Bruce Willis Makes His Way Back Onto The Screen With New Movie – Survive The Game

    Survive the Game recently released a new trailer, and Bruce Willis is back in action. Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Sarah Roemer, Zack Ward, Swen Temmel, and Sean Kanan star in the film.

    James Cullen Bressack directs the film, which is based on a script by Ross Peacock. Alex Eckert, Randall Emmett, George Furla, Tyler Jon Olson, Luillo Ruiz, Mark Stewart, and Chad A. Verdi collaborated on the film.

    The plot, as far as we know, is as follows: When detective David played by Bruce Willis, gets shot during a botched drug bust, his partner, Cal, tracks down the two gunmen to a secluded property owned by troubled vet Eric played by Chad Michael Murray.


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    As Cal and Eric plan their defence, additional members of the gang arrive, along with a wounded David, and the three heroes, outmanned, must use stealth, wits, and marksmanship to take down the drug-dealing gang.

    Bruce Willis hasn’t been seen much in the last few years. Despite the fact that he has been working, most of his films have been postponed or placed on hold until a later date. Currently, he is working on a new film called Apex, which will be released in November and is set in the future and centres on humans hunting convicts.

    It may sound familiar, but it’s all about action, so it’s worth a look. Survive The Game was scheduled to be released last summer, but it was postponed, reshot, and is now focusing on a hybrid marketing strategy.

    This, like the majority of recent films, will have a one-of-a-kind premiere. Lionsgate will release it in select theatres and on-demand on October 8th, 2021 in the United States. On October 12th, it will be released on Blu-ray and DVD, with a current run time of 97 minutes.

    Bruce Willis has reached a point in his career where he works when he wants to work and takes on jobs that he wants to take on. Many performers have followed this trend, particularly since the outbreak began last summer.

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