Horror Anthology Bad Candy Gets A Trailer

    Bad Candy, a Halloween-themed horror anthology film, will be released in select cinemas on September 10. It will then be available on demand beginning September 14 and on Blu-ray beginning September 28. Scott B. Hansen and Desiree Connell wrote and directed Bad Candy. Zach Galligan of the Gremlins and Corey Taylor of the masked heavy metal band Slipknot star in the film.

    As an anthology picture, the film will tell a number of unique eerie stories based on a Halloween theme, similar to Michael Dougherty’s 2007 holiday favourite Trick ‘r Treat. Bad Candy is a local Halloween storey based on beliefs and lessons learnt in the New Salem neighbourhood.

    Re-enactment radio DJs Chilly Billy played by Taylorand Paul played by Galligan, weave tales of the eerie from the past with their annual Psychotronic FM Halloween show, and if the trailer is any indication, this is not a film for the faint of heart.


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    Our senses are blasted with an assortment of horrible visuals in the Corey Taylor narrated trailer, which lasts just under two minutes, featuring zombies, blood splattered walls, an evil clown, and some type of horned demon thing that appears to be straight from the depths of hell.

    Last year’s Frightening Ass Film Fest, which offered two days of movies, shorts, panels, and watch parties during Halloween weekend in 2020, saw the premiere of Bad Candy. The film was one of 15 feature horror films that premiered at the festival.

    Early reviews for Bad Candy have been positive, with the consensus being that it is an entertaining picture with lots to enjoy, but that it draws a little too strongly from the aforementioned Trick ‘r Treat and may suffer from attempting to stuff a little too much into one film.

    Bad Candy will be released in select cinemas on September 10, and it will be available on demand from September 14 and on Blu-ray from September 28.

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