Is “The Cleaning Lady: Season 2 (2022)” Based On A True Story?

    As the show gets ready to make a comeback in its second season, it is adding a new weapon to its arsenal. The criminal drama series shines a light on narcotics, illegal immigrants’ struggles, and their access to basic services like healthcare. Naveen Andrews will join the cast as a series regular for the upcoming second season, according to Deadline.

    Is “The Cleaning Lady: Season 2” based on a true story?

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 (2022)

    “The Cleaning Lady: Season 2” is a fictional story. Andrews will take on the role of Robert Kamdar in the second season of the program. Robert is Nadia’s boisterous and endearing ex-boyfriend (Eva De Dominici). Robert is determined to put distance between Nadia and Arman (Adan Canto), who is about to lose all he values but won’t give up without a fight even in the worst of situations.

    The Cleaning Lady recounts the travels of Élodie Yung’s Thony, a Cambodian physician who immigrated to the United States in order to treat her son, who has been identified as having a serious illness. Because of her husband Marco’s gambling addiction and his inability to obtain a visa, Thony must intervene on her own to preserve their kid. Unexpectedly, Thony is compelled to work as a criminal organization’s “cleaning lady” in return for her son receiving the necessary, financially-supported care. When the show resumes, Thony will be looking for her son, who his father had abducted. In an effort to find the kid, she will turn to law enforcement, namely FBI Agent Garrett Miller (Oliver Hudson).

    The acting career of Andrews is well-known in the business. He got many compliments for his most recent performance in Hulu’s The Dropout, but his work on ABC’s Lost, for which he won Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, is what has garnered the most of his attention.. His other credits include, among others, The English Patient, Diana, Planet Terror, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

    On the Argentine television show La Chica Que Limpia, The Cleaning Lady is based. As executive producer and co-showrunner for the second season alongside Melissa Carter, Miranda Kwok created the American adaption. Shay Mitchell, David Dean Portelli, Rose Marie Vega, and Paola Suarez all work as executive producers as well. Martha Millan, Sean Lew, Chelsea Frei, Jay Mohr, Sebastien & Valentino LeSalle, Liza Weil, and Shiva Negar are among the other actors who appear in the series.

    On September 19 at 9:00 PM on Fox, The Cleaning Lady’s second season makes its debut.

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