Will There Be A Sweet Girl 2? – If Isabel Merced Had Any Say, There Definitely Will

    Isabela Merced, who starred in Sweet Girl, is currently wreaking havoc in Netflix’s freshly released action film in the name of vengeance, and the young actress is already considering a sequel. Merced plays Rachel Cooper, the daughter of Jason Momoa’s Ray Cooper, in Sweet Girl.

    Sweet Girl follows Ray Cooper, a dedicated family man who swears vengeance on the pharmaceutical corporation that pulled a potentially lifesaving treatment from the market just before his wife died of cancer.

    Ray’s objective becomes a quest for vengeance in order to protect the only family he has left as his search for the truth leads to a violent confrontation that puts Ray and his daughter Rachel in danger.


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    Merced stated that she only empowers characters. It was a lot of fun since they got to perform in a lot of the action scenes, something she has always enjoyed. Her 87eleven stunt squad has previously worked on some of her all-time favourite action films. As a result, she experienced a true fan moment and felt like Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde.

    She went on to say that it was fantastic. She also hinted at the possibility of a sequel, expressing hope that there will be enough time for more action. But she sincerely hopes it will be soon and with the same stunt team, as they were simply incredible and made everything so much fun. She stated that she has never had so much joy performing her own stunts.

    The Sweet Girl stunt crew impressed not only Merced, but also Aquaman star Jason Momoa, who praised their abilities to create and perform such realistic battle sequences. Netflix is already debating whether or not to continue the action thriller series starring the rising actress.


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