Where To Watch “Today We Fix The World (2022)”?

    In the production by powerhouse Argentinian producer Patagonik, Leonardo Sbaraglia (Wild Tales, Pain And Glory) stars as a busy talk show producer who discovers he is not the genuine father of the nine-year-old in his household. He sets out with the youngster to find the real father after the mother dies.

    With the current Argentinian success The Heist OfThe Century and the Mexican smash Tod@s Caen from last year, Winograd has just inked a first-look contract with Viacom International Studios. Ten Days Without Mum, which was recreated for Spain by Sony Pictures International Productions and Bowfinger International, is one of his credits.

    Today We Fix The World also stars Luis Luque (The Heist of the Century) and MartnPiroyansky (That’s Not Cheating).

    Juan Vera produced the film alongside Juan Pablo Galli and Christian Faillace, with Juan Lovece serving as executive producer. Mariano Vera penned the screenplay.

    Plot- “El Griego,” David Samaras, is the executive producer of the popular discussion programme “Hoy se arregla el mundo,” in which ostensibly regular people settle relationship, couple, friendship, work, parent, and kid difficulties. Benito, his 9-year-old son from a brief relationship, is the most enduring bond in his life. When he discovers that Benito is not his son, the story takes a dramatic turn. The hunt for the real father will lead them to a fork in the road that is far more significant than the one they set out to cross.

    Is “Today We Fix the World” on Hulu?

    “Today We Fix the World” will not be releasing on Hulu. On the movie front, if you’re celebrating 4/20, watch a couple of Cheech & Chong films; rekindle your sparkly side with The Twilight Saga; or dive deeper into the true-crime saga of Steven Stayner, his kidnapping, escape, and the tragic media circus that surrounded the events in the Hulu original film Captive Audience.

    Is “Today We Fix the World” on Prime Video?

    “Today We Fix the World” won’ be premiering on Prime Video. Documentaries and films that will be available for streaming in April 2022. The Outlaws, Outer Range, All the Old Knives, A Very British Scandal, and other shows are among the highlights of this programming.

    Is “Today We Fix the World” on HBO Max?

    “Today We Fix the World” will not be seen on HBO Max. Some best alternatives: Not So Pretty, The Invisible Pilot.

    Is “Today We Fix the World” on Netflix?

    Is “Today We Fix the World” on Netflix

    “Today We Fix the World” will not be streaming on the platform Netflix. As the month progresses, the platform is releasing a slew of new original games to add to their already outstanding library of successes. When Metal Lords is released on April 8, it will be a musical masterpiece that will undoubtedly rock you. Following that, the Asa Butterfield-led horror-thriller Choose Or Die will hit theatres on April 15 and will have you screaming for more.

    Where to watch this movie?

    In August, Disney will release the film in theatres in Argentina through Buena Vista International, and a leading global streaming service will distribute it in North America, Latin America, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Central Europe, and the Middle East. The Remake Co., a part of FilmSharks, is also promoting remake rights for the film.

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