Resident Evil Season 2 – Hypothesis, Forecasts & Everything That Can Happen In The Next RE S02

    Just like the sky and the sun, Resident Evil will always be here on our globe in some form or another. Despite all those films and video games, did you know that Netflix’s upcoming adaption is the first live-action series set in this universe? A lot of people are watching what we can fairly say is an enjoyable show, as evidenced by the fact that the first season is currently available for viewing on Netflix and is at the top of the Netflix lists for the hottest TV series.

    Let us hope that later seasons will go much deeper – assuming, of course, that Netflix initially approves Resident Evil for a second season. There are not many obvious ties to earlier games other than the obvious Umbrella references and, you know, the zombies, thanks to a creative chronology shift. Do you wish to learn every detail of the second season? Keep an eye out!

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    How did season 1 end?

    How did season 1 end

    “Resident Evil” is based on a video game and is reminiscent of the same-titled Milla Jovovich film. The thriller series on Netflix has actually made a noteworthy and adventurous start and is in no way a repeat. Both new and seasoned fans will enjoy the show’s plethora of fresh characters and unexpected story twists.

    The show’s creator is Andrew Dabb, who contributed to Supernatural for its final four seasons, starting with season 5, as a producer, co-showrunner, and story editor. The Resident Evil television series was announced a few years after the Milla Jovovich-starring film franchise came to an end. The popular survival horror film was brought to Netflix by producers Constantin Film in collaboration with Moonlighting Films.

    The first timeline of Resident Evil, which takes place in 2022, follows half-twins Billie and Jade as they struggle to settle into their new home in Fresh Raccoon City, a community that resembles an oasis and is home to experimentations from their father, played by Lance Reddick’s Albert Wesker. In the 2036 setting of the second Resident Evil timeline, where 300 million people are refugees worldwide, Ella Balinska’s Jade is an adult striving to develop a cure for the T-virus as Umbrella undertakes a worldwide quest for her.

    The season ends with a major cliffhanger and a bunch of questions still linger in the minds of viewers. We watch as the siblings finally reunite in the 2036 timeline as we learn that Billie had never left Umbrella with her sister and had instead chosen to stay there, turning into a ruthless killer with no remorse – no shame even when it came to tricking her own twin sister and kidnapping her niece.

    They have a final showdown where it seems like Jade gets the upper hand, but Billie, who has access to all of Umbrella’s weaponry, unleashes a drone attack on the island at large, forcing Jade to retreat. However, in the commotion, Jade’s daughter, Bea gets separated from her and kidnapped by the woman who is her aunt. Knowing that Billie is a murderous crazy person (to say the least), this does not bode well for Jade and her husband, Arjun.

    We also see in the 2022 timeline as Jade runs off to search for a woman named Ada Wong after things go horribly wrong with Umbrella. Billie bites Evelyn’s son, Simon, turning him into a zero and Evelyn shoots her own son, causing a rift between Billie and Jade because Jade and Simon were quite close. The Umbrella Corporation and Evelyn specifically realises that Billie was the one who got bit in the break in that had occurred and unfortunately, the two sisters fall apart on that fateful night. So, there’s clearly a lot that can be done in season 2, simply from following up the last episode alone.

    Is there a second season already in the works?

    Is there a second season already in the works

    There have been no formal confirmations from Netflix, but Season 2 is likely to materialise. Showrunner Andrew Dabb stated in an interview that the plot for Season 2 of the programme is being developed. Netflix will probably order more episodes very soon if enough people watch it. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, an original from the same brand, already has a season on Netflix. Thus, it all depends on the viewership the show garners, so if you liked this series and want to see what comes next, ask your friends and family to watch it too!

    According to the showrunner, Andrew Dabb, the show should have a successful and protracted streaming life. In an interview, he stated that he wanted to break his previous record of 15 seasons and is now aiming for at least 20 seasons of this zombie suspense drama. High hopes, eh?

    If we were to assume that Resident Evil Season 2 is in production, the precise day and hour of release are unknown. Fans might anticipate additional episodes around 2023 or 2024, though. Dabb made it quite clear in an interview that they wanted to produce one season every 18 months or so.

    Let’s hope they stick to this timeline because that just means more content for fans!

    The majority of the following cast members should return for Resident Evil season two, assuming the end of the world doesn’t occur between now and filming: Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker, Tamara Smart portraying little Jade Wesker, Adeline Rudolph as young Billie Wesker, Siena Agudong playing young Billie Wesker, Paola Nez as Evelyn Marcus, and Ahad Raza Mir playing Arjun Batra. Last but not least, Lance Reddick, who plays Jade and Billie’s father, Albert Wesker, should also return.

