10 Psychotic and Ruthless Villains Of Moon Knight Universe – Backstories Explored

    During the massive content explosion that was the 2021 Disney Investor Day presentation on November 12th, we had so much to eat and discuss that our heads were spinning. Kevin Feige and Marvel had the best day, despite the fact that we learned about a host of new Star Wars episodes coming to Disney+.

    Some of the announcements were more significant than others, but we did hear a little more about the upcoming “Moon Knight” series that will be accessible on Disney+ soon. So, who is this mysterious “Moon Knight”? For starters, he is Marc Spector, a former assassin/mercenary who is resurrected by the ancient Egyptian god Khonshu after his death.

    Affluent playboy Steven Grant and taxi driver Jake Lockley are two of Spector’s other aliases, both of whom suffer from a dissociative identity disorder. “Moon Knight” is a mash-up of Batman and Split. Spector’s voiceover says that he can not tell the difference between his “waking existence” and his nightmares, and we see this in the trailer, which portrays Moon Knight as one of Marvel’s darker films.

    We all know how important villains and antagonists are in every superhero story, so today we will look at this famous hero’s foes in order to bring more depth and character to an already badass personality (or personalities, as the case may be).



    An ex-assassin who worked alongside Spector while they were posted at Sudan, Raoul Bushman assaulted archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune and his daughter, who was also Spector’s colleague, in order to illegally obtain the Egyptian wealth that the two of them had uncovered. In order to protect the Alraunes, Spector engaged in a fierce fight with Bushman, which ended with the latter killing the former. After this temporary death, Spector gets resurrected as the Moon Knight. You could loosely say Bushman was the reason Spector is who he is now.

    While in the United States, Bushman planned to exact vengeance on Spector. After that failed, he established himself as the African Republic of Burundi’s General and President for life. Bushman was removed from his post in Burundi after yet another humiliation at the hands of Moon Knight.

    The ivory Death’s Head mask inked on Bushman’s face, as well as the steel fangs he occasionally wields, are instantly identifiable. After fierce rooftop combat, Bushman appeared to be killed by Moon Knight. Moon Knight uses the sharp edge of his Crescent Dart to cut Bushman’s face off in an attempt to put an end to their quarrel.  

    Following that, Spector claimed that Khonshu would visit him in the form of a faceless Bushman, reminding him of his finest effort. When criminal leader ‘The Hood’ came to New York, Bushman was superhumanly resurrected and enlisted as part of his squad to confront Moon Knight.

    Moon Knight was attacked and injured by Bushman while examining a warehouse near the docks, and the two got into a brutal brawl, with Bushman being impaled by a machine gun. A vision of Khonshu emerged, calling at Moon Knight to respect him just as he was ready to cut off Bushman’s face once again.

    Bushman was last seen collaborating with Taskmaster and Helmut Zemo before being apprehended and imprisoned at Ravencroft Institute. He, along with the majority of the convicts, fled not long after.

    Raoul Bushman is a master of a wide range of weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. His hand-to-hand combat skill is strong enough to put Moon Knight in danger. His teeth have been adjusted as well, and they are now razor-sharp.

    Bushman has been known to kill people with these fangs by piercing their necks. As far as weaknesses go, Bushman confessed that he acquired an eating disorder in order to deal with his powerlessness in the face of Moon Knight. Bushman became obese as a result of this.

    Black Spectre

    Black Spectre

    Carson Knowles was a veteran who was also a person who was not greeted warmly upon returning from his duties. His life was made miserable in many possible ways. His job had been transferred, and his wife had abandoned him and their children.

    He barely made ends meet as a deliveryman, before learning that his son had been murdered over the phone. After his car was robbed for components and he was approached by a robber, Knowles cracked and nearly killed the man.

    Carson campaigned for mayor as a dark horse candidate, relying on his father’s name and political influence to destroy the city that had wronged him so horribly. He also adopted the alias Black Spectre, abusing and extorting the local district boss in order to gain support for Knowles.

    His helmet dropped during a confrontation with Moon Knight, but Moon Knight was unable to persuade anyone that Mayoral Candidate Knowles and Black Spectre were the same people. Moon Knight eventually fought Black Spectre publicly, and Marlene Alraune, Moon Knight’s assistant, discovered Knowles’ fraudulent intentions for the city in his elected office.

    Years later, he was freed from prison, but his colleagues continued to harass him. He fell to the illusions of his previous life as the Black Spectre and resolved to exact vengeance on Moon Knight by murdering his victims and carving a crescent figure onto their foreheads, thus incriminating Moon Knight.

    After fighting Moon Knight, he unveiled himself to him and seized Stark nanotechnology, infecting a bunch of citizens. He then mercilessly battered Marc close to death and said that he planned to use the nanites to instruct the entire crowd to attempt suicide since all he desired was for the world to burn in retaliation for his son’s murder and mistreatment.

