10 Insanely Absurd But Deadly Doom Patrol Villains – Backstories Explored

    In issue 80 of “My Greatest Adventure,” which was released in June 1963, The Doom Patrol first appeared. Similar to the mutants of Marvel’s X-men, the Doom Patrol is a group of superhumans or “meta humans” who are outcasts from society.

    This DC squad, which was released a few months before Marvel’s X-men, is made up of tragic heroes with a troubled background. The group members struggle to comprehend and exert control over the abilities they refer to as a “curse” because they did not desire them in the first place.

    The crew, led by a wealthy and brilliant inventor in a wheelchair named Dr. Niles Caulder, frequently saved the world. The Doom Patrol, a group of misfits who defend the planet from terrible and powerful foes, was created by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney. In today’s video, we will discuss the top 10 Insanely Absurd But Deadly Doom Patrol Villains. Some foes have absurd powers that are deadly in their own way.

    Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody

    Eric Morden, a.k.a. Mr. Nobody, is a metahuman who developed powers after an experiment on him by Dr. Heinrich Von Fuchs, an ex-Nazi scientist, went wrong accidentally. The character first appeared in comic books as Eric Morden in Doom Patrol issue 86, which was released in March 1964, and as Mr. Nobody in Doom Patrol volume 2 issue 26, which was released in September 1989.

    He was created by Arnold Drake, Bruno Premiani, Grant Morrison, Richard Case, and John Nyberg. Dr. Niles Caulder’s sworn enemy, Mr. Nobody, did all in his power to harm him and his patients. Eric despises Dr. Caulder because he was responsible for the accident that occurred during his experiment. He was a part of the Brotherhood Of Evil even before he changed into a metahuman, but he was sacked.

    After that, his ex-girlfriend Millie breaks things off with him, telling him that he will always be nothing. As a result of everything said above, Eric left for Paraguay in 1948 and paid Dr. Henrich a large sum of money to subject him to his infamous theoretical experiments on humans. Everything was going smoothly until Caulder showed up and detonated the contraption, turning Eric into a near-omniscient entity with tremendous destructive power. Since that time, Dr. Cauldier and the Doom Patrol have faced off against Eric Morden, a.k.a. Mr. Nobody, on numerous occasions.

    Mr.Nobody being exposed to other dimension energy during Von Fuchs’s experiment transformed him into an immensely powerful metahuman. He possesses other worldly abilities and claims to be completely omniscient . Mr. Nobody like Deadpool from the Marvel universe can break the fourth and interact with the audience. He serves as the narrator of the show and possesses crazy abilities like reality warping and creating vortex to energy to teleport his surroundings to his dimension. Mr.Nobody could also time travel and has remained the same age since the 1940s.

    Ultimax (The Brain)

    Ultimax (The Brain)

    The next on our list is the Brain of a deceased scientist, also known as The Brain. The Brain belonged to a scientist who experimented on animals to raise their intelligence. Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, the character made its first appearance in ‘The Doom Patrol’ issue 86, published in March 1964. The Brain had experimented on a gorilla and was successful in making it a highly intelligent being.

    He later named him Monsieur Mallah. During Brain’s days as a scientist, Niles Caulder was his colleague who, out of jealousy, arranged for the Brain to get caught up in an explosion. The explosion destroyed his body, but his Brain survived. Caulder planned to put the Brain into a robotic body, but Mallah manages to rescue Brain and transfer him into a computer network which helps in his proper functioning.

    Mallah and the Brain form The Brotherhood Of Evil and plan to seek revenge on Dr. Cauldier and conquer the world. Brotherhood of Evil gained members like General Immortus, Madame Rouge, and Gargaux as they sought ways to perform criminal activities and rival the Doom Patrol.

    They even faced Teen Titans and the Justice League. During Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run, the Brain was placed in Robotman’s new body by Mallah, after which they both confess love for each other and kiss. However, Robotman rejects being controlled by the Brain and self-destructs itself. Brain and Mallah later reappear without explaining how they survived the blast.

