Top 13 Wildest Moments In The Boys Season 3 That No One Saw Coming – Explored

    There was little question that after The Boys’ debut, every season and, in fact, every episode would only get grittier and crazier. Naturally, the fact that the serial killers did not hold back or disappoint continues to be a fact.

    With multiple shocking disclosures and extraordinarily nasty and barbaric scenes, season three launched with a bang and raised the bar for the shock factor. The highlights of the season quickly included a number of significant occurrences, but not all of them were well received by the audience.

    Some, like Stormfront’s passing, occurred off-screen, while others, like the decisive fight with Homelander that featured well-earned blows, took place on-screen. Looking at specific sequences, this season also had the wildly eccentric episode titled Herogasm, one of the show’s most cruel but bizarre episodes to date. Here are 13 of The Boys’ season three’s craziest moments.

    If you are still reading, be assured that this video will include massive amounts of spoilers as we explore the wackiest and darkest events from the third season of the boys. Be here at your own risk, then, and let us get started.

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    Termite at the party   

    Termite at the party 

    In one of season three’s most frightening scenes, Brett Geddes’ character Termite makes an appearance in an entirely unanticipated capacity. The easiest way to define a termite is probably as something that can contract in size. However, it seems improbable how he exploits this talent and how Termite is handled in this episode.

    It is obvious that he is meant to be a parody of Marvel’s Ant-Man, but as far as I can recall, Ant-Man did not reduce to a little size and crawl into someone’s prostate while wearing nothing but underwear. In order to further clarify, let us say that Termite and his boyfriend decide to spice things up by having Termite shrink in size and enter the boyfriend.

    A sensual encounter turns into an inevitable sneeze, splitting Termite’s partner in half and causing his entrails to drip all over the bed. Isn’t that romantic? When Frenchie and Kimiko enter, Termite shrinks back as the sadness and shock set in. A brief fight then breaks out, but Butcher ends it by placing Termite in a bag of cocaine, shaking him about, and preventing him from leaving.

    The fact that the entire scenario was influenced by a Thanos vs. Ant-Man argument that heated up in the Marvel fan community makes it one of the wildest in the series’ history so far. Perhaps Ant-Man ought to have treated Thanos the same way that Termite treated his boyfriend.

    Stormfront “handling” Homelander’s Sadness

    Stormfront handling Homelander's Sadness

    The white supremacist Nazi witch, who turned into Homelander’s lover, was fried to a crisp by Homelander’s son, Ryan. As she lay in a hospital bed at the Vought Tower, riding out her remaining days, Homelander would often visit her, despite his terrible mood as he sulks away. On one of these visits, we find him complaining about Starlight being appointed co-captain of The Seven.

    This bombshell that was dropped on Homelander results in Stormfront sympathizing with him, telling him that no one suffers as he does while being bedridden and rotting away herself. The in-house Nazi, Stormfront, must now make Homelander feel better about himself, and as the viewers expect some gentle hand-holding comfort, they remember just how dark this show is.

    Homelander is quick to unzip his pants as Stormfront quite literally handles his sadness, trying to release his tensions, because what else does one do when they’re burnt and can only entertain themselves with a television in their room? As the couple indulges in these extracurricular activities, Stormfront begins talking about ruling over everyone and her Nazi ideals, an unfortunate mentality that has been engraved into her to the point where she cannot let go of them anymore. However, if there was somewhere Homelander drew the line, it was right at this point.

    He is quick to dismiss her as he walks away, leaving Stormfront in agony as she lays on the hospital bed. If you didn’t think their relationship was twisted already, this episode and this scene, in particular, would remove all doubts. Oh, and by the way, did you know that Stormfront could very well be Homelander’s mother? Do check out our video exploring this theory. We’ll leave a link in the description.

