Where To Watch The Show The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 (2022)?

    Based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name, The Handmaid’s Tale is an American dystopian television series produced by Bruce Miller. The plot features a dystopia following a Second American Civil War wherein a theonomic, totalitarian society subjects fertile women, called “Handmaids,” to child-bearing slavery. The first three seasons have been released, with the fourth set to premiere in 2021. The fifth season is expected to air in 2022.

    Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale is predicted to continue the plot and feature the original actors from Season 4. June Osborne will again be portrayed by Elisabeth Moss, Max Minghella, Madeline Brewer, O. T. Fagbenle, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Ann Dowd, Bradley Whitford, and Amanda Brugel in the main cast.

    What is The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 (2022) all about?

    Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale will explore the risks and challenges that June (Elisabeth Moss) faces as she strikes back against Gilead. As a rebel leader, June is determined to bring justice and revenge to those who have wronged her. However, her quest will put her relationships at risk and could potentially consume her. The season will explore the themes of justice, revenge, and relationships.

    The fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale is scheduled to air in 2022. In the most recent fourth season, June (Elisabeth Moss) strikes back against Gilead as a rebel leader. However, the risks she takes bring unexpected challenges that threaten to destroy her relationships. It is yet to see where the fifth season goes from there after the cliffhanger ending of the fourth season and what new challenges June will face in her quest for justice and revenge.

    Is The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 (2022) on Hulu?

    Is The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 (2022) on Hulu

    Hulu will release the show on 14 September 2022. If you’re in the mood for a horror show, Hulu has some great options, including “American Horror Story,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Haunting of Hill House.”

    Is The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 (2022) on Netflix?

    Netflix will not release the show. But, the fun thing about Netflix is that they have a great selection of mystery shows that are perfect for binge-watching. Some of our favorites include “Sherlock,” “The Killing,” and “Broadchurch.”

    For those viewers who prefer their mysteries a little more dark and twisted, we recommend checking out “Hannibal” or “Dexter.” If you’re precisely looking for something a little lighter, “The Good Wife” is also a great option.

    Is The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 (2022) on Amazon Prime?

    Though Amazon Prime will not release The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5, however, if you’re looking for a crime series to stream on Amazon Prime, we recommend “Breaking Bad,” “Narcos,” and “The Wire.”

    Where to stream The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 (2022)?

    Hulu is going to premiere the show on 14 September 2022. Due to its huge offerings, whatever your preference, there’s sure to be a great mystery show available to stream right now.

    How to watch The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 (2022) for free?

    If you’re a Hulu subscriber, you’ll be able to watch The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 5 for free when it premieres on September 14. There is no other way to stream it for free!

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