    The first eight episodes of the series were officially picked up by Netflix in 2020, however owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, its completion and distribution were postponed. It seems unlikely that such an obstacle will hinder the production team in the future, especially if the show is widely watched and becomes a hit with audiences in the next few weeks.

    All we know about the second season

    All we know about the second season

    If you have already binge-watched the first eight episodes, you’ll probably want more. The plot may have you scratching your head, but any theories you have on the newest iterations of the T-virus are worth exploring because the first season does not confirm much of anything. Here are all the responses to your enquiring minds regarding Resident Evil. Simply based on the sheer number of teasers and references to the games that are established during season 1, if Resident Evil is renewed, the programme appears to hopefully only get nerdier in any and all succeeding seasons.

    The eight-episode first season of Resident Evil included a number of thrilling shocks, and the show’s creators have promised to explore one more in the future. Netflix’s Resident Evil season 2 is expected to include one significant video game character, with the programme grounded in the games’ mythos – this character is none other than Ada Wong.

    Screen Rant had an exclusive interview with Andrew Dabb to analyse the Resident Evil franchise before the Netflix series’ debut. Dabb spoke specifically about the season 1 finale, in which Jade and Billie are leaving New Raccoon City in a car with the “Bert” Wesker clone and are carrying a note from their deceased father directing them to Ada Wong. She was informed by the end of the first season that Ada Wong was someone her father wanted her to meet. The Easter egg revealed a whole new world of characters, which Season 2 might investigate. Dabb said in the interview that Ada would “100%” appear in Resident Evil season 2 when asked if the character would receive more attention.

    Now, Ada Wong, who first appeared in Resident Evil 2, has swiftly gained popularity among fans of the game series because of her action-hero skills, attractive design, and chemistry with legendary protagonist Leon S. Kennedy—despite the fact that she works for Umbrella. She is a spy who originally appeared in Resident Evil 2 where she was tasked with stealing a sample of the G virus.

    Ada was later omitted from an appearance in Resident Evil Village owing to alleged difficulties determining the character’s role in the plot. She later made an appearance as a player character in Resident Evil 4 and received a playable part in the latest Resident Evil 2 remake. Played on screen by Li Bingbing in Jovovich’s Resident Evil: Retribution and Lily Gao in last year’s Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City’s mid-credits scene, she has also been on the big screen in the franchise adaptations.

    Despite the fact that Netflix hasn’t yet decided whether to continue the programme because it just debuted this week, Dabb’s statement that Ada will feature in a prospective Resident Evil season 2 is sure to be an exciting tease for fans of the video game series. Given that the show is based on the mythology of the games, it is possible that Ada’s arrival will pave the way for Leon to appear in season 2, either in a flashback involving the two characters or in one of the two major timelines.

    Dabb has also stated recently that he would like to explore characters like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jill Valentine in 2022.

    He has further said that as the series went on, the tales from the timelines of 2022 and 2036 would intersect. The characters will shift and grow as the story does, becoming new people with new characteristics. The team, according to Dabb, has fresh ideas, but there are also legendary Resident Evil characters that they want to integrate into the programme.

    Setting a new backdrop for a Resident Evil storyline is what Season 1 was all aboutthis. Thus, they willingly only scratched the surface of the vast Resident Evil lore. The audience is presented with brand-new characters, which hopefully everyone will like and love and the story will be built from there as per the showrunner. The question is, what transpires when they run into “Character X” from the games, though? These legacy characters would be quite old, around 50 in the new series timeline, thus it will be fascinating to see any and all interactions between them and the established protagonists of season 1.

    There is a tonne of incredibly interesting material to investigate, and Dabb for one, hopes the programme continues for a very long time.

    Thus, as far as inclusions of key Resident Evil characters are concerned, Dabb is sure to bring the heat, that we know for sure. Audiences may currently watch Resident Evil season 1 on Netflix to catch up because it seems like a second season is highly likely and Dabb and his team are well-armed to take it on!

    Other Fan Theories and Predictions

    Other Fan Theories and Predictions

    Should Netflix give them the go-ahead, Dabb and his colleagues appear to have no dearth of ideas for incorporating characters from the games into upcoming seasons. But they’ve also set the stage for expanding on the tale of the Wesker sisters. In the episode titled “Revelations,” Billie shoots Jade in the stomach during the 2036 plot line and then flees in a chopper with her daughter Bea, so sure. There are several issues the sisters need to resolve.

    The way the show is written nearly seems to be engineered to demand a second season. Although practically every plotline in the first season ends with an ellipsis in some way, the multiple timelines naturally raise the issue of what the hell happened in between to break the sisters apart so violently. The story in the first season does have a shape but there is a lot more to the story of the sisters and their bond that is yet to be seen.

