Where Can I Watch The Beta Test?

    The Beta Test combines light Hollywood satire with fear into a parable of erotic temptation. Written and directed by and starring Jim Cummings and P.J. McCabe, the movie portrays a young married Hollywood agent whose whole life is threatened to get destroyed after he receives a mysterious letter for an anonymous sexual encounter. This thrilling horror is sure to keep you gripped till the last minute.

    Jim Cummings plays the lead role of Jordan Himes. He is a hungry young agent who seems to be only an inch away from every potential client who has ever turned him down. He is engaged to Caroline (played by Virginia Newcomb).

    Although the marriage seems to be another one of Jordan’s acts to look successful. When he receives a sealed purple envelope containing an anonymous invitation to a one-time “no strings attached” sexual encounter, he barely even pauses to question the motives behind the gesture.

    While he puzzles over the letter and follows its instructions, the audience gets a glimpse into the lives of few others who received similar letters, and the consequences that followed afterward. It should suffice to say that there were several instances of domestic violence in LA, with few clues as to the cause of the conflict.

    Is The Beta Test on Netflix?

    Unfortunately, as of now, The Beta Test is not a part of the movies catalog offered by Netflix. Subscribers of this online platform will have to look for alternatives. There are several horror thrillers to keep you entertained – Oxygen being our personal favorite pick.

    It is a French psychological thriller directed by Alexandra Aja. A woman wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of her identity or how she got there. The computer system informs her that she has only 33% of her oxygen supply.

    She must now work with an AI to et herself out of the chamber. If this intrigued you, give it a watch. Other movies in your horror watchlist must include are Run and Blood Red Sky.

    Is the Beta Test on Hulu

    In spit of Hulu’s huge collection of horror thrillers. The Beta Test does not feature on the list. For those interested in gripping horrors, give movies such as Fear of Rain, Unsane, and The Village – available on the platform – a watch.

    Is the Beta Test on Amazon Prime?

    Amazon Prime videos’ collection of horror thrillers does not feature The Beta Test. Instead, subscribers might have to settle for other movies such as The Lighthouse. It is a creepily elegant film with masterful performances, especially by Robert Pattinson. It sees two sailors, played by Pattinson and William Dafoe push each other to the brink of madness

    Where to watch The Beta Test?

    Where to watch The Beta Test

    The movie is going to be exclusively released in theaters on 5th November, 2021, in the USA and the UK. Unfortunately, there is no official word regarding the film’s release on OTT platforms. If you do happen to catch the movie in the theater, maintain the necessary safety precautions in the wake of the pandemic.

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