Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch: An Influential Personality

    Lynn Fitch deserves a special mention when it comes to implementing laws and revolting against the injustices prevailing in society. Lynn is committed to upholding the law as the current Attorney General of Mississippi. She became the first woman to serve in this role in the state’s history. Prior to her appointment as Attorney General, Fitch served as the state’s Treasurer and as a member of the Mississippi Board of Education. She has also been a reputed lawyer and lobbyist in private practice.

    As Attorney General, Fitch is responsible for overseeing the state’s legal affairs and prosecuting crimes. She has made it a priority to crack down on human trafficking and opioid abuse, and she has also pursued civil rights cases against companies that discriminate against employees. In addition to her work as Attorney General, Lynn Fitch is also a mother.

    Quick biographical facts about Lynn Fitch

    Quick biographical facts about Lynn Fitch

    Born: October 5, 1961

    Hometown: Holly Springs, Mississippi

    Spouse: Drew Burns

    Occupation: lawyer, lobbyist, and politician

    Political party: Republican

    Current position: Attorney General of Mississippi

    How was Lynn’s early life?

    How was Lynn's early life

    Lynn Fitch was born and raised in Mississippi, making her a true native of the state. Growing up in Holly Springs, she attended the University of Mississippi, where she completed both her undergraduate and a law degree in just five years. She later worked as a bond lawyer, counsel for the Mississippi House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, and as a special assistant attorney general with the Mississippi Attorney General’s office.

    In 2009, she was named executive director of the Mississippi State Personnel Board by Governor Haley Barbour. Today, Fitch continues to live in Ridgeland, Mississippi, with her three children. With such deep roots in the state, it’s no wonder that she is so dedicated to her work as a public servant.

    Which event marked the beginning of Lynn’s political career?

    Which event marked the beginning of Lynn's political career

    On August 23, 2011, Lynn Fitch won the Republican nomination for State Treasurer of Mississippi in a runoff election against state Senator Lee Yancey. She went on to win the general election on November 8, 2011, with 59 percent of the vote. In her role as State Treasurer, Fitch is responsible for managing the state’s finances and investment portfolios.

    She has also worked to improve the transparency and accountability of the state government’s financial operations. In addition, Fitch has served on the boards of several organizations, including the Mississippi Economic Council and the Mississippi Arts Commission. She is a graduate student of the University of Mississippi School of Law.

    How significant is Lynn’s professional and political life?

    How significant is Lynn's professional and political life

    On March 14, 2018, Fitch announced her candidacy for Attorney General of Mississippi. She won the primary for Attorney General in the Republican party, defeating State Representative Mark Baker from Brandon and Andy Taggart, who was Fordice’s Chief of Staff and Madison County Supervisor. Fitch defeated Democratic opponent Jennifer Riley Collins in the general election to become North Carolina’s Attorney General, becoming the state’s first female attorney general and its first Republican attorney general since 1878.

     Fitch, like every other major credit agency, joined the lawsuit challenging the 2020 election after Joe Biden won and Donald Trump refused to concede while his supporters made accusations of fraudulent fraud. As Attorney General, Fitch has shown a dedication to upholding the law and fighting for justice. Her involvement in this lawsuit is a continuation of that commitment. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that Fitch will continue to fight for what she believes is right for Mississippi and for all Americans.

    What are some of the activities that marked Lynn as one of the influential personalities?

    What are some of the activities that marked Lynn as one of the influential personalities

    In 2021, she asked the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade, a landmark abortion case from the 1970s. She described Roe v. Wade as “callously wrong” and requested that the court allow Mississippi’s 15-week limit on abortions to take effect.

    Fitch has claimed that a ban on abortion would empower women and that it prevents them from reaching their full potential. An oral argument on behalf of Mississippi was delivered by Fitch’s solicitor general, Scott Stewart.

    Outside the Supreme Court, the attorney general’s office organized a demonstration called “Empower Women, Promote Life.” In January 2019, shortly before oral arguments in the Dobbs case, Fitch wrote a number of op-eds defending against abortion. Her recent advocacy has won her praise from some conservative groups, but she has also faced strong criticism from those who believe that she is infringing on a woman’s right to choose. Whatever the outcome of the case, it is clear that Fitch is committed to her crusade against abortion.

    How did Lynn leave an impression through her writing?

    How did Lynn leave an impression through her writing

    Lynn’s work as an anti-abortion activist has been widely published in major newspapers across the country. In addition to her work with the Mississippi AG’s office, she has also contracted with a D.C. law firm, as well as a Birmingham, Alabama public relations firm and an Alexandria, Virginia-based public relations consultant, to help her defend Mississippi laws restricting abortion access. Her efforts have helped to make Mississippi one of the most restrictive states in the country when it comes to abortion access.

    What is Lynn’s net worth?

    What is Lynn’s net worth

    It is not certainly known how much Lynn’s average income is. But, it is quite apprehensible that a significant and prominent political figure like her will certainly have a huge scale when it comes to average earnings. Fitch has an annual salary of $104,904. In addition to her current salary, she also receives a per diem of $183 for each day she spends on state business. She also receives a $12,000 annual stipend for serving as the head of the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration.

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