Momo Hirai: The Japanese Singer From The K-Pop Industry

    Momo Hirai is a South Korean-based Japanese singer, rapper, and dancer. She is one of the three members of group Twice, a South Korean girl group managed by JYP Entertainment.

    What is known about Momo early life?

    What is known about Momo early life

    Momo was born in the Japanese prefecture of Kyoto’s Kytanabe. When she was three years old, she and her older sister Hana began dancing. Her name is a Japanese word that means “peach.” Hana Hirai is the name of her older sister. On April 13, 2012, Momo and her sister appeared for a JYP Entertainment audition. She was the only one who remained, though.

    The most assured dancer to urban music is Momo. She is very skilled in hip-hop dance moves. In the third grade, she participated in a dancing ensemble called “Barbie.” Momo received training at Step Out Dance Studio throughout her formative years. Her parents initially opposed her choice of profession.

    Her favorite pastimes are eating, lifting weights, listening to music, and watching dramas. Momo like cuddly animals and dolls. She owns three dogs, Pudding, Petco, and Lucky, despite having a dog allergy.

    Momo first became familiar with the South Korean music scene by participating in a Lexy song video in the year 2008 and then on the talent competition Superstar K in 2011.

    JYP Entertainment first noticed Momo and Hana, her sister in a 2012 YouTube video. Both were requested to audition, but Momo only got qualified leading to her decision to go to South Korea in April 2012. She performed as a dancer in several music videos as a K-Pop trainee before joining Twice. Momo took part in the South Korean reality television program Sixteen in 2015, which was produced jointly by Mnet and JYP Entertainment. She was originally eliminated from the competition, but at the very end, she was called back to join the girl group Twice in the final lineup.

    When did Momo debut with the band Twice?

    When did Momo debut with the band Twice

    With the launch of their first extended play, The Story Begins, and its main track “Like Ooh-Ahh,” in October 2015, Momo made her public debut as a member of Twice.She appeared in the “Stop Stop It” music video by GOT7 as well as “Feel” by Junho in 2014. She then made appearances in Miss A’s “Only You” and Wooyoung’s “R.O.S.E” one year later.

    Momo was ranked as the 20th most famous idol in South Korea in the Gallup Korea annual music survey for 2018. Since her debut, she has become one of the most well-known non-Korean K-pop performers, and the Chosun Ilbo attributes her appeal to the improvement of ties between South Korea and Japan. She earned the moniker “Dance Machine” for her body language and physical prowess, and is regarded as Twice’s greatest dancer. A video clip of Momo was shared on Twitter in 2019 and she was named as the ninth most popular K-pop idol in a poll of South Korean troops completing their conscription.

    Where Momo and Kim Heechul dating?

    Where Momo and Kim Heechul dating

    Fans were overjoyed in 2020 when it was revealed that they were dating and were incredibly supportive despite many bringing out that Kim Heechul and Momo were 13 years apart in age.

    The news source Market News, which issued a story on January 2 at midnight KST saying that based on their research, they were exclusively disclosing that Momo and Heechul are dating, validated the report, according to the Korean Entertainment News portal Soompi.

    Market News, the publication that first claimed in August that Momo and Heechul were dating, also claimed in a report from January 2 that JYP Entertainment and Super Junior’s Label had rejected their relationship at the time.

    On a number of programmes, including Weekly Idol, where Momo frequently performed with her girl group TWICE and Kim Heechul served as a temporary host, the two have been spotted together. Along with him, Momo has appeared on Knowing Bros. Heechul has frequently expressed his admiration for Momo, a dancer from Japan, throughout these performances.

    A clip of Momo impersonating a Japanese character stating “Nicco nicco ni,” to do aego, a sweet display of affection frequently communicated by an adorable voice, expressions, and gestures, was one of the video clips that went viral at the time a Weekly Idol episode aired. Fans were overjoyed when it was revealed that they were dating and were extremely supportive, despite some people noting out that Kim Heechul and Momo are 13 years apart in age. As admirers learned the news, “Momo” started trending on Twitter all over the world.

    What was the story of Momo involving an accident?

    What was the story of Momo involving an accident

    Before TWICE’s final performance in the United States in 2022, Momo was in a serious accident.

    The TWICE U.S. tour ended on February 27 at the USB Arena in New York City, which has a capacity of 18,500. All of the tickets were sold out. The performance made it very evident why the girl group is one of the leading figures in their field, Kpop; they displayed all of their talent on stage and mesmerized the crowd.

    Nobody was aware that Momo had a collision with a barrier placed behind the stage just before the ensemble rose to sing “SCIENTIST.” The singer said that she hit the barrier because she was so enthused with the prior performance that she was oblivious to its presence and hit her forehead.

    Despite the mishap, the Japanese idol nevertheless performed while in pain out of concern that the song could be overlooked or even experience another mishap. Because they were focused on seeing Momo perform, the girls were incredibly focused and some of them even missed a portion of the song.

    At the conclusion of the performance, they could do nothing but applaud her on a job well done in spite of her traumatic injury. The audience, better known as ONCE, was unaware of what had happened until the band commented on it at the conclusion of the concert on the live broadcast and once more emphasized the artist’s performance.

    The lead dancer said to the group after the performance that she couldn’t recall the “SCIENTIST” show. She is today in much better health, but she still experiences some tongue pain, thanks to the fact that the accident did not get worse for the band and the fans.

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