    The Brain originally was a genius scientist, and hence it is needless to say that he possessed a genius-level intellect. After the explosion, only his genius brain remained which could adapt itself to a digital environment. His robotic body where he was placed is strong enough to inflict crucial blows. His strongest ally , his gorilla lover Monsieur Mallah is also one his strength as it saved him on several occasions.

    Madame Rouge

    Madame Rouge

    Created by Arnold Drake, Madame Rouge made her first appearance in Doom Patrol issue 86 and was the only female member of The Brotherhood of Evil. Madame Rogue was originally a French actress named Laura De Mille, but after an automobile accident, she developed a dissociative identity disorder between good and evil.

    After her accident, her schizophrenic behaviour was noticed by the Brain and Mallah, after which they subjected her to experimentation and surgery, suppressing her good side and allowing her evil side to take over. They also gave her shapeshifting abilities and made her a part of the Brotherhood of Evil. Later, Rouge flipped over to her good side, became romantically involved with Dr. Niles Caulder, and joined The Doom Patrol.

    However, she soon flipped back to her evil side and sought vengeance from both Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of evil for tampering with her and trying to control her.At some point, she served the Bureau of Normalcy in deciding which of the metahumans could be weaponized and which could not. She was also a part of the Sisterhood of Dada, a group of friends who sought to change the world with art.

    Madame Rouge’s primary strength is shapeshifting, and she showed no signs of aging. She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has mastered English and French. However, due to her amnesia, she forgets how to control her powers.

    Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

    Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

    Steven Larson, a highly evil enthusiast, travels to Fuchtopia in search of  Sturmbannführer Von Fuchs and his machine to gain super powers, specifically magnetic feet. However, things do not go in his favor as he accidentally stays in the machine for too long, which changes his body and mutates him into a grotesque abomination with an exposed dinosaur head named Denise constantly arguing with his real head.

    Created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bruno Premiani the character made its first appearance in The Doom Patrol issue 89, published in August 1964. In the comics, Steven Larson was a Swedish Scientist and a student of Dr.Niles Caulder. Later a follower of Von Fuchs attempted to kill him but the mineral areas of his body blocked the gun shot and he survived. With this set of attributes, Steven tries performing several crimes but fails in most of them as the raptor head attacks him.

    His disastrous attempts made him a joke as the media named him the “Stupid Criminal”. Steve is not a good person but is one of the most likable characters owing to his comical failures and the very existence of such a wild, absurd superpower. He also serves to provide a comical relief to the entire series.

    Steven’s transformed physiology is both absurd and unique. His body consisted of a crystalline leg, a tree-like right arm and leg and the producing dinosaur head. The minerals on his chest can easily block bullets and protect him from other severe attacks. His main weakness is his dinosaur head on his shoulder, which is a sentient being. The dinosaur could think of its own and even wrote her autobiography entitled ‘My side’

    General Immortus

    General Immortus

    General Immortus is considered one of the prime villains and opponents of the Doom Patrol. The character first appeared in ‘My Greatest Adventure ‘ issue 80, published in June 1983. Created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani, General Immortus is a war-obsessed crook living for centuries with the aid of his alchemical potion. His origins are not clear in the comics, and from the little that is known, he once owned a diamond mine and killed many workers to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.

    Later he schemed to steal valuable, mystical artifacts and became the leader of a crime syndicate. Although his potion expands his lifespan, he has forgotten its formula. He later hired Dr. Niles Caulder to recreate the potion, but when young Niles became aware of his evil motives, he sabotaged the process and created the Doom Patrol to counter him. General Immortus later joined the Brotherhood of Evil to combat Doom Patrol and time and again sparred with them as he needed Caulder’s life extension research.

    When the second Doom Patrol was initiated by an Indian woman named Arani who claimed to be Mrs. Caulder, the General scanned her mind and discovered the secrets of immortality. He managed to become young for a brief time until the Doom Patrol started destroying his base of operation after freeing themselves. It was later revealed that Arani’s secrets of immortality were restricted to her physiology only, so it did not work on General Immortus.