    Victoria Neuman Kills an Old Friend

    Victoria Neuman Kills an Old Friend

    Victoria Neuman, the secondary antagonist in season three of the series, proves just how ruthless she can get, albeit with a hint of sadness. She works as a mole for Vought International and is Stan Edgar’s adoptive daughter. Her superpower includes using her mind to crush people into bits, an example of which we see in the first episode of season three when she kills an old friend, and it might not come as a surprise that she is also called a head-popper.

    Victoria’s friend from her past, Tony, had been following her everywhere and often addressed her as Nadia. They finally get a chance to speak without being in the public eye in an alleyway behind a dumpster. Victoria is calm and composed as she explains that she isn’t Nadia anymore but Tony is adamant, trying to convince her to use her platform to tell people about Red River, a Vought International subsidiary, which is the company’s secret orphanage for Supes.

    Victoria realizes that Tony isn’t about to back down from making his case, so she figures out the easiest way to deal with him. As she hugs Tony one last time, garnering her powers, Tony’s nose starts to bleed, and he is immediately alerted of what’s about to happen. Although he puts up a fight, Victoria is the stronger one as Tony bursts into prices, his blood and guts raining down on the alleyway. As Victoria walks away, Hughie is the one person who witnesses the whole scene from behind the dumpsters as he stands there traumatized and covered in Tony’s blood.

    Crimson Countess Accidentally Kills Homelander Mascot

    Crimson Countess Accidentally Kills Homelander Mascot

    This was the kind of scene where you weren’t sure if you wanted to laugh at the way things escalated or be terrified at the spilled guts. Nonetheless, it helped Crimson Countess create her mark this season. Although she is a minor antagonist this season, her relevance traces to her being a member of Payback and the former lover of Soldier Boy, who she secretly hated.

    She played a part in the plan that gave Soldier Boy up to the Russians, and now she was on his radar. She first appears in season three, where she is performing at Vought Land and is being watched by Frenchie and Kimiko, who pose as fans before trying to interrogate her for information on Soldier Boy. Although she successfully manages to escape them, she accidentally kills a mascot employee at the park in the process.

    This leaves everyone at the park terrified, the majority of people being children who just witnessed their favorite mascot being blown up along with his blood and guts spilled around them. If that does mount to unresolved trauma in their future, I don’t know what will. Sadly enough, we don’t see more of Crimson Countess as she is later killed by Soldier Boy who is determined and on his revenge spree. But there was something else in this scene that made it tragic.

    Right after entering the theme park, Kimiko gets excited about all the rides, but her attention gets drawn to a few children enjoying their moments there, unaware of the horror that surrounds them and too innocent to care about how the world works. Kimiko remembers how she never really had a childhood, how she and her brother were forced to grow up early.

    When the B plug Countess bursts the Homelander Mascot to pieces, they get splashed all over these kids. In that very moment, Kimiko learns that more children have been doomed for life because of supes, and their childhood has been taken away forever in less than five seconds.

    The Nicaragua Incident

    The Nicaragua Incident

    The Boys sit around with Grace Mallory, questioning her about what happened in Nicaragua, where she was allegedly Payback’s case officer. After realising that there’s no other way, she begins to tell them about Operation Charly, which helped the Contra rebels fight the Russian-backed Sandinistas, and how they needed money to pay for it. Some of it included trafficking drugs to the U.S and using that money to buy weapons.

    However, there was more to it. They sold the cocaine to minority neighbourhoods only. Soon enough, Payback showed up at the camp along with Stan Edgar, who tells Grace that Payback will be fighting alongside the Contra rebels, which was a part of the partnership between Vought and the US military.

    Just as Soldier Boy was trying to impress Grace, Swatto, the flying Payback, decided to take flight, giving up their location, which led to them being attacked by the Russians. It wasn’t a surprise that the Supes of Payback managed to do more damage than help, as they killed plenty of the Contra rebels in the process. Grace managed to seek refuge and didn’t leave until it was all over. Her entire camp shattered, and all her men dead, it was a massacre.