    Moon Knight, being unable to walk and with no time to stop him, tugged his leg, causing him to tumble from the tower’s rooftop above the gathering. On impact, he appeared dead.

    As far as abilities go, besides the fact that he is an extremely skilled combatant who almost killed Marc, there are no known abilities or powers that have been mentioned about Black Spectre in the comics. However, he still ranks as one of Moon Knights’ most formidable foes.



    Tony Masters, also known as Taskmaster, is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. the agent turned mercenary and assassin.  During a mission, Tony discovered an old scientist who had been shot in the chest and was dying a slow death.

    Tony was given a syringe carrying an untested Nazi version of the Super-Soldier Serum by the doctor before he died to help him improve his photographic reflexes. Tony began to develop more powers after injecting himself with the Nazi Super-Soldier Serum, but he was hampered by the fact that the memories he gained through observing others overwrote his precious moments.

    Taskmaster grudgingly agreed to assist the authorities when the Superhuman Registration Act came into force. The Committee then hired Taskmaster to assassinate Moon Knight. Moon Knight would be friendless, alone, with no fight left in him, and ready to die, according to the Profile who was a clever consultant who could gauge people at a glance.

    Taskmaster accepted the contract, assuming it would be easy money, while simultaneously informing the CSA about Moon Knight’s return to becoming a costumed bandit. Unfortunately for Taskmaster, everything that the Profile had told him was completely incorrect.

    Taskmaster was shot multiple times with a rifle gun and fell out of a window as a consequence of this short struggle with Marc Spector and his companions. Taskmaster approached the Committee, angry that he had been misled, and demanded reimbursement for wasted equipment and time. Marc Spector piloted his Mooncopter into the tower during the fight, wanting revenge.

    Tony was born with the capacity to replicate other people’s abilities that he had witnessed or seen on television. His brain began to absorb knowledge instantly after injecting himself with an advanced Nazi variant of the Super-Soldier Serum.

    He chooses to use this ability to imitate the fighting skills of masked crime fighters and elite martial artists from all over the world, both armed and unarmed. Taskmaster is widely regarded as one of Marvel Universe’s most powerful armed and unarmed combatants.  

    He was a true master in modern and historical martial arts, as well as boxing, wrestling, swordsmanship, archery, marksmanship, juggling, gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, and sleight of hand. Taskmaster studied the fighting skills of a variety of people, including Moon Knight. One of the best mercenaries out there, Taskmaster is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

    Killer Shrike

    Killer Shrike

    The Roxxon Oil Company chose Simon Maddicks, an ex-army man turned assassin, to be a field agent in secret operations. Maddicks was sent to Roxxon’s partner Brand Corporation’s Mutagenic Laboratory, where he undertook severe training and surgery to insert a small anti-gravity generator in the root of his spine and was given the moniker ‘Killer Shrike’.

    Maddicks had been sent to investigate the rebellious organization known only as of the Conspiracy during his time at Roxxon, which Roxxon discovered through their commercial partnership with the Brand Corporation.

    Killer Shrike was dispatched by the Conspiracy to capture Goram, a formidable creature. Ulysses Bloodstone, on the other hand, foiled Maddicks’ plan by short-circuiting Killer Shrike’s electronic-based weapons, causing the villain serious injury.

    Killer Shrike assaulted Moon Knight during the incidents of “Acts of Vengeance.” He fired down the Mooncopter and gravely injured Moon Knight’s pilot, Frenchie, before fleeing. He is imprisoned initially but gets released, which angers Moon Knight and he sets out to battle him. Simon has a surgically implanted anti-gravity generator at the bottom of his spine that allows him to fly.

    The cerebral link activates this device, which releases a steady flow of anti-gravitons (theoretical particles with the opposite charge to gravitons) and allows him to fly. While in flight, the Killer Shrike can reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour and carry up to 550 pounds (along with his own body weight), although it reduces his speed and stamina.

    He has vast experience in hand-to-hand combat as well as a variety of Oriental martial arts, including kung fu. He also knows how to use knives and guns as well as other small weapons.

    The dual power-blasters he wears on each wrist are his main weapon system. Each bracelet is equipped with two curved titanium claws that can cut through any surface. With very large charges, the wristbands can emit a high-frequency flash-like bolt of electricity.

    Killer Shrike may be among the less predominant foes, but his encounters with Moon Knight are memorable and vital nonetheless.



    William Cross was born in the city of Madison in the state of Wisconsin. Cross enlisted in the CIA with the goal of learning corporate secrets and making connections who could help him in the future.

    He planned to exploit his CIA training and skills to profit. Cross, who specialized in data collection and retrieval, collaborated with scientists within the organization to formulate an efficient brainwashing approach based on ultrasonic technology. There, he met fellow CIA spy Marc Spector and fell in love with Rozalyn Backus.

