15 Underrated Terrifying Reptilian Monsters in Movies – Backstories Explored in Detail

    Guys, let us get one thing straight! Reptilian monsters are exactly what many people’s nightmares are made of when it comes to them. We are specifically thinking of the scaly, slimy, slithering creatures who delight in wreaking inconceivable mayhem.

    These animals are exceedingly lethal, and their terrible presence has earned them a unique place in the horror genre. However, while some of them have managed to wow the reviewers, many of these reptile monster movies have either been critically panned, badly marketed, received mixed reviews, or had confused trailers.

    But let us not forget that these are the films that actually did influence and reconceptualize the course of horror films to the point where they are now considered classics and have a sizable cult following.

    In today’s video, we will go over 15 of the most underappreciated and deadly reptile creatures in film history, as well as their backstories! Are you all set?

    Klum Alien Creatures (Rakka Short Film By Oats Studios)

    Klum Alien Creatures (Rakka Short Film By Oats Studios)

    Neill Blomkamp’s American-Canadian military science fiction short film boasting a current 7.4 IMDb rating and a run time of 22 minutes is divided into three parts – World, Amir & Nosh, and Siege.

    This horror short is a tale of a dystopian future where an unknown alien group – the technologically superior and highly aggressive reptilian aliens known as the Klum have taken over Earth. The horde of these ruthless and ostensibly unstoppable extraterrestrials is seen changing the planet as per their living conditions.

    From terminating cities, scorching forests, and constructing megastructures that are gradually terraforming the planet to the extent of pumping out methane, they are making it quite difficult for humans to breathe and also flooding cities that are near the oceans.

    As for the surviving humans, they mostly live underground or are scattered among the ruins, having just enough rations, weapons, and ammunition to keep on fighting, using whatever they can against the Klum technology.

    Well, if you are a fan of science fiction movies, aliens and Sigourney Weaver, then this movie is categorically for you. All you need to do is just pay attention to this short film here for a minute to have your eyes glued to the screen wanting it to be made into a full length feature film.

    “We were once mankind. We were humanity. And now… we’re no more than pests. Vermin. They came here to exterminate us.”  –

    Pronounced as ‘klume’, the Klum are a race of reptilian aliens, showing exceeding levels of aggression towards the humans. By the year 2020, they have already committed colossal acts of genocide on the human race, eradicated or enslaved surviving humans that they have chanced upon, and established themselves as the primary race of Earth.

    They clearly didn’t stop post conquering Earth; they went on terraforming the planet as per their needs making it harder for the humans to breathe. Humans, who are taken as their prisoners are either used as living incubators receiving painful deaths by the offsprings of the Klum or by forceful conversion into human loudspeakers, impelling humans to surrender themselves into their conservatories. Once they are in, very few have managed to escape from there.

    Now, one is bound to wonder what is it that is making these reptilian aliens be so hard on the humans in the first place? Well, it is because the beings that these creatures had once regarded as Gods had eventually turned their very backs on them. Also, because their species were lesser in number, it was likely that they had psychological problems and were often seen as ‘impure’ by the humans.

    So, as revenge, Klum had devised plans of annihilating every last trace of humanity for their cause. We don’t know the world that they came from but what we do know is that it is quite possible that their planet had an atmosphere that was entirely composed of methane.

    Physically speaking, they are quite terrifying to look at – hats off to the incredible creature design. So, what we have in front is a bipedal, crocodile-like monster that is about eight to nine feet tall and has six limbs. Let’s not forget its needle-sharp teeth, a tongue that is forked and nine small black eyes – we kid you not!

    The Klum makes use of swax, which is a black liquid-like material acting out like a programmable matter. These monsters use swax for every facet of their technology right from their armaments, vehicles, armor to the extent of atmospheric processing. Mind you, they also have this power of controlling humans and having them under telepathic control if the latter looks into their eyes.

    Creepy, right? Well, full credits to the CGI and VFX on display here, it’s solely because of such technicalities that there will be consequential nightmares to follow. Still, don’t believe us? Just head over to YouTube and give Rakka a shot right away! Don’t come to us later saying we didn’t warn you!

    Alpha Dragon (Reign of Fire)

    Alpha Dragon (Reign of Fire)

    12-year-old Quinn Abercromby goes to see his mother at a London Underground construction site, where the latter works as the project engineer. But with the crew digging a tad deeper, they inadvertently awaken a prehistoric predator from its sleep, one who happens to be a fire-breathing dragon.

