturated with mutants who have psionic abilities, namely, the X-Men characters such as Professor X, Jean Grey, Psylocke, and the likes. As a result, being immune to telepathy is a massive advantage.

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron gave us a glimpse into the Hulk being psychologically manipulated by Wanda Maximoff and going berserk. But that’s not exactly mind control, which is something he is more or less immune to, thanks to the chaos in his head. This is an ability that Jennifer’s She-Hulk possesses as well.

    But this is not as foolproof as it sounds, since she can become a victim to different forms of manipulation that may cause her to act out as the Hulk did in Age of Ultron. In fact, her whole fiasco with marrying John Jameson and being abnormally in love with him was inorganic, as Starfox’s powers caused it.

    Jennifer Walters balances life as an incredible superhero, a lawyer, and a person with a dynamic romantic life. So aside from her several anatomical and quirky abilities, her most insane ability is to be able to fill all of these roles fantastically. In a way, turning into a green monster sounds more realistic than being able to manage such a life as an adult.

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