    Another person of interest is Umbrella CEO, Evelyn Marcus and what happens to her. There is a lot to take in, and those who are not familiar with the games could be unsure of which characters are original creations and which are drawn directly from the original material. Focusing on a specific figure, viewers are interested in learning more about the series’ CEO. So, before we get into hypotheses, let’s speak about Evelyn Marcus from Resident Evil.

    She quickly gains a reputation as a brutal leader who doesn’t care how Umbrella’s work affects the general public as long as it results in financial success for the business. James Marcus, her late father, hangs over her as he was responsible for the destruction of Raccoon City, despite warnings from Umbrella workers. She is revealed to be married to Diana, and the two have a son named Simon, despite the marriage having many problems. But by the end of the season, our opinion of Evelyn has completely changed. The primary worry is that she might have been slain in the end by vicious zombies.

    That brings up the crucial query – at the end of Resident Evil season 1, is Evelyn actually dead? Audiences won’t get the answers they need until the second season. But it’s worth putting forth a few intriguing hypotheses. The first possibility is that Evelyn is killed by the zombies, but the camera cuts away before we see the gory details.

    On the other hand, it’s possible that she survived the encounter, which would explain why her death is unknown. We know that Billie is able to escape in a helicopter, so perhaps she came to her aid. She might have intervened swiftly to save Evelyn. After all, if you pull back the curtain at Umbrella, you can see that Billie is in charge. Perhaps because Evelyn serves as something of a puppet for her, she determined it was best to keep her alive for her own self-serving goals.

    The Cinemaholic offers an alternative theory. Are there any additional Evelyns back at the lab to replace the one that was allegedly destroyed by zombies? Clones are nothing new in the series, thus learning that Billie had Evelyn clones created wouldn’t be all that shocking. This would imply that the Evelyn who was left in the tent and the one we did get to know this season had passed away, but people wouldn’t be any wiser since there would be a clone to replace her.

    If the show gets renewed for season 2, Evelyn might play a significant role in a variety of plotlines, thus it seems like the writers might have been reckless to cut her off so early. It seems quite probable that Evelyn will return, clone or not.

    Another important fan theory surrounds Jade’s young daughter, Bea. If you remember correctly, the mutated crocodile was unleashed by the members of The University at the end of the season to allow for their escape from the troops of the Umbrella Corporation.

    Well, when this mutated croc stumbled upon her when she had gotten separated from her family and was left alone wandering on the island, it did not attack her, choosing instead to study her and then move away, almost in a protective manner. This could indicate that Bea has something special. This also could be the reason why Billie chose to take Bea away, separating mother and daughter.

    A theory which is making the rounds is that Bea’s blood or genes could possibly hold the secret to a cure for those infected by the T virus since we also learn that while Billie never turned, she was not immune to the virus, her immune system simply slowed the virus down. Thus, while she was definitely not a zero herself, she was still decaying and dying, just much slower than the regular human being exposed to the virus.

    This could mean that she herself was looking for a cure and saw that Bea had the potential to help her find one. It will be interesting to see how Bea reacts to getting kidnapped and there is likely to be a storyline where Jade embarks upon a quest to save her daughter.

    There is also the matter of the Wesker clones that needs some sort of resolution or closure. In the first season, we find out that Albert Wesker, the twins’ father was a clone of the actual Albert Wesker, this entire time. Not only was he one clone, there were also three others, including one named Bert who is seen interacting with the twins, posing to be their father. Clones, as we already know, are no strangers to the Resident Evil universe or the Umbrella Corporation, and thus, something interesting might definitely come out of this cloning situation as well.

    Further, the 2022 timeline ends at the point the virus is about to cause an outbreak in New Racoon City, thus she second season could also follow the impending virus outbreak and how the protagonists, survive and, escape the zeroes and other perils as civilisation as they know it, collapses around them. There is a lot of scope for more blood, guts and glory in the second season as well and simply as a fan of all of that action; I can’t wait to see what Andrew Dabb and his team have in store for us!

    The reception of the series has been split in opinion. While a majority of the people watching have definitely found this series entertaining, they have also voiced the opinion that it is not ‘Resident Evil’ enough. However, with the promise of adding in more Resident Evil themes, characters and settings, season 2 seems to be something worth waiting for. While we scour the internet for a fresh season two video snippet or trailer like a ravenous zombie who has lost his legs to rot and decomposition, keep checking back here while we keep looking for it. Do you want a second season of Resident Evil? Let us know in the comments section below!

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