    The sole survivor of the unfortunate incident happens to be Quinn and the story moves ahead 20 years in a timeline that’s infested by these dragons. Quinn is all grown up and leads a small community of survivors at the Bamburgh castle in Northumberland. Soon, hope comes in the form of Denton Van Zan, who is the leader of a heavily armed American group.

    He having found out the weakness of the species has managed to slay many of their kind along with his crew. Van Zan enlists Quinn’s help and although this means that the latter has to confront his own dreadful memories from the past, especially the painful memory of his mother’s death, the duo eventually decides to join hands and put an end to the dragons once and for all.

    No points for guessing who the Alpha Dragon is but for those, who still haven’t seen the movie, the Alpha Dragon is the one, who is responsible for the death of Quinn’s mother in the beginning of the film. Presumably, the only male dragon in the flick, it is quite a possibility that it is this very dragon who is actually the progenitor of the species.

    So, there’s a high chance that the male dragon was responsible for not only creating the female offsprings but also mating with them to breed more of them. The Alpha Dragon is a pure killing machine, he does not really have much of a personality or a character to be specific.

    He likes to kill and he is quite notable for ambushing and destroying Van Zan’s army, destroying the castle as well as killing Van Zan. Physically speaking, the beast has a shorter snout, smaller cheek horns, longer head horns and very large lower jaw horns. Of course, he is way larger than the regular female dragons on display here and being the oldest, he has a colossal size and is covered in scars. Those gigantic leathery wings also seem a little ragged given his age and the number of battles that he has fought all this while.

    Being the apex predator of the dragons, he is seen resorting to cannibalism, devouring female dragons in just a few bites. Driven mostly by instinct, the Alpha Dragon also displayed quite the level of intelligence and that coupled with his fire breathing skill, easily made him the most superior leader of the dragons.

    His powerful abilities include physical strength, speed, durability, flight, sharp teeth and let’s not forget his primary weapon – his proficiency in breathing fire. Mind you, he and his kind had this unique gland in their mouth that was capable of generating an inflammable substance, one that could very easily be ignited.

    Here’s an interesting trivia, the method by which the dragons are shown emitting fire in the flick was in reality, inspired by two real animals. We are specifically talking about the bombardier beetle and the spitting cobra. The Alpha Dragon met his death in the hands of Quinn, when the latter fired his explosive bolt straight into his mouth resulting in the former getting exploded from the inside.

    Ramarak Aka Skullcrawler (Kong: Skull Island)

    Ramarak Aka Skullcrawler (Kong Skull Island)

    A Monarch expedition to the uncharted Skull Island results in the bombing of the island with seismic explosives. This is mainly done to map out the island, the underground world beneath and also to prove the Hollow Earth theory of seismologist Houston Brooks.

    But doing this accidentally brings the attention of an entire race of deadly subterranean reptilian creatures known as the Skullcrawlers. Wondering who is Ramarak? Well, that is the primary antagonist of Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ 2017 monster film, Kong: Skull Island, one that often makes in to the list of the most terrifying creatures.

    It goes without saying that this creature here, has quite a few names. Also known as The Big One, Skull Devil, and the Skullcrawler, it is not only the supreme leader of the Skullcrawlers but also the arch-nemesis of Kong.

    Not only has the creature been oppressing the island for years with its terrifying presence but it also happens to be responsible for the death of Kong’s kind. A mix between what looks like a lizard and a snake, this subterranean predator and his kind have this insatiable appetite.

    We are guessing that is because of their boosted metabolisms. Ramarak has an enormous serpentine body boasting two very powerful forelimbs with spikes on the elbows, a pretty long prehensile tail, a long triple-forked prehensile tongue, and a face that eerily looks like a crocodile skull.

    The creature is exceedingly durable; it is seen withstanding bullets and still have the same amount of stamina on display not even for once stopping or slowing down for that matter. It does not even take the creature much time to subdue Kong and it does so effortlessly.

    Well, there’s a specific scene in the film that shows Ramarak maliciously licking the face of a tangled-up Kong, all in the midst of a rather intense fight scene between the two. The creature also appears to be way intelligent when it simply refuses to eat a grenade-armed human despite having a penchant for devouring anything that’s fleshy.

    Stressing on its abilities, it is very persistent, especially in going after its target. It can run very fast and also make rapid turns, dodge, and counterattack most of the strikes of its rivals. Of course, it is very powerful and this shows when it comes to its fighting scenes with Kong, despite the latter weighing 158 tons.