    Kimiko Slaughters Gangsters Using Sex Toys

    Kimiko Slaughters Gangsters Using Sex Toys

    I’d say the weirdest weapon used to kill someone is probably a sex toy, and Kimiko does just that, over and over again. Butcher comes up with a glorious plan in this episode, and one part of his plan includes Kimiko garbing up in a shimmery dress and going to a party filled with Russians, under the alias of Irina.

    From the moment Kimiko steps out of the van until she reaches inside, you can tell she isn’t at ease, her mind racing with just how she could kill the men in that room. A man, who seemed like the head of the party introduces, Kimiko to the contraband, which is essentially sex toys, each of them curated to resemble the symbol of each member of The Seven.

    Just as the man turns around to focus his attention on another woman, Kimiko sees her opportunity to push a dildo into the back of the man’s head and through his mouth, killing him instantly. After this, she proceeds to kill all the other men with the various-sized dildos, leaving the girls traumatized, and one of them even ends up shooting Kimiko straight in the head. It doesn’t take long before she rises, trying to assure the other women that she doesn’t mean to harm them. There’s a reason why this list was titled wildest moments, and Kimiko knocks it out of the park with this one.



    Starlight and Mother’s Milk make their way to the 70th anniversary of Herogasm, unknowingly, of course. As they enter the house, they are shocked to their bones, to say the least, as they witness what could be called the most inappropriate part of the century, it even had flying sex toys! They aim to get everyone out of there before Soldier Boy shows up, but it is a lot harder than it seems.

    Meanwhile, Hughie, Soldier Boy, and Butcher watch from far away, and Hughie asks for a few minutes so he can locate the Twins at the party, who are on the radar for Soldier Boy’s revenge plan. As the orgy continues, Starlight walks in on Deep, sharing a private moment, not with a human, but with an octopus. Just when you thought this show couldn’t get any weirder with its concepts, it goes ahead and does just that.

    Soldier Boy doesn’t wait for long as he makes his way into the party, looking for the twins, and Hughie teleports himself and Starlight out of the house, which isn’t well received by her. Soldier Boy soon finds the twins, who put all the blame on Black Noir, for everything that happened and beg for mercy. However, things don’t go as planned when Soldier Boy hears Russian music being played, which triggers his memories from when he was being held captive.

    This trigger knocks his powers out of control in the most lethal way possible, as he burns the whole house, and in the process, so many of the people that were there. As people scream and run around, trying to escape, The Deep even manages to drive away with his beloved Octopus. Believe it or not, it only gets worse as A-Train drags Blue Hawk’s body across the road, tearing his skin apart, little by little.

    Homelander finally arrives at the house, confronting Butcher and Soldier Boy and what follows is them against Homelander, until he realises that he can’t win and shoots through the ceiling as he escapes. The aftermath of the whole incident awakens something in Starlight, as she goes live to her fans on social media, exposing Homelander, Vought, and Soldier Boy all in one go, while also stepping down and quitting. This entire episode was a mixed bag, emotions were high and low, but it made for one of the wildest episodes in the entire show so far.

    Why Black Noir Hates Soldier Boy

    Why Black Noir Hates Soldier Boy

    A part of season seven explores the life and history of Soldier Boy and his former team, Payback, a group of superheroes who were active during the 1980s, which was owned and managed by Vought American. Payback was the one who allowed the Russians to take Soldier Boy away, and it was none other than Black Noir who orchestrated this entire plan. Solider Boy was an asshole, to say the least.

    He was a bully who treated everyone on Payback terribly and never wanted to see anyone but himself succeed. Although Soldier Boy was the leader of Payback, he rarely acted like one, terrorizing everyone on his team, and it was entirely his fault when the whole team, and Black Noir, turned against him.

    In episode seven, Black Noir’s imaginary friends helped him recollect the incidents that escalated with Solider Boy back in the day, and this scene was portrayed as an elaborate animated scene, immediately making it more interesting and entertaining for the viewers, despite how gruesome the details were.