    General Immortus has spent decades studying war. He has a very high-level intellect and is a tactical genius. Over the years, his scientific mind has helped him create innumerable megalomaniacal weapons of destruction. Apart from these he was an occultist and possessed fair knowledge and skill about alchemy.

    Monsieur Mallah

    Monsieur Mallah

    The next character on our list, who has the most references till now, is the super-intelligent French gorilla, Monsieur Mallah. Created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bruno Premiani, Monsieur Mallah made his first appearance in Doom Patrol volume 1, issue 86. Mallah was a gorilla who was experimented on by a scientist. The scientist raised the gorilla’s I.Q. to a genius level of 178 and trained him for over a decade before making him his assistant.

    He named the gorilla Monsieur Mallah. His colleague Dr.Niles Caulder out of jealousy, gets him trapped in an explosion that destroys every part of his body but his brain. Dr. Caulder planned on putting this brain in a robot body, but the scientist’s faithful and super-intelligent gorilla managed to rescue him. Since then, the two became known as Monsieur Mallah and The Brain.

    They later form the team of supervillains known as the Brotherhood of Evil. Monsieur was so intelligent that in 1917 he was drawing a time machine with Brain. When Laura suffered from her dissociative identity disorder, she was fired from the Bureau of Normalcy. Around 1949 when she was looking for a job in the sorority, Monsieur Mallah and the Brain goad her to join the Brotherhood of Evil.

    Mallah was very happy at Laura’s inclusion in their group and gave her the name Madame Rouge. During the 1950s, Mallah, along with the Brotherhood of Evil, faced off against the Doom Patrol, which ended with the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil in 1957. Mallah and the Brain escape to retire and move to Boca Raton, Florida, where they quit their evil path and rest.

    Monsieur Mallah is a super-intelligent gorilla. A gorilla’s strength with ultra intelligence makes it a deadly combo. His loyalty towards his master, The brain, is highly honest, and he saves him numerous times. Mallah was so smart that in 1917 he was drawing out a time machine for their motive of world domination with the Brain.

    The Decreator

    The Decreator

    Amongst the long list of misfit and deformed mutants, we now have a cosmic entity, The Decorator. Known by various other names, such as Shadow of God, The Unmaker, The Anti-God, The Eye of God, Eye Of Hours, Lord of Force and Fire, and The Annihilating Eye of Shiva, The Decreator appears like a giant eye in the sky to kill off all living creatures one by one. Created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case, the cosmic entity was first introduced in Doom Patrol volume 2, issue 32.

    The Decorator is born out of the faith of his fanatical group of followers known as the Cult of the Unwritten Book. The cult believed that when God created the world, he said, ‘Let there be light,’ which casts the first shadow. This shadow was the birth of the Decorator, an entity of pure destruction that cannot be stopped.

    The cult tried letting the Decreator loose on the world but failed as they were interrupted and stopped by the Doom Patrol and  Willoughby Kipling. Since the Decreator is impossible to stop, Crazy Jane devised a plan to slow down his process of Recreation  to the extent that nobody notices

    The Decorator is a cosmic entity with powers and abilities that are incomprehensible to the human mind. It is also considered to be the most powerful and the leader of all Anti-Gods. The Decorator is the opposite of the one True Creator who stands for all that is good , holy and just.



    Daddy is one of the 64 personalities or alters of Kay Olivia Challis. Kaj develops all these different personas from the trauma inflicted upon her by her father. Each of her personalities possesses different metahuman super abilities. Her primary alter is Jane, who does not have any powers. Kay or Crazy Jane is an original character from the TV series and does not have any mention in the comic books.

    Based on Kay’s abusive father, Daddy was created as an introjection of her father’s character in her. Kay finds it extremely difficult to control this form or even discard it, but Daddy keeps resurfacing again and again. All other personas were also afraid of Daddy. Daddy appears as a giant made of blocks of puzzles, taking the form of Kay’s father.