    One of the highlights of the movie was definitely when it flung Kong all across the lake with just its tail but then again, it was equally a treat to see Kong smashing a very heavy boulder on his very head.

    The scene that stole the thunder was how it met its demise – we are stressing on the part that shows Kong pulling out his tongue and, in the process, also its internal organs that were connected with each other. Blissful? Yes, indeed!

    Taotie (The Great Wall)

    Taotie (The Great Wall)

    A group of European mercenaries commutes all the way to China looking for the secret to gunpowder. However, just a few miles north to the Great Wall of China, they get ambushed by a monster. Out of the whole group, only two manage to survive – Irishman William Garin and Spaniard Pero Tovar.

    While the duo manages to cut off the arm of the monster, they are taken as prisoners by General Shao, Strategist Wang, and their soldiers. While imprisoned in the Great Wall, they chance upon Sir Ballard, also a European who now works as an English and Latin Teacher.

    Ballard had come to China 25 years before, likewise looking for gunpowder. Very soon, they discover a shocking truth about the soldiers of the Nameless Order; they exist to fight against alien monsters known as Taotie, that came via a meteorite and attack the humans once in every sixty years. However, with the soldiers suffering ambush from a horde of these Taotie monsters, Garin and Tovar decide to help out and show their incredible battle abilities.

    They effortlessly manage to kill some of the monsters, save young warrior Peng Yong from getting slain, and by doing this they eventually earn the respect of the Nameless Order. But with the Taotie Queen retrieving her horde and making her army invincible, the duo realizes that their only chance to help save humanity is by killing the Queen.

    Well, say hello to this reptilian race that invaded China from a world that isn’t really known to us. When we say reptiles, we mean green-colored, quadrupeds that are of course carnivorous in nature. They have these membranous head frills that kind of reverberate and let them communicate with each other even when they are miles apart.

    These creatures also have intricate motifs right on the top of their skulls and their leathery skin texture have this shimmering, jade-like look. The creatures are classified into three types – Soldiers, Queen’s Guards and Queen. The soldiers are the most common ones boasting the size of a lion but having a look similar to a hyena.

    They have yellow eyes that are placed on their shoulders instead of their heads, four-fingered forepaws featuring sharp claws and opposable thumbs. While the head has eye sockets, it still looks like a skull. The soldiers also have multiple rows of needle-sharp teeth, wide-opening jaws and a short tail.

    Now, when it comes to the Queen’s guards, they are lesser in number, each resembling the size of an elephant but with an ape-like appearance. They have human-like hands which are strong enough to lift a small Taotie soldier. Their head is flatter and they have these retractable frills on the shoulders, which majorly act as their shields.

    It goes without saying that they are a lot beefier, armored and mostly seen forming a defensive circle around their Queen. Lastly, comes the Queen, who is bigger than the soldiers but shorter than her guards. It would not be wrong to say that she looks more like a lizard, even a dinosaur for that matter, one with an extended squat body, overlying plates on her back and a long whip-like tail.

    She has a protruding forehead and has a 24/7 growling expression on her face. The highlight of her look happens to be her two horns that resonate with signs and indications to her troops.

    After all, she is the one who commands and controls the hordes. Mind you, the Queen is very intelligent and strategic. Her most important duty is to breed, something that is directly proportional to the amount of regurgitated food that’s given to her by the workers.

    Buraki (D-War)

    Buraki (D-War)

    Shim Hyung-rae’s 2007 action-adventure fantasy flick was not just the most expensive Korean movie in history but also a major box office success. One fails to wonder why did the movie end up garnering negative reviews from the critics. If we look at the plotline, it is pretty simple.

    Based on the Korean legend, once in every 500 years, primeval mythical creatures come to Earth and wreak unimaginable havoc, one that literally leads to the destruction of the planet. But only this time, they must be stopped at every cost!

    Those who have not had the opportunity to watch this flick here might be wondering what exactly is this Buraki? Well, besides being the main antagonist of the movie, Buraki is a dark Imoogi, one who aspired to become the new Celestial Dragon so that he could demolish both the planet as well as Heaven and rebuild them the way he wanted to.

    As per the legend, in exchange to the benefits and compassion offered to an Imoogi laid out to Humanity, the said Imoogi would be bequeathed a Yeouiju, which happens to be a source of indescribable power that would transmute it into a Celestial Dragon.