    Soldier Boy was the reason Black Noir’s acting career was unsuccessful, and when Black Noir gathered the courage to confront him, Soldier Boy beat him up mercilessly and even threatened to kill him. After this, In the 1984 mission to Nicaragua, Payback members turned on Soldier Boy, who in turn severely injured Black Noir. So, if the viewers or Black Noir need their memory jogged about why Soldier Boy was awful, this was the reason.

    Death of Mindstorm

    Death of Mindstorm

    Soldier Boy wanted his revenge the second he came out of captivity. Murder was on his mind, and this scene that we are about to discuss only confirms it. One of the people who made it to his list of seeking revenge was Mindstorm, who was also a member of Payback. We know Payback was the group that betrayed Soldier Boy, who relentlessly bullied them, and Mindstorm was often a target, much like the others. While in captivity, Soldier Boy realised the extent of their betrayal, and he begins his spree by killing Crimson Countess and the Twins, and then makes his way to Mindstorm.

    An act of savagery is the best way to describe the murder, and this one was especially brutal because Mindstorm told him the reason Vought gave him up, which only angers him more, leading to the barbaric act. Soldier Boy splits Mindstorm’s head into two with the help of his shield, and while it didn’t take a lot of effort, it held more anger than the other murders and even had an audience as Butcher and Hughie watch the murder, flinching ever so often.

    As Soldier Boy walks away, they try asking him about what Mindstorm told him, but Soldier Boy doesn’t respond, walking away with his bloody shield. Soldier Boy is often compared to Chris Evan’s Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this scene specifically nods to a scene in the Falcon and Winter Soldier, which was one of the darkest scenes, so it’s no shocker that The Boys took inspiration from it. John Walker uses his shield to kill a flag-smasher, just like Soldier Boy did with Mindstorm.

    Shocking Death of Black Noir

    Shocking Death of Black Noir

    The fan favourite had to die eventually, as Eric Kripke, the showrunner of the series, explained that they needed something shocking and momentous at that point, and this death came naturally to them. You would think that if someone was destined to kill Black Noir, it would probably be Soldier Boy, but that wasn’t the case in the eighth episode of the season, which was also the finale.

    Homelander visits Black Noir, who is sharpening his knife, and Homelander comments how no matter how sharp the knife gets, it still won’t cut Soldier Boy’s skin. As Homelander continues talking, Black Noir writes on a piece of paper as he shows the words – must kill him, referring to Soldier Boy, and Homelander admits that he doesn’t want to. He then goes on to confront Black Noir, questioning if he knew that Soldier Boy was out there, alive this whole time, Black Noir nods yes, and that’s when Homelander knows what he’s about to do next.

    With one swift punch, Homelander shoves his hand through Black Noir’s chest, pulling his organs out. This tear-jerker only gets worse as Black Noir’s imaginary friends surround him, teary-eyed, spending his last moments together, reassuring him that he will soon be in the sweet embrace of Christ the Lord. Although his guts are spilt all over, the scene ends with a focus on his face, and despite the heinous act committed by Homelander, Black Noir’s death will be remembered as a calmer one as compared to the rest.

    The Deep’s First Kill

    The Deep's First Kill

    Homelander doesn’t shy away from expressing his disappointment towards his team, which is particularly aimed at Deep. Right after Black Noir’s death, he sits down with them, gesturing for Deep to come closer as he assigns him a task. The fear and unsureness on Deep’s face are visible, but he will do anything Homelander asks him to.

    The Deep is known best for being able to breathe under the water and communicate with sea creatures, which is why when the VP candidate, Lamar Bishop, is about to take a dip in the pool, we just know that there’s no way he’s going to make it out alive. The second he goes into the pool, the candidate is pulled down and never comes back up, instead the person who does, is Deep.

