10 Ultra-Muscular Alternate She-Hulks Who Will Blow Your Mind – Backstories Explored

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting ready to unveil a slew of new characters, including some intriguing female versions of well known superheroes. Jane Foster from the most recent Thor film and Lady Loki from the Loki trilogy have already been seen by everyone; She-Hulk will follow.

    Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters, better known by her alter ego She-Hulk, is a skilled attorney. The debut issue of the “Savage She-Hulk” comic book series, which was released in November 1979, featured the creation of the character by Stan Lee and John Buscema.

    Although She-Hulk’s sheer power was significantly inferior to that of her relative, she could typically maintain full consciousness when she was transformed into her hulk form. Although She-Hulk has a backstory in the main reality, there are other iterations of the character in the Marvel multiverse. In today’s video, we will be ranking our top ten She-Hulk appearances.

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    First, on our list, we have the Red She-Hulk from Earth 616. Red She-Hulk, aka Harpy, was Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Ross, the daughter of General Thaddeus Ross. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character made her first comic book appearance as  ‘Betty’  in “Incredible Hulk” issue 1 and as the Red She-Hulk in issue 168, published in March 1962 and July 1973, respectively.

    Born in California, Betty was a nervous Nellie when it came to following orders from her dad. Her mom died when she was a teenager, and since then, she has grown up in a boarding school. After finishing school, when she returned to her father, she had to live a life dominated by Thaddeus. During the same time, Thaddeus was in charge of a secret gamma bomb experiment at Desert Base in New Mexico.

    While being with her father at the base, she met Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, the one who created the gamma bomb, and felt attracted. Thaddeus hated Bruce and considered him weak, which intensified when he realized that his daughter was falling for him. Then one day, the gamma accident happened, and Bruce transformed into the Hulk after being exposed to an enormous amount of gamma radiation.

    He kept his identity hidden until he had saved ‘Betty’ in his Hulk form from Tyrannus, a long-lived Grecian ruler who controlled the underground domain of the Subterranean. This action grabbed the notice of Thaddeus and his security chief Major Glenn Talbot. Bruce and Betty managed to convince Thaddeus to let them marry each other, but on the day of their wedding, just before they could be announced as husband and wife, Hulk’s arch enemy, Leader, fired radiation at Bruce, which transformed him into the Hulk.

    Hulk lost all control and destroyed the house and also their wedding. This incident seemed kind of rigged by Thaddeus! But it was not clearly mentioned. Believing she had lost Bruce, she married Glenn, who always had a soft corner for her. During their honeymoon, Thaddeus was captured by the Soviet scientist Gremlin and sent to prison. On hearing the news, Glenn joined a rescue mission for Thaddeus.

    They managed to rescue Thaddeus, but Glenn got captured, and everyone believed that he had died. On hearing the news of her dead husband, Betty suffered a nervous breakdown and depression, which was capitalized by M.O.D.O.K, who infused a lot of gamma radiation into her. M.O.D.O.K wanted to create a being capable of defeating the Hulk and so experimented on Betty and transformed her into the Red She-Hulk or Harpy.

    Red She-Hulk possessed superhuman strength like Bruce, but her limits are still unknown. Along with superhuman durability and stamina, Red She-Hulk could fly like a bird with the aid of her wings. She possessed superhuman speed, agility, and also Hulk’s quick healing. She was as strong as Hulk, along with add-ons like flight and energy blasts. However, she does not get stronger as she gets angrier.



    Ever imagined if She-Hulk could be worthy of lifting Thor’s Mjolnir? Well, this version does and is known as Thor She-Hulk. This version of She-Hulk appeared only as a projection in the 50th issue of ‘The Sensational She-Hulk comics. The issue was published on September 2, 1993, and was written by John Byrne. The issue named ‘He’s Dead’ revolves around She-Hulk’s search for a new writer for her single comics after the death of John Byrne.

    John Byrne had a fictional origin in the comics. He was a writer and artist for a comic book company named Marvel Comics which published books based on the real-life stories of superheroes. He was writing a comic book series on She-Hulk when he died. She-hulk initially wanted to discard the project as she knew that finding a replacement for John would be difficult but later accepted Renee Witterstaetter’s advice of checking out some of the works from the new writers.

    There were different writers, and each had their own projection of She-Hulk’s character. One such was Thor She-Hulk, a variant of hers, written by Walter Simpson. Thor She-Hulk was an Asgardian and their Thor. Her appearance was similar to Thor’s with the crown and uniform, except that she was green and huge.

    This version of She-Hulk possessed all the abilities of Thor along with her Brute strength. She could summon lightning and be worthy of lifting Mjolnir. Although this character never existed it sure can be a hell of a character.



    A zombified version of She-Hulk existed on the Earth of a parallel Universe known as Earth-2149. This Earth had a very similar history to the prime Earth or Earth-616, with a few changes, of course. Like Captain America, who transcended 3 ranks above the captain, becoming Colonel America. He also became the president at some point, of which we got a glimpse in the eighth episode of Marvel’s What If series.