    Coming back to this Draconic God Wannabe, he was possibly the most vicious Imoogi, one with evil intentions of stealing a Yeouiju, becoming a Celestial Dragon, and post that, annihilating Earth as well as Heaven, reconstructing them his way. Buraki was also the commanding leader of the Atroc Army, one that was formed by twisted beasts resembling Theropod Dinosaurs, Western Dragons, and Fog-like creatures.

    Shedding light on this particular monster’s personality, he is absolutely brutal, loathed, unrestrained and spiteful. He can go to any extent to obtain the Yeouiju and if that means killing someone, he will do it. Having on display one of the most powerful jaws ever and a pair of fiery orange eyes with slit pupils, this dark-hued, slender monster here boasts impenetrable skin, massive strength, super speed and is actually quite capable of mystically sensing the girl having the Celestial Power. It doesn’t matter how far he is away from her; he will find her! The fact that he mastered the art of dark magic was also quite visible when he cast a spell with dark clouds around the US Bank tower or let’s say accountable for the deformations of his minions.

    Basilisk (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

    Basilisk (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

    It is Harry Potter’s second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But before he leaves for school, he is paid a visit by a house-elf called Dobby, who warns him not to go back to Hogwarts. Harry does not pay heed to his warnings and despite hindrances caused by the house-elf, Harry manages to return back to his school.

    However, strange and inexplicable things begin to occur. Students start becoming petrified and Harry keeps hearing a voice, one that appears to come from inside the walls.

    No one seems to know who or what is doing these things. Soon, the trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin their investigation and that’s when they get to know the story of the Chamber of Secrets and that only the true heir of Salazar Slytherin will be able to open it and control the monster which roams inside. Nonetheless, with the chamber being opened and the lives of the students at risk, it is up to Harry Potter to unravel the mystery of the chamber.

    The Basilisk is also known as the Serpent of Slytherin was placed in the Chamber of Secrets by Salazar Slytherin and she could only be controlled by the true Heir of Slytherin, in this case, Tom Riddle, Voldermort’s younger self to be precise. Back in 1943, Riddle had set free the Basilisk on the school grounds with the aim of getting rid of all the Muggle-borns.

    While mostly all the targets were petrified, a Ravenclaw Muggle-born student called Myrtle Warren was a direct victim of the Basilisk, who had died when the creature looked straight at her. Riddle had framed Rubeus Hagrid, who was a Gryffindor Third-year back then, and stated that it was Hagrid’s pet acromantula, Aragog, which was accountable for all the attacks.

    While Hagrid was expelled, the attacks did stop but Dumbledore had been doubtful of Riddle, kept him on his radar and stopped him from causing any more trouble at the school. Hagrid was eventually brought back to Hogwarts as the Gamekeeper.

    Riddle left behind a diary that contained a part of his very soul in the hopes that one day, it would let him take control of a host, re-open the chamber and resurrect the Basilisk. And, we all know how that turned out! Anyway, coming back to the Basilisk, it goes without saying that she was exceedingly powerful, possessing extreme levels of strength, durability and the fact that she was resistant to most of the spells made her absolutely dangerous. Victims who have directly looked at her have met their unfortunate demise and those who have indirectly looked have become petrified.

    Those yellow deep eyes and the dark green scales on her body made the beast look all the more petrifying. Let’s not miss out on those fangs that were so poisonous that she could literally kill anyone within minutes of her piercing through them. Mind you even when she got blinded, she could still detect her prey through sound and smell.

    Speaking of the beast’s personality, she had a sadistic nature, always bloodthirsty, and viciously went to extent of attacking her victims no matter how many obstacles laid in front. Also, in spite of its bloodthirsty nature, the creature never really fed on any of her victims – her stare was more than enough!

    Giant Anaconda (Ananconda)

    Giant Anaconda (Ananconda)

    A film crew journey through the Amazon River to track down a long-lost indigenous tribe called the Shirishamas and shoot a documentary on them. On their way, they come across a stranded Paraguayan guy called Paul Serone from a sinking boat. Serone offers to aid the crew in their search for the tribe claiming that he has evidence of the tribe’s existence and knows how to find them.

    However, in reality, he is a snake hunter and his only mission in life is going after a giant record-breaking green anaconda that he has been tracking for a while now. In due course and cunningly, Serone takes over the boat and drags along with him the crew members on his mad quest of capturing the colossal snake.

