Where To Stream A Storybots Space Adeventure (2021)

    In this thrilling new programme streaming on Sept. 14, the StoryBots join the crew of the historic SpaceX Inspiration4 mission to answer youngsters’ concerns about space. It’s a spin-off special of the children’s show called Ask the Storybots.

    Ask the StoryBots is a live-action/animated children’s television show based on the StoryBots educational website and videos. On August 12, 2016, it debuted exclusively on Netflix. The StoryBots media franchise was entirely bought by Netflix in May 2019 after being established and produced by JibJab Bros. Studios.

    The Inspiration4’s citizen space travellers will assist the StoryBots in answering certain questions.

    What is A Storybots Space Adventure about?

    A StoryBots Space Adventure, a hybrid live-action animation programme for kids and families to see together before the expedition, will be released later this month. Inspiration4’s civilian space travellers will assist the StoryBots in answering some of the most pressing concerns from children, such as how a rocket works, how astronauts train, and how they eat and sleep in space.

    What is A Storybots Space Adventure about

    The special features a new original song performed by Big Freedia and is written by veteran StoryBots writer Erik Weiner. The hit Emmy Award-winning series Ask The StoryBots, founded by Evan and Gregg Spiridellis, is produced by StoryBots, a children’s learning and entertainment company.

    The show, created by Mindshow, follows a group of colourful creatures who dwell in the world behind our devices and assist kids find answers to their most pressing issues.

    Where to Stream A Storybots Space Adventure?

    Where to Stream A Storybots Space Adventure

    A Storybots Space Adventure is set to release on Netflix on the 14th of September so you can stream the show on the streaming service itself. Since Netflix acquired the complete rights to the series, it will be exclusively available here and people will have to subscribe if they aren’t already to watch it.

    Is A Storybots Space Adventure on Amazon prime?

    No, A StoryBots Space Adventure is not available on Amazon Prime and there is no word on when it will be since it is already appearing on Netflix and its rights has been completely acquired by Netflix as well.

    Is A Storybots Space Adventure on Hulu?

    Hulu’s wide selection of movies and streaming shows does not include A StoryBots Space Adventure as of now and it seems rather unlikely that it will, considering it is available on Netflix. However, Hulu has many children friendly educational shows which make for a great watch so go check them out!

    Can A Storybots Space Adventure be streamed online?

    It is not clear when the show will be available for viewing on the mainstream subscription services apart from Netflix. While there are free online streaming services where the movie will almost certainly appear shortly, we advise our readers to avoid all unlawful means and to only watch movies and shows online after paying for them.

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