    He disguised as Miranda Daddy and appeared as a youthful African-American woman. When Daddy surfaced into Kay Challis’s body as Miranda Kay’s hair became longer, she wore a simple outfit resembling that of Kay Chillis during her childhood days, where she grew up in a rural religious farming community in Arkansas during the 1950s. After his identity was revealed, his physical form altered with pitch-black eyes and black cester like symbols in her eyes and scar-like cuts.

    Daddy has a long list of special abilities. He could alter his size and change his physical appearance like a shapeshifter. He could assimilate the memories and skills of his hosts. Along with these, Daddy also possesses great strength . He was able to throw Dorothy’s spinner out of Jane’s table. He also could use aerokinesis.

    The Candlemaker

    The Candlemaker

    The Candlemaker is an extra-dimensional being and one of Dorothy Spinner’s imaginary friends. Created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case, the Candlemaker first appeared in Doom Patrol volume 2, issue 51. The Candlemaker initially was an egregore, created by the mind’s unconscious tension during a moment of crisis. The entity could inflict havoc as equivalent to a nuclear blast but was strictly outside the physical until it discovered means to escape in the form of Dorothy Spinner. Dorothy Spinner was the daughter of Dr. Niles Caulder and Oyewah.

    In 1927 she was held captive after being caught at Yukon and used to amuse people at a Circus in London, England. After being lashed out by an audience, she summons the Candlemaker, and in a moment, everyone is dead except her and her father, Dr.Caulder.Over the years, the Candlemaker attempted to manipulate Dorothy to unleash him into the physical realm. Sometime around 2020, he appeared after Dorothy was terrified by a mother rat eating its runt baby.

    She was about to make her wish but was calmed by her father. Later, when Dorothy’s prank went wrong, she was trapped in the Doom manor’s furnace by Baby Doll. She first summons Manny to free herself, and Baby Doll calls Flaming Katy to combat it but later, out of anger over her former, she is easily convinced to call upon the Candlemaker.

    Candlemaker forcibly enters the underground search for Baby Doll, where Lucy Fugue, Flaming Katy, and Hammerhead hold him off while Crazy Jane hides Baby Doll. All these were futile as Candlemaker easily fights off all three of them and kills Baby Doll. Dorothy escapes and hops onto a rocket of the newcomers, the Pioneers of the Uncharted, and lands on the moon. There, the Candlemaker accuses her of the disaster that happened to her friends and Baby Doll.

    The deadly and brutal creature, the Candlemaker, is catastrophic after getting its physical form. The Candlemaker’s strengths range from superhuman strength to Telekinesis. He is vulnerable and can also use Telepathy to enter his opponent’s psyche. During his fight with the personas of Kay Challis, he easily overcomes their combined efforts and kills Baby Doll ruthlessly

    The Scants

    The Scants

    Last but not least, we have tiny pink humanoids known as the Scants. Created by Gerard Way and Michael Allred, these tiny pest-like beings first appeared in Doom Patrol volume 6 issue 7 and were believed to be from a dimension known as Scantoverse. The sole purpose of these species was to spread throughout the Multiverse and infect other living entities with terrible ideas. Slowly when their ideas are accepted by their hosts, their brains secrete a substance called idyat.

    The Scants convert this idyat into uma jelly and feed their Scant queen. Once the queen is fed with pure Uma jelly, she develops superhuman powers and abilities. A swarm of Scants had once infected a white canvas patrolling the landscape for their queen.

    When Vic Stone, Roni Evers, Miranda, Larry Trainor, and Willoughby Kipling entered the painting, they were spotted by the Scants and taken to their queen. They began extracting Idyat for Uma jelly but Silver Tongue and Lucy Fugue inhibited the process, killing the queen along with the swarm of Scants. These creatures appeared in the Dumb Patrol season 2, episode 7.

    The Scants are weird and have nothing much going around them apart from the absurdity of their existence.Their motives are straight and simple but nothing much can be perceived from their actions.The Scants however have good networking and work in unison for their one sole purpose that is making their queen super powerful.

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