    This giant anaconda here is popularly known for wreaking havoc not only in the 1997 adventure horror movie but also in Hollywood. The film is a classic creature chomp fest that features the eponymous snake in its full glory! It is twice or maybe thrice the size of regular anacondas, having augmented strength, ferocity, endurance, unusual speed, flexibility and let’s not miss out on its level of intelligence.

    Mind you, it is very much capable of consuming its prey in just a matter of a few seconds. Hats off to its metabolism for it hardly needs time spanning from a few minutes to maybe an hour or so when it comes to digesting its newly eaten target.

    The creature can effortlessly put up a fight even after consuming a full-grown man. It is a different thing that its fighting skill might get hampered a little and there is a high chance that it might be coerced to regurgitate. The giant anaconda featured in the movie is always hungry and has a penchant for devouring humans. While in real life, anacondas mostly have rounded pupils, the one featured in the film has slanted pupils, deliberately making it one of the most underrated, villainous, and deadliest of reptilian monsters as shown in the movies.

    Lizzie (Rampage 2018)

    Lizzie (Rampage 2018)

    Primatologist Davis Okoye, who also happens to be a former US Army Special Forces soldier shares a very special bond with a rare albino western lowland gorilla called George, who he had saved from the poachers that had killed his mother.

    Since then, Davis has been communicating with the gorilla using sign language. But when a gene manipulation company, Energyne’s experiment goes wrong, George along with a few other unsuspecting animals across the country gets accidentally exposed to the gene mutating pathogen.

    This leads to them mutating into aggressive, voracious monsters of gargantuan proportions, ones who destroy literally everything that crosses their paths. Davis joins hands with genetic engineer Doctor Kate Caldwell and together they try their best in finding out an antidote before the creatures lead the world to a global catastrophe.

    Lizzie happens to be the American crocodile in the Everglades who not only got inadvertently exposed to one of the pathogen canisters but had also swallowed the whole of it. No wonder, she gets mutated and turns out to be much larger than her counterparts. This makes her way more powerful and durable than George, the mutated gorilla and Ralph, the mutated wolf.

    Hell, she is even capable of handling both of them at the same time. Her body is durable enough to more attacks, especially hits from bullets, missiles, and even bombs for that matter. Lizzie is four-footed, has elephant-like tusks on her upper jaw, a tongue that is covered in spike and those multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth is easily capable of crushing helicopters to the extent of severing Ralph’s head and severely mauling George.

    Of course, she can swim but she has this improved ability to breathe underwater for a prolonged time period because of the fish-like gills on her neck. But the highlight of her whole look is that neck frill which she opens whenever she feels intimidated and from it emerges a row of large spines that runs down her entire back.

    She also has a tail club, one that she can effortlessly make use of like a mace to simply crush or let’s say smash things with it. Then there are these enormous gecko-like feet each boasting exceedingly sharp claws. Do watch out Lizzie in Brad Peyton’s 2018 science fiction monster flick, one where ‘big meets bigger’.

    Dinoshark (Dinoshark)

    Dinoshark (Dinoshark)

    Kevin O’Neill’s 2010 low-budget Syfy horror flick is a loose remake of the late Charles B. Griffith’s 1979 horror flick, Up From the Depths. The movie begins with a baby pliosaur making its way out of a broken chunk of the Arctic glacier, one that broke due to the effects of global warming.

    The storyline moves ahead three years and the same shark is now all grown up and is on a literal rampage killing the unsuspecting tourists and the locals offshore in the Mexican beach resort city of Puerto Vallarta.

    This prehistoric sea reptile bears a lot of resemblance with a Mosasaurus or an Ichthyosaurus for that matter. Now add to this its crocodilian scales and a head that looks more like that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. No points for guessing its exceedingly powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth – there, you have yourself a Dinoshark that is close to saying about 25 to 30 feet!

    This ferocious apex predator is more like a blast from the past, one that can jump the way a dolphin does, and mind you, it is impeccably fast. It can literally go to extents when it comes to chomping off helicopters and even people who are parasailing.

    Let’s not even talk about its dino-appetite, no matter how much or how much it eats, it is always hungry and is in the constant mood for more. No reason not to love this movie here especially if you are into creature features.   

    Boogens (The Boogens)

    Boogens (The Boogens)

    A group of four construction workers is employed to restore a long uninhibited silver mine in Colorado that was forcibly shut down by the military post a mysterious massacre, hundred years ago.