    Their reality continued normally until a ravaged version of the Sentry arrived with a Zombie virus. The Watcher sent him to create a temporal loop and stop the virus from spreading into alternate realities; instead, the virus spread throughout the planet. After the Sentry crashed into Manhattan, the Avengers were the first to respond and get infected. Once the superheroes got infected, the entire population collapsed within a day. Not much is known about She-Hulk, but it can be assumed that she had a similar origin and a past to that of Earth-616.

    After the infection had spread, She-Hulk attended an ‘Avengers Assemble’ call and reached the Avengers mansion, but to her shock, all the members were zombified. Attacked by the zombified Avengers, She-Hulk too was transformed into a zombie and soon was seen eating M.O.D.O.K along with Hawkeye. Being turned into a living dead, She-Hulk could still retain her intelligence, which was dangerous. After munching on M.O.D.O.K, she was further driven by hunger.

    She used her knowledge of the access codes to break into Baxter Building, where she killed Franklin Richards and his sister Valerie. When the Fantastic Four returned, they found Sue and Reed’s children, and out of rage and vengeance, Sue blew She-Hulk’s head with her force field.

    It’s not that her strength amplified after becoming a zombie, but she grew vicious. She had her brute strength and could retain her intelligence and past knowledge. She could spawn other zombies by biting people and was driven throughout by her undying need to feed on humans.



    The next on our list is a variant of She-Hulk from Earth 9997. In Earth 9997 or Earth X, the events were somewhat similar to Earth 616 with some minute differences like here, Hydra was not an organization but a biological parasite created by Norman Osborn after reading the Bloodstone Files. Meanwhile, due to the release of Terrigen Mist into the earth’s atmosphere, everyone started developing mutations and gaining superpowers.

    Norman Osborne wanted to take down SHIELD and their allies to secure his presidency, and thus he created the Hydra parasite. Whoever got infected by the parasite died immediately, and their body was under Norman Osborne’s control. He managed to take down heavy opponents, and one of them was She-Hulk.

    After getting infected, She-Hulk died and her soul reached the realm of the dead, but her physical body existed and was controlled by Osborne to lead his army. She was then the host of the Queen Hydra and became one of the most potent weapons for Norman Osborne. She led the army for Norman Osborne. She and her army had an encounter with Captain America and Captain Marvel and then she finally got sent into Limbo with Rom’s blaster after Captain went berserk on knowing that all members of the Hydra would be killed.

    Meanwhile, the soul of She-Hulk that remained at the Realm of Dead got recruited by Mar-Vell to kill Death and create a paradise in the realm. She finally managed to reach Paradise, where she was handed the cosmic cube to create her own reality. She-Hulk eventually left the realm and went on a mission to stop the Kree invasion of Paradise. The Hydra She-Hulk had similar powers to her Earth-616 counterpart.



    In the World War She-Hulk story, which began with Avengers volume 8 issue 46, we get a version of She-Hulk, who was immensely strong and a ruthless assassin. In the story, the Avengers discovered that the Winter guard was planning to capture She-Hulk but could not figure out why. However, She-Hulk wanted to know more and so she allowed herself to get captured after a mock trial in Moscow.

    She was then immediately relocated to Russia, where they put her in a mind oven capable of brainwashing through high doses of gamma radiation. The Winter Guard wanted to brainwash her and make her his weapon. Despite repeated torture, She-Hulk’s mind showed high resistance, which shocked the Winter Guard. Meanwhile, the Avengers arrived to rescue her, for which Winter accelerated the procedure on She-Hulk. In the chaos, the operation went wrong, and a Gigantic, vicious red-skinned She-Hulk emerged.

    She smashed both the Avengers and the Winter Guard and escaped. She was then programmed to go to Atlantis and engage Namor in a war, while Red Widow, the latest product of the Red Room, would detonate a bomb capable of killing 98 percent of the population in Atlantis. Jennifer Walter finally managed to escape from the mental traps and got her memory back. She called the Avengers and dealt with Red Widow herself.

    Despite all that effort, the Russians still managed to detonate the bomb, and She-Hulk just stopped the warhead by absorbing 68 megatons of Gamma Radiation. She survived but later chose to give up the life of being She-Hulk and focus on returning to her life of being a lawyer. While being the Winter She-Hulk, her powers were amplified. She had red skin and was covered by armor. In this form, she was immortal and is considered one of the strongest alternative versions of She-Hulk after the variant from Dystopia-Future In perfect universe



    In Earth 65, Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider, making her Spider Gwen. She chose a life to make New York safer, but Peter Parker from this universe started growing jealous of her. In an attempt to be as exceptional as her, he became the Lizard and, after a fight, died in her arms. The police incriminated Spider Gwen in Peter’s Death, and since then, she has been a fugitive.

    Meanwhile, Jennifer Walters from this Universe was a successful wrestler in the UCWF and a skilled lawyer. After seeing her on the cover of Rassle Magazine, Gwen hired her as her defense attorney to take over her case. She appeared in Spider Gwen volume 2, issue 7.

