Jungle Run Trailer Is Out Now And It’s Not Bad For A Mockbuster

    In Jungle Run, two brothers scour the jungle for their missing father, only to discover something far more horrible.

    It’s not a good idea to become lost in the jungle. And these two siblings will soon discover why. We witness a brother and sister on a quest for their professor father, who goes missing in the jungle after discovering what looks to be a luminous rock in the shape of a triangle in the latest ‘MockBuster’ (this one based on Disney’s Jungle Cruise). In the Jungle Run trailer, we see him briefly touching the weird rock before it emits a high-pitched sound. Then we notice ants and other critters attacking the camp.

    The children of the absent father quickly find that the jungle has other intentions for them when they arrive at the abandoned camp. Their father’s disappearance is the result of something dark and wicked. They are being attacked by jungle animals at an alarming rate as the search continues. Giant snakes, dart frogs, piranha, and spiders, to name a few. Not to mention an old tribe that wants them out of its jungle, not simply dead. Oh, and don’t get us started on the man-eating weeds that appear to be following them through the Amazon.


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    This is a standard Asylum mockumentary, so if you’ve seen their previous films, you’ll know what to anticipate. The animal attacks are vicious, and a few go above and above. But for director Noah Luke, who has worked on films like Seabiscuit, Finding Nemo, and Nazi Overload, this is a reach.

    Witter Marc Gottlieb, on the other hand, is known for films like Aquarium of the Dead and Alien Convergence, which are mockbusters and comparable in style. The Asylum, which is currently the market leader in the mockbusters movie business, has distributed the majority of these films.

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