    But what the group is not aware of is that their digging has accidentally set free some of the reptilian creatures that had been skulking deeper within the very mine shafts. No wonder these creatures begin wreaking havoc right after they get released!

    We know the title of the movie states ‘Boogens’ but please don’t make the mistake of confusing these monsters as creatures that emerge from the noses of people and stereotypically inflicting the green, slimy dread. Director James L. Conway’s 1981 monster flick conclusively falls under the ‘creatures beneath the ground’ category and is bound to run chills down the spine throughout the run time of 95 minutes. Meet the main antagonists of the movie who happen to be a deadly group of man-eating reptilian creatures.

    They are large, scaly, green in color, and resemble giant turtles but with big, black eyes and piercing teeth. They have shells that are wrinkled and look a lot like brains. They also have these forelimbs that are long, tentacle-like but end in sharp clubs.

    They have two more limbs that have crab-like claws. The highlight of these monsters happens to be their roars; mind you, they are stock roars but it still has that loud, raucous effect on you even by today’s standards. Wondering what is the creature’s weakness? Well, one literally has to blow up the entire mine shaft to kill these creatures, there’s no other way than that!

    Warbats (Godzilla vs. Kong)

    Warbots (Godzilla vs. Kong)

    Although it has been five long years since the epic battle between Godzilla and his arch-nemesis Ghidorah took place, the world is still shaken. Humanity, in due course, has started attempting to co-exist with the Titans.

    But with the fearsome Godzilla commencing his own reign of terror, humanity is left with no other option but to call on yet another legend, the mighty Kong to stop him. With Godzilla raging across the nation and literally exterminating everything in his path, the fate of the world lies in the hands of these two legendary Titans as both Kong and Godzilla fight for the title of the right King, and also bond together to prevent the real threat that lies ahead of them and save humanity as well.

    Wondering what is Warbats? Well, for starters, they are huge, serpent-like, and are capable of flying. These grey reptilian monsters have membranous wings that run down the top part of their body and are supported by long spines that are mainly extensions of the rib cage.

    One look at their torso and you will see the resemblance to a snake, a cobra to be more specific. They look pretty much intimidating, thanks to their protruding giant fangs as well as their razor-sharp teeth. Mind you, their eyes are green and their pupils look a lot like a cat’s, they are horizontal.

    The bony ridge above their eyes also makes them look a lot like crocodiles. In short, they are literally a mix of the deadliest of the reptiles that’s there. The highlight of these creatures has to be their roars, especially the deep raspy ones. Here’s an interesting trivia that you may find intriguing: if you pay attention to the trailer, especially the part where the Warbats make their appearance, you will notice that the high-pitched screeches that they make are the same as the ones that the Xenomorphs made in the Alien film franchise.

    We know you will rush back to watching the trailer but we are not done yet. Stay with us a little longer. These creatures are subterranean and they are seen roaming around the rainforests of the Hollow Earth. Mind you, they are aggressive enough to wrap their serpentine body around their prey and kill them.

    This is where their wings come in handy; they can also be used to smother their prey, especially their face. They are very durable agile fliers, ones that can literally spray poison from glands that are situated inside their wings.

    These creatures are mostly seen hunting in a pack and if not then in pairs. Also, the fact that their origin still remains a mystery to the audience, easily makes them one of the deadliest reptilian monsters ever.

    Piranhacondas (Piranhaconda)

    Piranhacondas (Piranhaconda)

    Jim Wynorski’s 2012 science fiction B-movie revolves around a hungry monster that is a part killer snake and part killer fish, one that gets awakened from a long slumber to relish itself on human flesh.

    The film begins with Professor Lovegrove, an expert herpetologist, who is bent on finding the eggs of the colossal Piranhaconda that roams around the Hawaiian jungles. He along with his team manages to enter the den of the monster.

    At the same time, a film crew is also there, making a slasher flick in the midst of the jungle oblivious of the fact that some maniac criminals are keeping a close track of all their moves.

    But given the current situation, the criminals should be the least of their concerns especially when they have the enormous, toothy predator lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on them.

    More like a cross between a red-bellied piranha and a green anaconda, the movie features three kinds of specimens, one male and two females. The male happens to be darker green in color with orange spots on it and the females are shaded yellowish-green with yellow spots on them.

