Building Simulation With Vampires? – Night Is Coming

    Ravenscourt and Wild Forest Studio’s upcoming Night is Coming is perfect for those who enjoy a bit horror with their RTS. The survival city-builder mashup was announced at Gamescom 2021 and will be available for PC via Steam next year.

    Night is Coming is a fantasy-themed survival, building, and development game. It is based on Slavic folklore and the Carpathian region’s mystique.

    On diverse territories and places, the player manages their settlement, giving orders to the population and improving living circumstances. It’s critical to safeguard and upgrade the settlers so they can fight a slew of monsters and beasts bent on wreaking havoc. Over time, the settlers may need to relocate to different continents in order to obtain solutions on how to combat the looming peril and, ultimately, rescue the globe.


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    Night is Coming takes a different approach to typical survival city-building games by putting the game in a dark fantasy world and including some gory warfare. In addition to the genre’s standard management mechanisms for establishing a functioning “society,” players will have to deal with not only the imminent arrival of winter, but also monsters and other night-time creatures.

    When it comes to your settlers and their various preferences/aversions, the game incorporates RPG aspects. When night falls, though, you’ll be confronted with Slavic mythology-based creatures attacking your towns. You’ll have to assign soldiers, construct defensive structures, and employ magic to keep monsters at bay. You’ll also have to keep your settlers sane the entire time.

    Sunrises and sunsets, birds, elemental spirits, changing weather, and seasonal transitions all contribute to a vibrant, breathing earth.Alizbar, the master of instrumental music, has created some charming audio stuff for the game and all of this makes for a vibrant environment for the game.

    We recommend that you catch this one!

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