Demigod: A Macabre Spin On The Cernunnos Myth

    We have an exclusive peek at the trailer for Demigod, the latest horror film from Miles Doleac, director of Hallowed Ground and The Dinner Party, featuring P2 and Rachel Nichols from The Amityville Horror in a macabre spin on the Cernunnos myth.

    Nichols portrays Robin, a woman who travels to Germany’s Black Forest with her husband played by Yohance Myles after learning that her huntsman grandpa has died and bequeathed her everything he owns. Upon her arrival, she is confronted with a horrifying mystery that pushes her to confront her family’s past as well as a mysterious ceremony she thought was only seen in fairy tales.

    In addition to Rachel Nichols, the film also stars Miles Doleac, Lindsay Anne Williams and Elena Sanchez.

    Demigod will be released in theatres and on VOD platforms on October 15, 2021, by Gravitas Ventures.


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    Wondering what the Cernunnos myth is? We’ve got you covered, read on!

    Cernunnos was a horned god who ruled over wild lands and creatures. He was a mysterious Gaelic deity whose name is currently used to refer to a number of nameless Celtic horned deities.

    Cernunnos is a Gaelic word that means “horned” or “horned one.” The name has a common etymology with several Celtic words, as well as some Gallo-Roman cognates. In Indo-European languages, the word cern for “horned” was prevalent.

    Cernunnos was a wild god who ruled over untamed nature and primitive traditions. His subjects were animals, and his gift was free-growing fruits and vegetables. Animals including as deer, wolves, snakes, and aurochs were shown in classical images of the god.

    Cernunnos’ ability to bring natural foes into peaceful communion with one another made such gatherings feasible. Cernunnos may have gained a reputation as a protector and provider among rural tribes and hunters as a result of this capacity.

    We can only wait and see what this movie will bring to us and incorporate the Celtic myth.

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