    She-Hulk from this universe did not have any superpowers. She was a pro wrestler and somehow loved painting herself green. Initially, she was believed to be like her Earth 616 counterpart, but later, in Spider-Gwen vol 2 issue 33, she revealed that her green appearance was because of green paint.



    Also known as She-Hulk, this version of She-Hulk is considered the strongest variant of all and existed in the dystopian future of Earth-9200. This world has experienced a series of nuclear wars. While most of the superheroes were dead, She-Hulk, Hulk, and the Abomination were heavily mutated. Following the events of the nuclear war, Hulk went mad and became the tyrannical Maestro as he now ruled over the planet. She-Hulk teamed up with Emil and tried stopping Maestro but eventually failed.

    Emil lost a hand while She-Hulk lost an eye in the fight. After Maestro disappeared, Emil took hold of his castle and wanted to make She-Hulk his bride but was denied. When She-Hulk realized that a woman named Betty 6 was carrying Maestro’s child, she knocked out Emil and Kasper and went on her pursuit. She-Hulk was desperate to end Maestro’s bloodline and so followed Betty 6 to Earth-616, where she had to face the NYPD.

    After escaping from the police, She-Hulk and Kasper interrogated Cyberslik, who told them the exact location of Betty 6, which was at Abomination’s residence. Betty 6 was under the protection of this world’s Abomination, who tried to defend Betty 6 and the newborn child from She-Hulk. She-Hulk easily threw Abomination out of the window and moved towards killing the mother and the child.

    She knew that her act was monstrous, but it was necessary. However, she failed as Kasper killed her with his mental powers. She-Hulk from Earth-9200 had similar attributes to her prime earth counterpart, but her powers were magnified owing to repeated exposures to radiation on her planet. This variant of She-Hulk overpowered Abomination with ease, showing that she surpassed the Hulk’s strength as well. This version of She-Hulk is considered to be the strongest version of all.



    The next on our list is an alternate version of She-Hulk from the Ultimate Universe, also known as Earth 1610. In this Universe, Betty, the daughter of General Ross, became She-Hulk and not Jennifer Walters. Betty earned her degree in communication from Berkeley and dated Bruce Banner, who was the scientist attempting to recreate the Super soldier serum. However, their relationship became sour after Bruce’s repeated failures, and she temporarily moved to Soho.

    When Bruce tried to rekindle their relationship, Betty humiliated him, and out of rage, Bruce combined Captain America’s blood samples with the Hulk formula and injected it into himself, thereby transforming into the Hulk. Bruce tried reaching out to Betty but was finally stopped by the Ultimates. Following this, Nick Fury assigned Wolverine to find Hulk and kill him. Meanwhile, Jennifer Walters from this Universe was working on the super soldier program for SHIELD in creating a serum that could transform people into the Hulk.

    Betty eventually framed Jennifer Walters to mislead Nick Fury and transformed herself into She-Hulk. When she confronted Wolverine, they had an epic fight. She-Hulk gouged out one of his eyes, and Wolverine stabbed her and severely injured her.

    She was finally made to wear the collar meant for Hulk, which would choke her if she transformed into her She-Hulk form. She changed back to Betty and requested Wolverine not to kill Bruce since she loved him. Sometime later, Betty was caught by Shield and they tried to re-engineer, but Hulk threatened to kill Nick Fury if anything happened to her.



    This alternate variant of She-Hulk is from an alternate universe of Earth -721. After having a fight with her husband, Augustus Pugliese, Jennifer Walters used Amber E. DeVoor’s technology to travel to Earth 616. Upon reaching, she developed powers like her Earth 616 counterpart. She met Juggernaut and helped him battle against Rhino. Being free from her abusive husband, she was rather happy and had a sexual affair with Juggernaut.

    Jeniffer of Earth 616 had her powers removed by Iron Man’s nanites, and after teaming up with her Earth A counterpart, they teamed up to bring down the Alpha Wreckers. Earth 616 Jeniffer went to Earth A while She-Hulk, who was originally from Earth A remained. However, Reed Richards fixed them, and Earth 616 Jennifer Walters got back her powers while her Earth A counterpart returned to her universe and reconciled with her husband.

    (EARTH-1029) SHE-HULK

    (EARTH-1029) SHE-HULK

    This version of She-Hulk is from Earth -1029 and shares similar powers to her Earth 616 counterpart. Created by Jude Judd Winick, Mike McKone, and Jim Calafiore, the character first appeared in ‘Exiles’ issue 12, published in June 2002. However, this version lacked any morals or empathy.

    In this universe, there is no Bruce Banner; she was the only Hulk present. Owing to her moral ambiguity, she was one of the early team members of Weapon X. She-Hulk was later sucked into the Negative Zone and was presumed dead along with a Hulkified version of Simon Williams from Earth-42777 but was later found in the Statis Gallery in the Crystal Palace along with other failed members of the team. She was then revived by Deadpool, her former teammate who traded for running Exiles for Deadpool in exchange for being sent back home.

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