Yuri Guaii – Auckland’s Creative Drag Make-Up Artist

    A contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under’s second season is the New Zealand drag artist Yuri Guaii.

    The wordplay in her drag name is “you’re a male.”

    Yuri Guaii was born on April 3rd, making her an Aries personality. This means that she has traits like progressiveness, restlessness, and congenialness.

    As of 2022, Yuri Guaii will be 25 years old.

    How did Yuri Guaii end up on Drag Race?

    How did Yuri Guaii end up on Drag Race

    Since the age of 18, Yuri Guaii has performed drag for longer than eight years. However, the drag platform was difficult to break back then. She spent months honing her sewing and makeup techniques in the borders of her own house, but she was only able to land Halloween-only engagements. In order to get to where she is now as one of Auckland’s most creative drag makeup artists, she really gave it her all. She eventually ended up on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under stage. 

    What is the show RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under that features Yuri Guaii?

    What is the show RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under that features Yuri Guaii

    The first Drag Race franchise instalment and an American television competition television series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, is made by World of Wonder. The programme follows RuPaul’s quest to find America’s next drag superstar. For this series, RuPaul serves as the host, mentor, and chief judge. Each week, new challenges are presented to the contestants. Throughout the competition, the judges provide feedback to competitors. The programme has grown to be Logo TV’s most popular one. RuPaul won six consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program for the programme from 2016 to 2021.

    The production firm for the show, World of Wonder, accepts video auditions from potential Drag Race competitors. The season’s participants are chosen after each tape has been viewed by host and chief judge RuPaul. As soon as the selected group of actors arrives on location, they begin filming a culmination of episodes in which they contest against one another in a variety of challenges. The elimination of one contender from the competition usually marks the end of each show.

    Rarely have episodes resulted in a double elimination, a participant’s disqualification, a no-elimination, or the transfer of a contestant for medical reasons. Every episode includes a “maxi challenge” that puts contestants to the test in several facets of drag performance. In some episodes, a mini challenge is also present. The mini challenge’s prize is frequently a perk or advantage in the upcoming maxi challenge. Following the maxi challenge, the competitors showcase themed outfits on The runway.

    The winner of the week and the bottom two contestants are then revealed after RuPaul and the judges provide their feedback on each contestant’s performance. The bottom two queens engage in a contest known as Lip Sync for Your Life; the victor advances while the loser is eliminated. The candidate that advances typically is the one who the judges feel has shown the most “charisma, originality, nerve, and talent” (C.U.N.T.). The remaining three or four contestants contest  in a distinct finale episode where the season’s winner is announced. This decision depends on RuPaul.

    What has been Yuri Guaii’s journey in her career so far?

    What has been Yuri Guaii’s journey in her career so far

    When Yuri Guaii first encountered drag queen DeeDee Vine at age 17, she was fascinated by both her beauty and her self-confidence to express herself as she did. Her then-partner pushed her to participate in the drag race since she had been so attracted by drag during the point when RuPaul’s Drag season 6 was aired. And she finally understood that she like drag and could make a profession out of it. However, she found it difficult to go past the “Spooky Girl” stereotype and forward.

    She nevertheless persisted and succeeded, and while doing so, she also pursued a career in fashion design, which aided her further along the way.

    Later, she delegated career management to the KAM Talent Agency.

    What do we know about Yuri Guaii’s Family background?

    What do we know about Yuri Guaii’s Family background

    Yuri is from Tamaki Makaurau, also known as Auckland, a city on New Zealand’s North Island. Regarding her racial background, she is reportedly Maori. The native Polynesians of Mainland New Zealand are known as Maori.

    In her introduction, Yuri Guaii revealed that growing up in a religiously conservative family with many siblings and being gay meant a lot of work. She also mentioned that performing in drag was challenging.

    What are the few things one needs to know about Yuri Guaii?

    What are the few things one needs to know about Yuri Guaii

    Yuri Guaii began performing drag when he was 18 years old. Yuri was a part of the first double victory in Drag Race Down Under history along with Spankie Jackson.

    In her season, she never placed other than at the top or bottom.

    Yuri finished last among her season’s challenge winners.

    What are Yuri Guaii’s admirable physical characteristics?

    What are Yuri Guaii’s admirable physical characteristics

    Yuri Guaii’s bio on Kamtalent states that she is 6 feet tall and has a chest-to-waist ratio of 39.5 to 31.5. Her lovely hair is brown, and so are her eyes.

    What is Yuri Guaii’s real name?

    What is Yuri Guaii’s real name

    Yuri Guaii is not a real person; it is a drag name. It appears to be a pun on the phrase “you’re a male.” Her actual name has not been made public, despite this.

    What do we know about Yuri Guaii’s personal life and relationships?

    What do we know about Yuri Guaii’s personal life and relationships

    Being born in one of Aotearoa’s largest cities, which has a sizable LGBTQIA+ community, Yuri considered herself fortunate to be able to express her sexuality. Openly gay Yuri hasn’t, however, admitted to dating anyone to the public.

    What is Yuri Guaii’s social media presence?

    What is Yuri Guaii’s social media presence

    Yuri can be found on Instagram under the handle @yuriguaii, wherein she has 131 posts and 38.4k followers. She has called her drag “filthy, gorgeous, and just plain trash.”

    Since 2014, this drag queen has been upsetting the peace in Auckland’s top drag misfit, and she also discusses all of this on the @yuriguaiiofficial Facebook page.

    What is Yuri Guaii’s total net worth?

    What is Yuri Guaii’s total net worth

    According to reports, Yuri’s net worth was less than $200k in 2022. She made a sizable portion of it because to her work as a cosmetics artist.

    She also made large donations to various fundraising events.

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