    Although he isn’t pleased with what he has done, it is simply because of the fear of Homelander and not wanting to disappoint him. The Deep is a very interesting character in the series and different from most Supes that we are so used to seeing. His antics provide a certain sense of comedic relief, which is why his first kill deserves an honorary mention on this list.

    The Final Showdown

    The Boys Season 3, Episode 8CR: Amazon Prime

    If you thought the brutal murders and scenes so far were wild, I’d recommend fastening your seatbelt for the showdown of season three. It begins with Soldier Boy confronting Homelander about Black Noir’s whereabouts, and Homelander is quick to confess that he murdered him. Soldier Boy almost seems conflicted as Butcher stands next to him, along with Queen Maeve, while Homelander defends himself as Soldier Boy’s son, and to move his case further, he reveals Ryan, who addresses Soldier Boy as grandpa.

    Homelander thinks he has won this little battle, but all his hopes are shattered when Soldier Boy does nothing but insult him. As they all attack Homelander, ready to end him, the person who ends up pushing Soldier Boy off him with the help of his powers, is Ryan. In turn, when Soldier Boy attacks the little kid, Butcher and Queen Maeve exchange a look, and they know what they must do.

    Butcher is quick to use his powers, and Homelander helps him, throwing Soldier Boy off. Now an injured Ryan lies on the floor as Maeve and Homelander fight each other, and Soldier Boy and Butcher are against one another. Just as Soldier Boy is about to kill Butcher with his shield, Starlight and Mother’s Milk enter the scene, saving him. Meanwhile, Hughie blares on the intercom system at Vought International and asks everyone to evacuate the building.

    The highlight of the showdown is Butcher breaking Soldier Boy’s prestigious shield, but he is quick to retaliate. Frenchie is quick to obtain a dose of novichok, a nerve agent the Russians created to subdue Soldier Boy, which is later used against him. Nevertheless, Soldier Boy doesn’t go down without a fight as he plans to bring everyone down with him, which is when Maeve makes a selfless decision and jumps out of the window with Soldier Boy as he blows up. There is a sense of calm when nostalgia hits the viewers.

    While at the end of season two Ryan chose Butcher over Homelander, this scene towards the end of season three is an epic reversal as Ryan chooses Homelander this time around. The final showdown had several wild moments, from Homelander and Maeve beating the crap out of each other to Hughie helping Starlight garner all her power, to Kimiko fighting off the Vought guards, and of course, I mentioned Soldier Boy’s broken shield, right?

    Ending on a Dark Note

    Ending on a Dark Note

    As the season draws to an end, we see a news telecast of the Soldier Boy statue toppled as people hate on Starlight while cheering Homelander on as he flies down to talk to the Americans, introducing them to someone very dear to him as we see Ryan fly down and stand next to his father. Just then, a liberal amongst the crowd curses Homelander and throws something at Ryan, and as we know, Homelander deserves to be in several places, but he can start with anger management as he blows the liberal’s head off.

    Now you’d think this is when the crowd boos Homelander and the police intervene? Not in the slightest. Instead, they cheer Homelander on, even louder this time, albeit after a moment of silence and even a little bit of fear. The season ends with a close-up shot of Ryan; his face has emotions that resemble fear but with a wicked sense of pride as he looks forward to the future. Is Ryan doomed to end up like his father?

    And if he does, the entire country, and maybe the entire world is in a lot more trouble than they already were. It is certain at the end of this season that Ryan will be an integral part of this show moving forward, and a lot rides on his shoulders and the decisions he makes.

    There are several unanswered questions as the season ends, and one of the common ones that resurface ever so often is what happened to Soldier Boy? Sure, he did blow up, but does that mean he’s gone for good? Eric Kripke admitted that the series won’t end without Soldier Boy popping up again, but in what capacity, is still a big question mark. The producers and showrunners have done an excellent job leaving room for several unexplored plots for the coming seasons as fans wait patiently. Until then, sit tight and mourn the loss of Black Noir or come up with wild theories of what might happen in season four.

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