    The fin on their tails makes them swim faster and believe us, that is scary! It goes without saying that they are humongous, almost petrifying to look at, and boast a rather sharp, pointed set of teeth. Their mating season lasts for literally eleven months so you can imagine their heightened sex drive and it’s also during this very phase that these creatures are hyper-aggressive, be it towards anybody that crosses their paths or they cross their paths with.

    They are oviparous in nature, which means they lay close to 25 eggs at a time. They are so protective of their eggs that they usually lay them in places that are hard to reach. So, you can imagine the wrath of the Piranhacondas when the scientist actually steals their eggs!

    Poseidon Rex (Poseidon Rex)

    Poseidon Rex (Poseidon Rex)

    When diver Jackson Slate is coerced by the Caribbean kingpin to dive into the Great Blue Hole for the lost Mayan treasure, he advertently sets free a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus rex-type creature from its hibernation. The voracious reptilian monster starts terrorizing the small island off the coast of Belize and goes on a killing spree both underwaters as well as the land.

    Slate teams up with a group of people that includes boater Henry, a couple of Rod and Jane, and the marine biologist Sarah. Together they try retrieving the lost Mayan gold from the waters, unaware that there’s a deadly beast waiting for them down there, one who is literally starving to dig into human flesh.

    The titular creature had been living underneath the bottomless pit of the water for years, making itself a little too comfortable there, laying eggs. With a bunch of humans entering its underwater realm, the apex predator saw its chance for new prey and thus began attacking, consuming literally anything that dared crossed its path.

    The Poseidon Rex happens to be amphibious and the sole fact that it can exist both on land and in water makes it all the scarier. Its powerful legs are proof of the fact that it is as fast on the land as it is under water. The creature is exceedingly strong given its enormous size and brawny structure.

    It has extreme levels of durability and is quite capable of withstanding a multitude of gunshots. Mind you, the creature can literally swallow a whole human and even go to the extent of sinking medium-sized boats. We wish we could say that we were kidding about this but we are not! Don’t believe us? Just give this 2013 horror flick a shot!

    Pteracuda (Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda)

    Pteracuda (Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda)

    Matt Yamashita’s 2010 SyFy original monster flick takes place post the very events of the first film. The CEO of Symodyne, Dr. Rico Symes sets free a hybrid creature, one that happens to be a cross between a barracuda and a pterodactyl ignoring the warnings of his team members.

    With the irrepressible creature going on a rampage, Symes along with the head of security, Hamilton, comes to a deadly conclusion. The duo makes up their minds to make use an equally deadly enemy from the past to stop the Pteracuda from wreaking further damage. Now, with two monstrous creatures running amok, Marine Biologist devises a plan to kill both the creatures.

    As the name suggests, Pteracuda had the wings and body of a Pterosaur and the tail of a Barracuda. Credits to the fin on its head along with a large caudal fin at the end of its tail that this monster here was capable of steering through both air and water. Even the thought of this has shivers running down the spine.

    This reptilian creature is highly capable of swimming underwater maintaining an incredible velocity and its saber-like stabbing teeth always worked in the favour of its hunting skill. The insatiable appetite of the Pteracuda always makes it hungry for more and it goes without saying that it simply loves to devour people!

    Deinonychus (Carnosaur)

    Deinonychus (Carnosaur)

    Dr. Jane Tiptree is a brilliant but iniquitous geneticist who has plans of exterminating the entire human race and replacing them with dinosaurs instead. However, there are two people who stand in the way of her nefarious plan.

    While one happens to be the watchman Doc Smith, the other is an environmental activist, Ann Thrush. With Dr. Tiptree all set to release her prehistoric death-defying creations, it is up to the duo to stop Dr. Tiptree from executing her evil plans.

    With Dr. Tiptree tampering with the DNA of chickens, the genetically modified chickens end up hatching reptilian creatures, a Deinonychus to be more precise. Right from the time that the creature escapes, it goes on a killing spree and literally tears up the local town.

    From the list of its victims, it is quite clear that the Deinonychus absolutely revels when it comes to killing humans. The movie has the monster going through three significant stages. There is the Hatchling, where it is small and almost covered in feathers.

    Do not make the mistake of judging it by its looks. There is a particular scene in the movie where the creature right after hatching kills the driver and flees. Next, it becomes a Sub-adult, where it grows larger and has scales. Finally, it is an Adult, where it is fully developed and scaly. Mind you, it is absolutely terrifying to look at!

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