    Cross left the CIA soon after, putting his capabilities and knowledge to work in a variety of extremely profitable illicit activities, including drug trafficking, extortion, and assassination. He took on the moniker Crossfire and used a portion of his revenues to pay a small army of mercenaries to act as his henchmen. 

    Some of his adversaries rigged his offices once during his reign. He lost his left eye and ear, as well as 85 percent of his hearing, as a result of the attacks. He made up for his losses by investing in cybernetic technology. Crossfire ultimately tracked down the individuals who had injured him and killed them one by one.

    Cross finally came to the conclusion that the existence of superhumanly powerful criminals represented a risk to his efforts. He put all of his cash support towards perfecting his ultrasonic brainwashing equipment, which he thought would brainwash all superpowered beings into fighting to the death.

    He planned to kidnap the Thing to see how successful his machine was, by testing it on him. Moon Knight happened to see the Thing’s misery. Crossfire’s private legion was identified by the Moon Knight, who went to assist the Thing in defeating Crossfire’s army. Cross, however, managed to getaway.

    Crossfire is a master of numerous spy skills, an excellent sharpshooter, and most likely a martial arts enthusiast. He excels at hand-to-hand combat, especially killing blows. He also has a unique pitch that the human ear can detect.

    Shadow Knight

    Shadow Knight

    Randall Spector, like his brother, was a mercenary but he deceived him and murdered Lisa, Marc’s then-girlfriend, in Italy. Marc Spector then tracked Randall down, stalking him for two days and two nights until he almost mutilated and nearly killed him. When Randall regained consciousness, he murdered a nurse and subsequently went on a murdering rampage as a serial killer.

    Later on, during the course of Randall’s spree, Marc confronted Randall and killed him. However, this was later revealed to be an imposter, since Randall returns with the Cult of Khonshu, with Princess Nephthys having supernaturally upgraded him with unbreakable skin and extraordinary power.

    Randall adopts the title Shadow Knight in order to attract Marc’s attention. First, he commits a series of murders for Moon Knight to track him down. Moon Knight’s pregnant girlfriend, Marlene, is then attacked, resulting in a miscarriage. While Randall is seeking the Sapphire Crescent, Marc pursues him to New Orleans.

    He unmasks Shadow Knight and realizes that the man he assumed was slain by Punisher was actually Randall. Randall subsequently manages to elude Marc while he is still stunned and obtains the crescent. Meanwhile, Marc makes a pact with Khonshu that if he kills for Khonshu, he will be strengthened. Marc locates Randall and retrieves the crescent from him, as well as defeating him.

    Nepthys’ “lunar therapies” gave him extraordinary performance and toughness on the outside, but his internal organs stayed normal. Randall Spector had significant training in intelligence and tactical fighting techniques, but after going insane, he was scarcely able to use them. All in all, he’s a very interesting enemy that deserves to be on this list.



    Robert Markham was born in the city of New York. He had an unusual viral infection that prevented specific parts of his DNA from replicating due to competing inhibition. He sought the advice of Dr. Peter Alraune, who recommended an unproven research medication. The medicine interacted with Markham’s DNA, giving him a strange look and preventing him from sleeping.

    Markham learned that he didn’t need to sleep anymore and that he had obtained a powerful telepathic skill. Morpheus is his name.  Morpheus’ crazed attempt to punish Dr. Alraune drew the notice of Moon Knight. Morpheus was brought to the Seaview Research Hospital under strong sedation.

    Every day, he was provided an artificially generated sleep period. For a time, this resulted in typical dreams, but Morpheus’ brain eventually mutated further, and he formed a mental connection with Alraune. Morpheus transmitted visions into the minds of the unwilling through him. He eventually made his way out of Seaview and set out to punish Moon Knight and Alraune.

    Morpheus has a distinct way of processing psychic energy compared to most humans. Without sleep and nightmares to naturally drain off his psychic energy, it piles up in his system as “ebon energy.” This force can be used in a similar way as telekinetic powers to create a protective aura, blast targets from afar, or deliberately lift and control materials.

    Morpheus learned to interact with individuals while they slept as his abilities expanded. He used Peter Alraune as a puppet while he was resting, sensing his thoughts and manipulating him. Morpheus is not able to sleep anymore and consequently has no eyelids and has grotesque features. He is an interesting character to watch out for.



    John DeZoan, a condemned mass murderer from Hartford, Connecticut, was on death row. Protesters attempted to halt the execution, prompting one jail official to wonder if his death should be postponed. It couldn’t wait since DeZoan had already assaulted two detainees; he was told.

