Kim So-Jeong: The South Korean Singer Turned Actress

    Kim So-jeong, also recognised and known as Sowon, is the chief and head vocalist of the South Korean K-pop band GFriend, which was formed in 2015 by Source Music.

    How was the early years of Kim So-jeong?

    How was the early years of Kim So-jeong

    Kim, who was brought into the world on December 5, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea, had a childhood dream of becoming a K-pop idol. Kim began her training at DSP Media in 2010 and subsequently went to Source Music, where she received training for another year and a half before making her debut in GFriend.

    She graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts High School in January 2014 and is now a student at Sungshin Women’s University studying Visual Media and Acting. Sowon, born Kim So-jeong, is a South Korean songwriter and rapper. She was the founder and rap artist of GFriend, a Source Music label. She was born in the Seoul neighborhood of Eunpyeong-gu and also has one older sister.

    How did Kim So-jeong make her debut?

    How did Kim So-jeong make her debut

    On January 15, 2015, she made her debut as the chief of GFriend only with EP Season of Glass.GFriend was abolished on May 22, 2021, after the finalization of its six-year contract with Source Music.

    What information is available about Kim So-jeong role in “Chilling Cohabitation”?

    What information is available about Kim So-jeong role in Chilling Cohabitation

    Chilling Cohabitation’ is a horror rom-com web play about a girl named Jeong Se Ri, portrayed by Kim So-jeong, who possesses the ability to see spirits, and Song Ji Chan, portrayed by actor Jung Chan Woo, who unknowingly turns into a ghost and begins living together.

    Kim So-jeong’s agency IOK Group announced on September 30th that Kim So-jeong has indeed been cast as the central protagonist Jeong Se Ri in the filmic ‘Chilling Cohabitation.” Kim So-jeong plays Jeong Se Ri, who is not a full-time cafe scholar and has the capacity to see ghosts due to some special occurrences.

    Jeong Se Ri is an individual who leads a hard life because of her special abilities, but she never loses her bright side. Song Ji Chan’, did play by IKON’s Jung Chan Woo, is a 2nd chaebol, an egoistic personality that only he understands, but in reality, he is the most righteous character. He eventually evolved a warm heart after becoming a ghost due to an accident and meeting Jeong Se Ri. Jung Chan Woo portrayed the character perfectly in today’s reading, with strong lines and rich emotional expression.

    Why did Kim So-jeong change her name?

    Why did Kim So-jeong change her name

    Kim , a former GFRIEND member, altered her stage name to Kim So Jung and expected to sign with IOK Company to begin her career as an actor. On August 2, IOK Corporation introduced the new artist and expressed their support for the idol, emphasizing Kim So Jung’s limitless potential and talent.

    Why is Kim So-jeong so famous?

    Why is Kim So-jeong so famous

    Kim So-jeong is well-known for her adaptability and talent, having hosted the famous show called ‘Every1’s ‘Look At Me’ in the year 2018 and even KBS Joy’s show which was called ‘Trend With Me’ in the year 2019. The twenty-five-year-old vocalist also managed to win the beauty icon award at the ‘Korea First Brand Awards’ in 2019 for her charming visuals.

    What was the reason behind Kim So-jeong group being disbanded?

    What was the reason behind Kim So-jeong group being disbanded

    The band split up after the members chose not to continue their contractual agreements with Source Music.

    What is Kim So-jeong stage name and the meaning behind it?

    What is Kim So-jeong stage name and the meaning behind it

    Kim So-jeong stage name is  Sowon, translates to “wish” in Korean.

    Where did Kim So-jeong train?

    Where did Kim So-jeong train

    She participated in cheerleading during her college years. She also given training for 5 years before starting her debut in the GFriend.

    She worked previously as a trainee at DSP media. She also trained alongside KARD members. (In Korean, a co-ed group of four people.)

    How tall is Kim So-jeong?

    How tall is Kim So-jeong

    Kim so-jeong stands 172.8 cm tall, which is equivalent to 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 51 kg. She is one of the tallest members in the band and has the longest leg among her peers.

    Does Kim So-jeong need to take proper care of her body and health because she is in the spotlight?

    Does Kim So-jeong need to take proper care of her body and health because she is in the spotlight

    She must present an impressive and well-kept appearance. As a K-pop idol, she also must take care of her body by eating a healthy and nutritious diet and exercising for long periods of time.

    What was Kim So-jeong debut program?

    What was Kim So-jeong debut program

    She finally started the team as a lead role member and sub-vocalist in 2015. Her debut project, along with all the other members of the group, was the EP Season Of Glass.

    How did Kim So-Jeong step into television?

    How did Kim So-Jeong step into television

    She was active in the team, but she also dabbled in television shows and modeling. She debuted as a supermodel for D-ANTIDOTE at Seoul Fashion Week 2019 in October of the same year, after starting her 1st TV show as a Look at Me beauty program host in July 2018.

    Is Kim So-Jeong available on social media networks?

    Is Kim So-Jeong available on social media networks

    She is on Instagram as @onedayxne, and she has 1.1 million subscribers and only 100 posts. You can also keep up with her professional and personal life via her Instagram fan account, @about.sowon.

    What is Kim So-jeong’s goal?

    What is Kim So-jeong's goal

    While the 26-year-old actress admitted that she’s still having to adjust to her recent transition from songs to acting, and she has firmly stated her future goals too. She aspires to be an actress who isn’t limited with one image and therefore can make adjustments to roles of multiple genres with her own unique way.

    She believes that the beginning has always been the most difficult time when embarking on a new adventure, and she later shares her personalized advice for all those trying to plan to embark on new beginnings. When someone wants to make plans, they think they’ll be able to go through it, because once they start, it’s bound to be difficult and nerve-racking.

    Why was Kim So-jeong criticized?

    Why was Kim So-jeong criticized

    In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Kim So-jeong decided to post light-hearted and good-natured photos with a model dressed in Nazi uniform. The singer posted two photos of herself alongside a figure dressed in historical German military garb, which infuriated many people and her fans.

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