    Sadly for them, Moon Knight planned to break into the jail at the same moment as DeZoan’s sentencing. The execution proceeded as DeZoan began getting fried, but the power was cut by Moon Knight’s source. DeZoan was declared dead by a doctor, and everyone assumed his execution had exhausted the facility’s electricity supply. They had no idea that the sequence of events had given DeZoan his powers, and he had broken loose, killing everyone in the room.

    Deadzone runs into Moon Knight while attempting to exit the imprisonment with his acquired abilities. Moon Knight swings his adamantium truncheon towards the villain’s face, but it is caught by Deadzone, much to his amazement.

    He rapidly grows fond of the weapon and finds that he can use his new abilities through the truncheon’s adamantium whip. He swiftly stuns the hero and escapes, presumably to complete his job.  Moon Knight confronts Deadzone once more, believing that his better mobility will provide him the advantage, but he is destroyed once more.

    The rare incident during his sentencing in the electric chair gave Deadzone his abilities. The electromagnetic shocks interacting with the tranquilizers in his bloodstream gave him his new talents. His electrical power can be used to overload a person’s agony and pleasure receptors. He prefers to utilize his Moon Knight-supplied adamantium truncheons for this.

    His nervous system was also destroyed by the “miracle,” as he calls it. He claims that suffering is no longer his adversary, but rather his daily partner and source of assaults. It’s been suggested that the ‘miracle’ accelerated his speed. He displayed this by avoiding many opponents’ bullets and catching Moon Knight’s truncheon. Not much else is described him in the comics, but he does appear often to face off Moon Knight.



    Bora was born and raised in Russia, where she pursued her dream of becoming a ballerina. However, throughout puberty, she experienced a tremendous growth spurt, and her career came to a screeching halt.

    She was enraged that the others who kept their skills would take them away from her homeland Russia, so she set out to execute Russian dancers who had moved to the United States. She killed many of them before being vanquished by Moon Knight, who had a lot of help from the Fantastic Four and several X-Men.

    They were obliged to utilize blinding lights and deafening sounds even with their assistance to undermine the emotional discipline of her talents. Bora however isn’t a villain who pops up frequently, with her first appearance being in the issue of Moon Knight #35 – Second Wind. She is able to conjure strong winds to her advantage during combat. Not much is said of her beyond these but she is definitely an honorable mention in this list.

    Stained Glass Scarlet

    Stained Glass Scarlet

    Stained-glass Scarlet is a former nun who turned rogue after being compelled to murder her delinquent son. Scarlet received combat training while working as a prison officer in a women’s jail. Scarlet had a difficult childhood due to her father’s abuse. She killed her father by lighting a cigarette in his bed one evening when she’d gotten fed up.

    His murder was ruled an accident, and she was moved to live with her aunt and uncle, who provided her with better living standards. She then ended up marrying Vince Fasinera, a small-time criminal, in the hopes of saving him from himself. He simply abused her in the same way that her father had.

    Following this, they had a kid, Joseph, despite Vince’s refusal to have anything to do with him. Vince was shot and killed on the stairs of a cathedral, and their son went on to live a criminal life. Joseph “Mad Dog” Fasinera was his subsequent moniker.

    Scarlet took it upon herself to save her child from a life of crime after he fled jail, but she was compelled to execute him in the end. Scarlet became a vigilante and began tracking down all of the criminals who had played a role in her son’s decision to become a criminal. Moon Knight attempted to stop her, but she managed to getaway.

    Scarlet later reappears and terrorizes Brooklyn with her armed crossbow, which she uses as a weapon. She targets the near and dear ones of Moon Knight, and as the battle ensues, Scarlet escapes back to her church, waiting for her “angel” to rescue her. Marc poses in front of the Khonshu Statue that evening.

    He sees a vision of Scarlet appear before his eyes. Scarlet is predestined to return to his life, he knows. He quickly hears about the tragedy that put his buddies in jeopardy and vows to avenge them. She subsequently reveals that she has formed a special telepathic bond with Moon Knight.

    Scarlet is also shown to have a complex dynamic with Moon Knight, in which she supports him in bringing down his nemeses. However, her tendency to commit murder clashes with Moon Knight’s objectives, making it more intricate. Scarlet has no visible abilities, although she does share a peculiar psychic relationship with Moon Knight. This psychic connection isn’t controlled in any way.

    When Stained-Glass Scarlet focuses on Moon Knight, it manifests in the form of nightmares in which their minds collide and enable them to converse briefly. This connection between Stained-Glass Scarlet and Moon Knight could be the result of an entity linked to Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, reincarnating as Stained-Glass Scarlet. Scarlet is also a martial arts master. She can use bayonets, firearms, and bows and arrows with dexterity.

    She is definitely a villain that presents an uncanny representation of something extraordinary, and goes head-to-head with Moon Knight in various instances too, thereby earning her a spot in this list.

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